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Pharmacy technician

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I went to school for public health, but I haven't had success in finding work. I originally went for nursing, but I realized I couldn't handle bodily fluids and the stress was crazy (even though now I kind of regret not finishing.)


So I decided to take a 4 month pharmacy tech course to at least help me get a job in the medical field, but I'm not sure if it's something worth my time. Does anyone know if that's a good field? Any experiences with it?

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I am a pharmacy technician, in patient at a hospital. I really enjoy it. We work under the pharmacists and dispense medications and make IVs.  It's interesting work. 


Here in the Pennsylvania it isn't regulated by the state yet, but my hospital requires I am certified and keep that current.   Where I live I make significantly more money than retail technicians, personally I couldn't deal with the people anyway. I hear horror stories from the pharmacists I work with that came from retail.   


Also, a nice thing for me is I only work 2 days a week and the hospital gives me health insurance for my family. For us that is so important because my husband is self employed and we would have to purchase it from the government.   


I know we live in different parts of the world, so I can't speak specifically.  However, I am sure the job process is similar. 

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So I decided to take a 4 month pharmacy tech course to at least help me get a job in the medical field, but I'm not sure if it's something worth my time. Does anyone know if that's a good field? Any experiences with it?


Sister Gabby, I have been a LPN (LVN) for about 25 years now.  I worked hospital and I loved it!!   As I got older, and I live an hour out of any major town,  I worked at local hospital.  Much easier on the nerves and less driving.  Lately I have worked in  local Nursing Home only two nights a week.  It has paid well and has supported us - helps with insurance and medicine cost these days.  I have loved my job.  But, yes, I think pharmacy tech might be a good field for you.  Not many people like  the responsibility of that job but you have to certainly pay attention to what you are dispensing.    I would have enjoyed that job myself years ago.  Another possibility, is medical coding.  Don't know where you live but that has always been a good field.  The only drawback there is that so many Drs use a 'super bill' w/coding numbers already attached as they usually do the same procedures and not much changes for them - the government or the insurance company will only pay a certain amount on their coding procedures and the patient pays the remainder.    I am sure you will do well in whatever you decide to do.  

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i tried to get a janitor job at a  hospital a friend told me ig i got the job 

ask lots of Q. and see that you need to to get in other fields of  hospital  work

you could try that and let them know that your end gool is working in the   pharmacy

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A daughter of a sister took some sort of class, and now is a pharmacy tech. If I were young and needed to work, this would be a possibility. 

She went right to work, and loves it. Just be sure the school is not some sort of a scam. They are out there, take your money, then it ends up not to be a type of school that makes you employable. I'd check with state requirements before I went to a school. 

My thoght is the medical field. Until this system takes its final knell, there will be a need for medical care out there.

Certified coders were always being hired at the clinic I worked for. 

Transcriptionists? Sort of on the way out. Electronic charting. Some medical providers that don't see state and federal medical programs still use them, though. 

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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