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"Now On Earth" A Book By Thomas Walker

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In The Beginning...


(Years 0 - 200)


Everyone who comes to know Jehovah God gets there in a different way. Everyone who lets the Truth reach their heart, has a path of their own, unique in challenges and triumphs.


Alec Ducard was blessed to be on the right side of a debate that has raged since the first words of the bible began. The Day came when he was far younger and less prepared for it than he would have liked. But he did not make that journey alone.


Rachel Bridger was present to bear witness to the most pivotal events in the history of the world, and never imagined just how hard it would be to hold fast to a Truth she had only just begun to know... or what the future would truly have to offer.


Beckah Hedley had been praying for Paradise for years, hoping to see the day when she'd be able to walk again. But what came with that Miracle was more exciting and challenging than she had expected.


Three lives grow tightly connected in brotherhood and love, as the prospect of living forever in a Paradise Earth, under the Kingdom of Heaven becomes a reality, at last.




I never intended to write a sequel, and especially not a prequel. I had specifically skipped over the first two hundred years when I wrote 'Just See Yourself' so that I could get the 'transition' out of the way and focus on the New World itself.


So naturally, I went and wrote a book dedicated to those first two centuries.


The Download Page isn't updated with this yet, but it will be. I'm still searching the last few chapters for typos. Obviously, if anyone here spots a typo or a mistake, let me know here; and I'll fix them before it gets near Amazon. Fixing a typo in a paper book is a considerably more difficult process than fixing one in a blog post.


The blog will be updated with a chapter or two, once or twice a week, depending on how the publishing and 'download' phase works out. The Release Day has four chapters. Consider it a movie length pilot episode. 


I hope you all enjoy it.




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There were so many things to love about this story.  Yet, the angels crying is what opened up the floodgates for me.  I have long thought of them, and their subjective power.  The things they've seen, and the things they could have done, yet out of respect for Jehovah and in anticipation of the end of days they have waited to see his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  

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1 hour ago, Tortuga said:

"to use lethal force, military leaders want to public to know that they are there to protect food from looters."


I noticed this...


Already corrected. Thanks.


1 minute ago, Musky said:

How many "snorts" so far in this part of the book?


I was careful about that this time around. (Rolls eyes) I don't make the same mistakes over again, when there are so many new ones to go through.

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2 hours ago, Thomas Walker said:

Timing, Dages; you have timing.


Chapter Four: The Fun in Funeral

Chapter Five: Road Trip

"Fun"eral. I like it!

I was a little surprised to see them say 'hell' , other than that it's a hell of a chapter.

Oh, it says RBC instead of LDC.

Edited by Tortuga
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