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Choosing good entertainment is problematic

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As has been noted in another thread on X-Men: Apocalypse, the nature of entertainment these days have definitely taken a turn for the worse, not subtlety demonic anymore but full on anti-God.


Another example is the "hit" fantasy trilogy His Dark Material, written by Philip Pullman.  The books are being turned into a BBC TV series.  "It is loosely based on Milton’s Paradise Lost, but flips the story by casting original sin in a positive light and including a corrupt and decaying creator figure." The movie The Golden Compass is based on the first book in the series, and did well at the box office.


Ok, we all know this fulfills so many scriptures in these last of the last days....

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Entertainment is one the 'noises' of this system that Satan uses to drown out Jehovah's voice. Remember it is a scientific fact, that the human ear cannot listen to two voices at the same time ... while we are 'listening' to the voice of Satan we miss out on what Jehovah is saying. I only just got that a few years ago, 


I'm not sure if the material for all the regional link ups are the same, but Zechariah 2:13 tells us to be silent so we hear the voice of Jehovah. Choose enetertainment that doesn't drown out Jehovah ... it will always be a conscience matter, but I've decided my life and relationship is far more important than a few movies ... so I now search out movies very carefully. 

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Call the Midwife has a frustrated lesbian couple who can't be a couple, due to the restraints of the time they're living in (1960).  And why make this a subplot, when it is a show about the East End after the war and birth and families ??????


Like I said in another post about My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, another subplot right at the end where they include two gay characters.... It's not subtle anymore.  It has to be in every tv series or movie, like the "normality" of it must be shoved down our throats!

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1 hour ago, sweetwillow58 said:

I agree. Seems there has to be a gay person at least if not a couple in every show or movie. :(


Why it is the best life for you? Are you happy that you clearly seen the 2 timothy 3:1-5 takes place? Can I know, please?

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"Rotten to the core" is pretty much how I'd descibe it also.  Through movies, TV, media and the like over millenia, STD has made a mockery of all that is good/holy/sacred that originated with Jehovah.  Think about some of his devious well-known examples:


- Ge. 2:18 & 24 Sacred institution of marriage -----> homosexuals can marry; it's now the supreme law of the land

- Gen. 2:7 Creation of man  -----> creation of transgender/transsexual/sex change operations

- Mark 12:29 Jehovah is the One True God -----> "There is no god!" or is a triune diety

- Gen. 2:4  Heavens and the Earth has a Divine Creator -----> Theory of Evolution widely promoted

- Gen. 2:7& 22  God created humans -----> mankind evolved from monkeys/primates

- Dan. 2:44 God's kingdom is our only hope -----> United Nations widely promoted as only hope for the world


At the end of the day, we are aware that it is Jehovah's arch enemy that has "blinded the minds of the unbelievers" but am grateful that our Heavenly Father continues to enlighten us through his Holy Word.


(Now let me get off my soap-box and return to watching the Gilead graduation.)


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