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...another book introduction! "Rise & Fall"

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Before I start: a separate thread for introducing books would be cool ;-)

Guess what? I finished another project. This time a 300+ page novel about...

The Rise & Fall of Babylon the Great!

How did I come up with that? I was curious as to -how- and why Babylon would be attacked (of course: the why is answered in Revelation ;-)

Sadly, I don't have too much time on my hands and I have been scribbling away for more than a year.

Family, spiritual activities...oh yeah, I squeeze in a full time job in there, too ;-)

It is a modern day thriller about 2 agents contracted by a secret consortium to find out things modern religious institutions don't want found out...and what that consortium has in mind to get its hands on the money and power held by that ancient institution.

I actually wanted this book out ASAP (but not in a hurried sense), because it is crazy how politicians and critics are criticizing religion ever more strongly and openly. It won't be long until "Peace and Security" is announced.

I dare say this book is a cool, fast paced novel that will grip from beginning to end ;-)

Paperback version: http://amzn.com/147910289X

Kindle version: http://amzn.com/B00J3BBCUY



And please: understand that yes, in a way this could be considered "marketing".

The only thing is: how to get attention to such a specific genre and audience?

It's an announcement: if such posts are in general not wanted, then I will refrain in future and only post on day to day subjects, and sadly not my hobbies. (Though I would love to see more books, music and so on by others, personally).

This is my hobby and just wanted to spread the word. No pun intended.

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The Rise & Fall of Babylon the Great! by David Crayne. 



Rise & Fall by David Crayne (Mar 18, 2014)

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Really we have a brother who writes books, that's awesome!!

I do think someone should write a good horse book with a lot of cross country jumping, I would definitely read it. 

 They may not be full of cross country jumping but the Dick Francis books are all centered around horses and/or horse racing - mostly English racing though a couple of them are about American horses/people.

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Questions, my Fellowmen and Fellowwomen,


do You actually know anyone that writes Biblical Fiction "in our Universe"?

There are tons of (mostly scary!) so-called Christian-themed books out there, but do You know any that play by the real rules?

Curious. I want to compare, read and maybe even contact with them...

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