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New York In a Day

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Hi all,

me and my dad will be returning to the cold Northern Europe with a long one-day stopover in New York on November 9. Could those of you dear brothers and sisters who either live in NYC or know it well suggest feasible things to do/see? Preferably something that doesn't cost arm and a leg and something that doesn't take a whole day.

Our flight from California should arrive at JFK early in the morning in the Eastern Time Zone, and our flight is bound to leave for Europe 10 PM or so. We chose JFK so that we could store our luggage somewhere at the airport (not connecting flights) and be as close to Brooklyn as possible.

Since neither of us have ever been to the headquarters we want to have a tour in Brooklyn as long as the Organisation has any buildings left there :) Don't have any connections, but I've understood we can just walk in through the doors of 25 Columbia Heights and ask for a tour?

Anything else you think might be worth seeing, the touristy stuff such as Central Park, Times Square? Anything to see at Ground Zero? Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty too difficult/expensive to reach?

Appreciate any ideas :)

To this David said: “What have I done now? I was only asking a question!”

– 1 Samuel 17:29

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Definitely go to 25 Columbia Heights to tour Offices (guided) plus you see the bible exhibit and the archives (both are self guided). You don't need connections for tour, just ask at the front desk once you enter. Just pay attention to your arrival times since there is a mid-day break.

If you have the time, I would highly recommend taking the "Woman and her Offspring" tour at the Metropolitan Museum which is in upper Manhattan. There is a cost involved but you can research it and decide if it works with your budget. The tour guides are typically former Bethelites or local pioneers. Many friends have gone several times and it's a favorite. Here's the website:. http://www.oasisgrouptours.com/obt/Seed.html They offer a number of other tours so be sure to look around at their website.

You can walk around Times Square for free.

I am normally in the city on Tuesdays so feel free to PM me if you need help or get lost.

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The Staton island ferry is free

Macy's has one of the only two remaining wooden escalators left in the world

The subway can be an attraction itself but it is also a good way to get around

Too bad you won't be there on Saturday since that is when I will be there

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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First and foremost I would definitely do 25 Columbia Heights, Wallkill and the farm, if it is still available. It was the highlight of our trip a few years ago. Also there are food tours, and city tours tied in with waterfront 2-3 hour day cruises and evening dinner cruises. Trip advisor has a ton of NYC activities available along with excellent reviews.  

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One other thought is probably my favorite thing to do is walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan on a nice day. From Brooklyn Heights, it's a fairly short walk over the bridge into lower Manhattan and over to ground zero them down to see the Wall Street bull.

It's free and fairly easy to do. Otherwise, you have limitless options depending on tastes and financial access. You can almost always find free things to do along with super touristy things.

Come join our service group singers......♫ Grant us boldness we witness....help us overcome our fear. ♫

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One time I only had part of a day to explore New York on my own (after a few days of touring Bethel), so I got one of those tourist maps, or maybe it was a subway map, and saw where a lot of neat things were and just walked around. I think I walked up 5th Ave. from Washington Park to Rockefeller Center, passing things like the Flatiron building, the Empire State Building, and the New York Public Library with the big lions out front. There's really so much to see, so try to map out your route ahead of time.



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