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Buy at Amazon and JW gets donation! How to...

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When you buy anything at Amazon.com use the http://smile.amazon.com portal and select "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" as your charity of choice. Everytime you purchase something, they will donate money to the organization. 


I'm a prime member as well but don't think that is required. Please let me know if it is and I will edit this. I'm hoping they follow through, but it seems legit so far.


I just purchased a rice cooker and got the confirmation....


Amazon will make a donation to Christian Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses. To support this charitable organization, always shop at smile.amazon.com.




...ps.. nope I don't work for Amazon, just found another way to help the organization and wanted to share.  :yes:

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I do not think it is legit, a sister told me about this a couple of years ago, so the next time I went to buy something, I tried to look it up and there was SEVERAL JW foundations set up to donate it to.... when I read each one, it led me to believe it was not the REAL WTBTS! So, I decided NOT to use that. I am thinking if our brothers truly ever set up a account they will let us know... for now I think it's just scammers setting up accounts (probably apostates!) and getting money!

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The list pulls from all registered non-profit organizations in the US, without any intervention on the part of the charity itself.


Given the number of false religions using the word "Jehovah" or "Watchtower", the number of incorporated Kingdom Halls, and the number of sub-corporations owned by the WTBTS, there will be a lot more listings than one would expect for any given JW-related search term.


That said, we don't know how many of the WTBTS sub-corporations are equipped to take or forward donations. For example, a remote translation site probably wouldn't be equipped to properly forward anonymous donations to the World Wide Work, so that money would be either rejected (back into Amazon's pocket), or it would be put into the local operating fund, completely subverting the slave's decision to move resources to where they are best needed. And even if they do have the ability to forward donations, the incoming donation itself brings extra paperwork on the part of those handling the accounts, further diluting the effectiveness of the donation.

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