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After a female Jehovah's Witness in the south-western Jizak Region had her

phone confiscated by police and religious materials were found on it, a

prosecution was opened against her. Diyor Latipov, Head of the regional

police Struggle with Extremism and Terrorism Department, ordered visits to

other Jehovah's Witnesses in their homes or workplaces to summon them to

Jizak Police Station. At the police station, officers seized their mobile

phones and used threats to try to get them to write statements that they

had received religious materials on their phones.


During one such interrogation, no fewer than 16 male police officers

together at Jizak Police Station "humiliated and pressured" a 19-year-old

woman (whose identity Forum 18 knows). Police "worked together to humiliate

her and to exert extreme pressure on her in an effort to force her to write

a statement," Jehovah's Witnesses complained. "The pressure was so great

that she cried uncontrollably and was unable to write anything."


Asked why he and 15 other male police officers together humiliated and

pressured a 19-year-old woman, one of the officers refused to answer Forum

18 and put the phone down. No prosecutions appear to have been brought

against the officers concerned (see below).






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I feel for brothers in Central Asian countries. Life is particularly tough in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. They are more conservative and Islamic than Kyrgyzstan where I live and Kazakhstan. I know of a brother who did four years jail time in Uzbekistan for his faith and now he lives in Kyrgyzstan which is seen as the most liberal in the region. 

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