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Mass sexual assault in Cologne

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WARNING! This is a truly horrendous story.




The current official number of complaints with the police was at 60 on Monday and more victims will have come forward by now. 


A group of 1.000 young men lined up in front of the train station exit creating an alleyway that people had to pass through. Single women and groups consisting exclusively of women were heavily sexually harrassed and in at least one case, allegedly raped. The official number of perpetrators is estimated between 50 and 100, but if you ask me, every single one of the men that were there were "in on something" and part of a conspiracy to commit sexual assault by their mere presence.


This style of gang assault is becoming more common in Germany, because it is hard to single out the actual perpetrators from among those merely observing or standing in the way. But 1.000 is a number that police are describing as a "new dimension in crime"


A group of about 200 police officers were outside but "not able to do anything" and remained standing idly by. Can you imagine how these victims must feel.


Up to 10 suspects were arrested in the meantime. 


According to the latest, the same thing happened in Hamburgs late night district in the exact same manner, making it seem like an organized effort. I heard a rumour that the bouncers of bars and sex clubs were the only ones getting involved to come to the aid the victims of the assault in Hamburg while police looked on. Crazy times.


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I don't doubt that something happened but none of the reliable newspapers or news channels are reporting this.

All of the questionable sources are relating this 'incident' to Muslims and are then inciting anti Muslim anti immigration propaganda

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You can't walk with God while holding hands with the Devil.

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I personally doubt about the honesty of media.

How could this possibly be true ?

A lot of people in Germany are against migrants and that would be a good reason to hate them even more

How could 1000 people gather with one purpose of sexually assaulting other people in a train station ?

We as JW know how media can lie about us ...they are masters in manipulation and distortion of truth

The chief of this world is a liar

This is only my humble opinion ....

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I don't doubt that something happened but none of the reliable newspapers or news channels are reporting this.

Actually, the German media are talking about nothing else. The fact that they would otherwise hush this kind of story up implies it did happen as reported

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It was reported by the NY Times:



The German police is now being accused of omitting to mention they were Arab men to prevent racist attacks.


Apart from the disgusting crime it is, this is a surprisingly clumsy way of acting in a moment when the German society is quite tired already of Muslim immigrants. It would seem this has been carefully orchestrated by someone who is interested in escalating the conflict. Interestingly such an event favors the interest of both Islamist groups and anti-immigration groups. Those idiots who were sent there don't realize they are being used as the spark to ignite the fuse.


Satan's world stinks.

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Ah. So that's where the wind blows.


The media has found its spin on the issue.


You see, the women were "robbed" first and firemost and the sexual assault was "just a distraction"


In any case, the solution was just offered on the news channel. More surveillance cameras! Hooray, true (peace and) security is coming!

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Reminds me of the men of sodom...with Lots visitors..

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Zeph 3:17 Jehovah your God is in the midst of you. As a mighty One, he will save. He will exult over you with rejoicing. He will become silent in his love. He will be joyful over you with happy cries....... Love it....a beautiful word picture.

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"The men of Sodom."

Yes, absolutely correct. That's the first I thought of when reading this. Sexual offenses are increasing rapidly.

One time while getting on the bus, semi crowded, there was a young man standing near the entrance. No big deal actually as it often happens. But as the bus is getting more crowded, I had to move forward. Yet I refused to move past this young man until he gets out of the way, not just move but out of my way! Why? Because he, with a smirk, was standing there in such a way that to move past him would cause your body to touch his very erect organ!! Disgusting!!! But I had to move.

Sooo, I said very loudly, "get that thing outta my way boy, so I can move!!! He did.

I tell ya. Sometimes they make me sick! This is one reason I don't, and for the life of me, can't understand how a mere boy, 14 yrs.old, managed to rape a grown woman. Call me unfeeling but I just can't. He had a knife, a gun, etc? Possible. But you better get ready to use it honey cause this one here? Humph! It ain't about to happen! And nooo, though it's ALL about not allowing you to use me to disrespect Jehovah, there's also my craziness going to erupt all over you, aka: pure anger!! Madness!

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According to Spiegel (a so-called "reliable newspaper") the amount of charges has gone up from initially 100 to 500 by now.


A pawn has been sacrificed by sacking the Cologne police chief. Police that were there apparently refused to be shut up about this madness, which is why it made it into the papers.


Though the media is trying to portray this event as a large-scale robbery effort, in which the women were sexually harassed in order to confuse and side-track them so that purses and mobile phones can be stolen, it is apparent to literally everyone I have spoken to that the sexual humiliation of the victims was the one and only purpose of this mass assault. Many women weren't robbed at all but only fondled aggressively and abused verbally.


As previously mentioned, this happened in several cities across Europe, reportedly Hamburg, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Zurich, Helsinki and others. In Helsinki, an aggressive police response allegedly ended the assault. This geographic extent begs the question whether or not this was centrally coordinated, and if so, how. If it is coordinated, it would make this a new style of terror attack and no longer an ordinary crime.

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What happend in Germany reminds me of the Nephilim

......So they began taking as wives all whom they chose.....Gen 6:2


Read in the News:

"Their strategy of those men was to force the woman to go with them in spite of their opposition and claimed "That's my girlfriend""

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They are now saying it was planned and much larger than thought.


If only Muslim men ( or dupes ) are behind it, it sounds like a new form of terrorism.


Apparently, the attack on "western values" or so wasn't so much the intention. It seems this kind of thing has been going on and becoming pretty common in Egypt's Tahrir square. The media here are calling it a "game" that is called Taharrush Gamea where as many men as possible try to gang-rape a woman while others look on and protect the rapists from a handful of "saviours" whose job it is to try and rescue the victim.


Sounds insane enough to be true.


The movie "Cairo 678" came out long before Egypt went into a radical islamic frenzy a few years ago and dealt with an already major problem of sexual harrassment of women in public places, whether dressed modernly or in a classic modest islamic style.


You can call me biassed for all I care (I don't, believe me) but this is exactly what I meant when I said "a fair share of these people coming in as refugees will be very wicked" a few months back.



Deal with it, folks, but please don't ust pretend the issue doesn't exist.

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UPDATE: Now that the perps have been "investigated" and back out on their feet, the police can focus their time and energy.... on figuring out who leaked the incident to the public along with divulging information deemed harmful to public opinion.




Isn't it just typical. First, everybody pretends to be shocked at how this was brushed under the carpet! And then, after two or three months have passed by and everybody is distracted by the next mass hysteria, they go hunting the people who made sure this would not be brushed under the carpet.


Welcome to the world of Satan's "justice"



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