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Tragedy in Europe Need a German translator please!

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As per Google Chrome:

Horst K. (53) has confessed to having killed his wife after 10 years marriage and cut her body!

► No one suspected in the multi-family home of Friedberger district Rothenberg that the Filippina wanted to separate from her husband. In mid-December threw Horst K. a note in the mailbox of the neighbor: "Take two weeks in the holidays."

But he flew solo, Christmas spent in Thailand.

In Swabia Grace 'friends of the faith community were wondering "Jehovah's Witnesses", why the usually reliable woman no longer reported.

"In mid-December filed a missing persons report with the police acquaintances in Friedberg," said chief prosecutor Matthias Nickolai told BILD.

► When the Cid then examined the apartment, they found traces of blood - and launched a manhunt for the husband.

After his return Horst K. was caught in pouring on January 9.He immediately confessed to have the corpse packed in boxes and hid in a warehouse in Augsburg.

"As a motive he called marital problems," said the prosecutor. His ex-wife against Horst K. had said in December, Grace had returned to their homes.

"The problem was that he has a few times taken all the money and the two abhaute abroad," said Jelena K. Now sitting Horst K. Augsburg in pre-trial detention, the body parts will examined in forensic medicine in Munich. He faces life imprisonment.

 I am not sying I am Superman, I am only saying that nobody has ever seen Superman  and me in a room together.

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Very sad news.

"there was Jehovah’s word for him, and it went on to say to him: “What is your business here, E·lijah?" To this (Elijah) he said: “I have been absolutely jealous for Jehovah the God of armies"- 1 Kings 19:9, 10 Reference Bible

Ecclesiastes 7:21 "..., do not give your heart to all the words that people may speak," - Reference Bible

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Very sad indeed. The other article I found seemed too imply that he had been a part of the congregation yet they had divorced. Is that true or a poor translation?

Come join our service group singers......♫ Grant us boldness we witness....help us overcome our fear. ♫

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Brutal murder!

Wife dismembered


Horst K. murdered and dismembered his wife after 10 years of marriage


By Jörg Völkerling


Friedberg - Her last signs of life were on November 30th at about 10:38


Underneath a picture of self-baked cookies Grace K. (deceased at age 37) wrote "I'm so happy about how well these turned out!". Shortly after, the butchers shop assistant had to die.


Brutal dismemberment murder in Friedberg near Augsburg


Horst K. (53) admitted to beating his wife of ten years marriage to death and then cutting her corpse up in pieces.


=> nobody in the apartment building in Rothenberg, a town district of Friedberg, would have guessed that the Philipina was planning on leaving her husband. In mid December, Horst K. threw a note into a neighbors mailbox claiming "We are leaving on holiday for two weeks."


But he flew by himself, spent Christmas in Thailand.


In the meantime back in Swabia, Grace' friends of the community of "Jehovah's Witnesses" were wondering why the otherwise reliable lady was no longer in touch with them.


"In mid December, an acquaintance filed a report about a missing person with the Friedberg police", high state attorney Matthias Nickolai told BILD.


=> When the criminal investigation unit searched the apartment, they found traces of blood - and began a manhunt for the husband.


After his return, Horst K. was arrested on January 9th in Gießen. He immediately confessed having packed the corpse in airtight boxes and storing them in a warehouse in Augsburg.


As a motive he stated "marital problems", so the state attorney. In December, Horst K. had told his ex-wife that Grace had returned to her home.


"The problem was that he had taken the couple's money a few times and disappeared abroad", says Jelena K. Horst K. has been placed in investigative custody in Augsburg pending a medical examination of the body parts by Munich forensics. He is facing life-long imprisonment [note: this means 15 years imprisonment by German law]

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it's not sure, if this was a sister, the local Magazine "Donaukurier" only say, that they had deeper contacts to Jehovahs Wittnesses


As far as I know, my brother knew her several years back she was in a Tagalog group in Augsburg. She's been in the truth for quite some time.


I assume the husband was, as well, but obviously he's been having affairs or something in Asia. There's clearly a reason why she wanted to leave her husband.

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I've been reading more local reports and none of the story of Horst K. squandering the couple's money has popped up. So be careful, looks like "BILD" Zeitung has been making up stories again.


In any case, I received a confirmation from my brother who told me they were both witnesses.

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Been married 10 years ... it mentions he told his "ex-wife" that his wife "went back home" so it makes you wonder if he was having an affair with the "ex" and that was what he told her as a reason he was showing up at her door (which was a lie, of course, because he had killed her).


Just shows that you cannot really know a person.  Just like Judas Iscariot.

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Been married 10 years ... it mentions he told his "ex-wife" that his wife "went back home" so it makes you wonder if he was having an affair with the "ex" and that was what he told her as a reason he was showing up at her door (which was a lie, of course, because he had killed her).


Just shows that you cannot really know a person.  Just like Judas Iscariot.


Yes, but we shouldn't speculate really. Maybe his first wife had left him because she was having an affair and he married the Filipina sister later.


What does raise questions is why he flew to Thailand right after he had finished storing his wife's body parts in his storage.


Police believe the act was premeditated said another report, since he bought the murder weapon, a hammer, only shortly before the killing.


Horst K. has claimed it was his intention to report the murder immediately upon his return to Germany since he sincerely regrets the act of killing his wife. This is in conflict, however, with the fact that he was arrested on the day after his arrival and did not turn himself in on his own accord.


Sad, our sister has left a big hole in the community where she came from. Her customers, workmates, brothers and sisters as well as neighbours all stated that it is a terribly tragedy and shame that she is no longer with them. Sister Grace was kind, loving, friendly and loved by everyone she came in touch with.

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  • 10 months later...








The 53-year-old man from Friedberg, who the press has been designated as the hammer-murderer, has not filed a revision against his conviction. The defendant must now begin his life-long sentence of imprisonment. The Chamber had also noted the particular gravity of the crime. This means that premature dismissal is not possible after 15 years. The accused will remain imprisoned for a long time.

The evidence showed that the accused had hit his sleeping Filipino wife several times with a 2 kilogramme hammer. Then he slipped a garbage bag over her head to choke her to death. Subsequently, the defendant dismembered the corpse and stored the parts in a rented container. Then he flew to a previously planned sex holiday to Thailand.




Despite what happened, I respect the man for not appealing the verdict. He deserves to go to prison for life for what he did. He is going to have a hard time in prison. Rapists, child-molesters and murderers tend to get special treatment by other inmates. But Jehovah allows us to bear the consequences of our actions, and whatever he has to go through now he brought on himself.

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