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"Just See Yourself..." a book by Thomas Walker

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25 minutes ago, Musky said:

is it downloadable in any format (epub, mobi or PDF)?


Still working on that. EKJ puts his up as free downloads, but I use a different blogging service.


If it's at all doable, I'll probably figure it out at some point, and when I do, I'll let the thread know.

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10 minutes ago, MentalProject said:

Just read the first 3 chapters and I must say I am loving it. The quality of story telling is very professional and captivating. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. It is very moving and helps me picture the new world. Brilliant!!

Agree 100% >:D<

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Thank you so much!!!. I've just downloaded the kindle and I'm so looking forward to reading it.
BUT. I'm going to wait.
For our 25th anniversary in a few days my husband surprised me with a trip to New Zealand. There we are doing a 4 day hike... I'm going to save it for the nights on that hike. Then in a beautiful setting I can think on what I read.

So looking good forward to it.
Thanks again

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23 hours ago, Thomas Walker said:

"Just See Yourself..." by Thomas Walker


A Story Thousands of Years In The Making! 

For two thousand years, followers of Jehovah God and his son, Jesus Christ have been waiting for The Day! The Bible promises wonderful things that would take place during the Thousand Year Reign of the Messianic King. But so many people never heard that message, or never believed it could be true, when confronted with a cold and wicked world. What future for them? 

Hugh Alman was a pilot during the Second World War. With no idea of what the future held, he has awoken in a long promised Paradise Earth; where nobody would ever grow old, grow sick, or die. 

But with Eternal Life comes challenges, and rewards... and most importantly, choices. 




My whole life, we've been told to 'keep our eyes on the prize'. This book began as a form of personal study, and grew to a full sized novel. It's been one of the more rewarding efforts of my life, and I've received some very positive feedback from others in my cong. I have put the whole book up for free, chapter by chapter, on a dedicated blog.


And after enough people asked for a hardcopy version, I also put it up on Amazon, as cheap as I could make it. (It was the only way to handle printing and shipping costs.)


As it happens, that's what lead me to JWTalk. Looking for guidance on how to approach publication, I found the works of EK Jonathan being discussed here.


Writing this book took me in a lot of directions I didn't expect, and I hope you will all enjoy it.

Looking forward to reading!!

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I finished the book last night.Congrats 10 out of 10.gif

Cried tears of laughter Laughing Slapping.gifand sorrow.Yes sad.gif

Brilliant bit of writing!!!Congrats Way to go.gif

Loved the fact that Brother Walker tied his depictions of New World Living

in so closely with the Scriptures.Congrats Good Job.gif

Highly entertaining, most imaginative and loaded with plenty of 'food for thought'.Thinking scratchchin.gif

 Congrats Way to go2.gif



Here are just some of the points that struck me the deepest:

Why is there singing in heaven?   FAINTT~2303030.GIF

The reason some may not appreciate Jehovah's Paradise Earth as much as others.  The 'haves and the have nots'.

Jehovah is the great equalizer.  Those who had the most in this system will miss it the most in the new one.  Those who had very little in this system will be most grateful for Jehovah's loving provisions in the paradise.

The gift of 'free will' and all that it entails.

All of the amazing scientific research that Brother Walker touched on.  He really had to do his homework! albert einstein.gif

So much good stuff packed into just seventeen chapters.Clapping.gif



Thank you for sharing your amazing, most imaginative--and incredibly faith-strengthening--masterpiece with the rest of us, Brother Walker!!!  Highfives.gif

Thank You swing around sign pole.gif


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9 hours ago, Thomas Walker said:

In my own Cong, the benefit has been that it's encouraged conversations. The pioneers have spent hours debating the finer points of 'what-if' that were raised, and some of my friends have admitted that they look at things through a 'how will it be different' lens. One or two disagreed with me outright, but admit they hadn't thought about it much.


If I can make the promised Paradise more real and more visible to anyone, then it was worth the time.

That is what I enjoy the most about stories about life after Armageddon. It's easy to think of the big picture and not think of the details. Your story is your idea of those details and it helps us visualize things we may not have thought of. Your concept of the future may be different than what some other people think but one thing we all agree on, we want to be there and see what it's really like!

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