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Minimum time Period between an Unbaptized publisher to become a baptized publisher ??

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7 hours ago, sania said:

Is there anything like that??  2 months old publisher is eligible for Baptism??  

Have she gone over the material in our Organized book starting on page 180 "Message to the unbaptized publisher" ?

A search of Watchtower Library will provide a lot of direction here. In the search bar enter three words, meaningful, ministry and baptism, use paragraph scope. The results will clearly show you what a meaningful ministry is. To present ones self for baptism one need to have a meaningful ministry. Does she have a meaningful ministry? Can she defend the truth at the door. Does she use her Bible with a degree of skill? This more than just offering an invitation or magazine.

*** w89 1/15 p. 20 par. 19 How Baptism Can Save Us ***
Today, qualified persons begin to have a meaningful share in field service even before getting baptized.

And there are many similar references can be found with a little effort in searching.



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No minimum. A brother was just baptized in July and he had become a publisher in March, so that's only..what, 4 months? Of course, he started talking at doors in service right away. Fearless!

Before that, the quickest I had seen was my friend who became a publisher in December and baptized in August.

I believe as long as you're regular in service (actually talking to people, not just accompanying others I would think), regular at meetings, and living by Bible standards, I don't think there's a set minimum. Of course, to be considered "regular" in service and at meetings, some time has to pass!

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39 minutes ago, sania said:

Thank you! I was told by someone that there should be minimum 6 months period to get Baptized, I did my little research, couldn't find, asked here, got answer..Thank you!

Hi Sr. Sania,  I found a latest information as below:

Kingdom Ministry July 2013, Page 7 - Question Box


Question Box

Before an unbaptized publisher is approved for baptism, to what extent should he be attending congregation meetings and sharing in the ministry?

Getting baptized is the most important decision a person will make. Therefore, before an individual is approved for baptism, he must have a reasonable understanding of what God requires of him. In addition, he should already be demonstrating his determination to live by God’s requirements.

Christians are commanded not to forsake the gathering of themselves together, so an unbaptized publisher should already be showing diligence in attending congregation meetings. (Heb. 10:24, 25) He would generally also be participating by commenting. Likely, he would be enrolled in the Theocratic Ministry School, although this is not a requirement.

In addition, since Christians have been given the commission to preach the good news and make disciples, an unbaptized publisher should be regularly sharing in the ministry before baptism. (Matt. 24:14; 28:19, 20) How many months should he be publishing before he can be baptized? Logically, he should be allowed sufficient time to demonstrate that he is steadfastly determined to have a regular and zealous share in the ministry month after month. (Ps. 78:37) However, it need not be very long from the time that he starts publishing until he qualifies for baptism, perhaps just a few months. How much field service time should he be reporting? There are no hard-and-fast rules. The elders should consider each publisher’s unique circumstances and be reasonable and balanced.—Luke 21:1-4.

The elders (or ministerial servants in congregations with very few elders) who meet with a baptismal candidate should remember that every person is different, and they should use good judgment in determining whether he qualifies for baptism. They would expect him to have a real desire to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and to demonstrate an appreciation for his privilege of associating with Jehovah’s organization and sharing in the ministry. The elders understand that he has not yet grown to spiritual maturity or gained the skill of experienced baptized evangelizers. If the elders feel that the candidate is not qualified for baptism, they should kindly inform him of the Scriptural reasons for their decision and help him to receive spiritual assistance.


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Every one is individual. But, when the Knowledge book came out in the 90's the brothers were really wanting us aiming at 6 months from study start to baptism! ;) Before that the average with the Live Forever book was around 2 years. 

What ever speed the student does it at, as long as they are doing it for the true love of Jehovah is ok. The elders will keep into consideration the life changes needed, etc. 

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Probably the more important question to ask is 'have they dedicated themselves to Jehovah, and understand the significance of what that means?' The time between being approved as an UBP and baptism is to demonstrate that they understand the significance of the step they are taking, and that their lifestyle clearly demonstrates that.

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There really is no set time. It depends on the publisher's own progress. If they are zealous in the ministry, able to defend their beliefs with scripture, attend meetings, participate in them, and support the organization, then there should be no problem with the person qualifying for baptism. What some local elders do around here is that whenever the dates for the next CA or RC are announced, they work with the unbaptized publisher in field service and get to know them more. They then speak to the person who gives them study and ask what they think about the progress that publisher is making. If the elders believe the person could be a candidate for baptism, they encourage the unbaptized publisher to consider it.

Our COBE told me when our congregation was formed 6 years ago, that the goal for the congregation was to have one person baptized at each assembly. With Jehovah's blessing, our congregation has achieved that goal and more and more studies are becoming unbaptized publishers and are making progress toward baptism. A few have even gone from unbaptized publisher to baptized within two months. Some even serve as regular pioneers and others are progressing toward becoming ministerial servants. The point is that some progress faster than others. There's no definite time period for when someone could get baptized. It all depends on an individual's progress and if the elders think that the person qualifies as a candidate.

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