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Bagels in the Bible?

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(Leviticus 7:13) . . .He will present his offering along with ring-shaped loaves of leavened bread and the thanksgiving sacrifice of his communion sacrifices. . .


(Leviticus 26:26) . . .When I destroy your supply of bread, ten women will be able to bake your bread in only one oven and then ration your bread by weight; and you will eat but you will not be satisfied. . .


(Psalm 105:16) . . .He called down a famine on the land; He cut off their supply of bread. . . (footnote - Lit., “broke every bread rod.” Possibly referring to rods used for storing bread.)

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But remember: this was thousands of years ago. Perhaps these could be considered 'test bagels,' which means they weren't necessarily boiled. Heck, maybe they WERE fried.

Fried dough is a zeppole, yummy too. But I dont think they had powdered sugar then, lol. post-3749-140624854303_thumb.jpg

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While it sounds yummy (I love bagels)....the first known recording of bagels historically was in 1610 in Krakow, Poland. It was gift to women after childbirth.

Considering the type of leavening used, the texture would be more dense than we are used to. If you have ever tried artisanal breads made with wild yeast and spelt...that's the density it would have been more like. Dense as opposed to light and airy yeast products we've grown used to.

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We saw ring-shaped loaves being sold in Jerusalem. I will have a hunt about and see if I can see a picture of them. They were carried on long rods and if you bought one, they un-slotted it off the rod. There were also stalls with the rods of loaves hooked onto poles to be sold in a similar way.


Not sure if they were the boiled bagel type bread. The ring shaped loaves on rods were quite big and weren't donuts/fried bread.

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Those are big bagels! They have stopped making egg bagels around here, and they're my favorite kind.

You know, I never thought about that - I used to buy egg bagels all the time years ago but come to think of it, I haven't seen them for quite sometime.
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