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"Stand" by E.K. Jonathan

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[...] I'm going to be cautiously optimistic and make it official: I'm on a roll with the writing of the final installment of the FLEE series, STAND. It can be a tricky thing to determine if momentum on such a large project is temporary or stable, but I'm feeling pretty good about this book after taking a few months off after The Bloom of Youth. I'm back on track and hitting daily writing goals and it feels great. There's still plenty of work left on it but we're still looking good for a late Summer release, so stay tuned!

Here's the cover:




Sooo....what did Brother Peter REALLY find between Bo's mattress? Whay say you? :)


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I recently listened to EK Jonathan's Podcast where he talks about the FLEE Series. It was comprehensive as it was quite interesting.  Listening to the podcast you get to know his mindset, to a degree,  of why he included certain characters in his trilogy, and he answers the most common questions from his readers.  (Yes, he explains why Thiago was portrayed as an angel in "Stay" also.)  I'm glad he did this.


This podcast is 27 minutes in length, so if you have the time it may be worth your while to hear him talk about the who? what? when? and why?


Tidbit:  "Stand" will be nearly twice as long as "Stay" and "Flee!"  Nice! :)


Here's the trailer.



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I just finished "Critical Times" on my flight to Texas this past weekend.  WOW!!!!  It really was so exciting!  😮  I'm reading "Just See Yourself Now", but have "Flee" on tap for the next book.  VERY interesting to read these impressions of Great Trib, Armageddon and afterwards - even in a fictional setting.  Love it! ❤️ 

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Is there an exact release date for Stand?


I think Evan maybe was hiding under Bo’s bed?

Seems a stretch and the book implies more like it was a note or something made of paper that was between the mattress and the frame so I am probably wrong about it being Evan. 


Maybe something that makes us reassess Bo being there with good motives? Maybe his death was providence? Although this seems unlikely too. I hope Bo was genuine. 


Has to be more than a note, has to be something immediately obvious as it made Peter gasp. I hope Ted will be okay and Angelica and Evan. Sounds like Joyce has just run into witnesses . The context heavily suggests its witnesses but doesn’t explicitly say though I’m 99.9% sure, the only thing that makes me doubt is they don’t offer for them to join, just offer supplies at first. 


Anyway I will be waiting anxiously for Stand. I have read Critical Times three times. I don’t  like the FLEE series as much as critical times but its still good. 


Some things are a little more hard to swallow like the Thiago/Angel thing but then I’m sure this is building to a very ironic end for Thiago. I don’t enjoy following Chad and Martin’s story though I suppose its useful to show the deteriorating condition outside the camps. Also Joyce’s situation is hard to read though, not bad. Just hard, you feel such pity for her. But reminded me of the Walk by Faith drama when the border got closed, like army that returned and trapped the couple who went back. Still glad that it looks like she will be okay. I think stacy getting injured and joyce having to freak out and endure all this anxiety and stress was to show you cant blatantly ignore direction and expect smooth sailing (if you’ll pardon the pun).  

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I'm going to have to re-read them both again before I start Stand! Here is the synopsis of "Stand".



With Angelica missing and tensions rising aboard their rig, Peter Burton and the other overseers face new trials as they strive to keep the friends calm.  In the Pacific, a separate Witness convoy embarks on its own journey,  with many challenges just on the horizon.   Meanwhile, in Namibia, the brothers and sisters are hard at work preparing the colonies while pressures from governmental authorities continue to mount...



Goodness!...I'm on pins and needles!



I'm going to have to re-read them both again before I start "Stand."


You and me both!


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48 minutes ago, Dages said:

Stand will be out on the 10th, so 6 days...

Ohhh my bad! Did I read another blog of his 🤔

1 hour ago, Wanda Hill said:

Do you mean the new one "Stand"?

I misread his content on his blog 😂. Thankfully @dages came out to rescue me 

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