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this is what the world has come too.

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national geographic magazine's front cover story is about Gender Revolution.  with a picture of a 9 year old boy who wants to be a girl. yes you read that correctly a 9 year old.  unbelievable, the parents wouldnt try and get this young boy help.



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its a weird topic;  compassion does need to find a place for persons that have body part issues that cause confusion.

I'm a little ignorant to the issue of those that claim to have "brain"  and "heart" differences with their DNA's choice to their gender assignment.

I'd imagine that if your not deformed you should go along with what DNA made for your choice to gender.  No telling what demons can do in getting inside your spirit and making you get all confused.

I did know someone that had messed up body part's confusion (he apparently had evidence of more then one kind); but he was never confused as to being a brother.  He never got married(whether that was why or not i don't know- he died of cancer young, before he was 40; he pioneered for several years rather successfully and brought many into the truth.)


but for this kid.... this is way before the age of morality.  kind of have to seperate the issues of morality with the gender confusion of born deformed(not sure what other word to use....).  The homosexuals and bisexuals of adultery and fornication hitch hike onto this gender issue to confuse the moral issues of Gods word.  Its an odd topic but deformities with genitals is more common then you would think.


" Ambiguous genitalia (also known as atypical genitalia) is a birth defect (or birth variation) of the sex organs that makes it unclear whether an affected newborn is a girl or boy. This condition occurs approximately once in every 4,500 births. "

quote from google search.

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Been discussed in our home. My husband thinks it could be a mess-up in the persons make up, or the garbage we are eating, plus environment damage. 

I think it could be Satan running amuck, plus another way of what my hisband says. Our body is REALLY breaking down. Thank you, Satan. 

Whatever, we used to be able to use the, "you know your sex" illustration, regarding recognizing if you are anointed or not. "You know you are male, or female". No more. 

When I saw the title of this thread, it open all kinds of doors in my mind..

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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This confuses me on so many levels.  


As we get deeper into these last days and further away from perfection, maybe it's only understandable that weirder and weirder medical conditions like this develop.  As any machine or organism breaks down, more and more malfunctions develop.  This is a factor that many in the scientific and medical communities overlook.  Since they do not understand why we are in this sorry sinful state, they don't even consider imperfection as being a factor.  I'm not dismissing environmental factors like chemicals and pollution.  I just think there is more involved.


I also wonder about the "bandwagon" or "mob" mentality that humans have that might also be coming into play here. Humans have a tendency to go along with the crowd.  If everyone else is doing it, then this is how it should be done.  People aren't normally criminals but if the mob starts looting the neighborhood then others join in on the looting.  Perhaps the same is at work here.  Since LGBT rights are becoming more "trendy" and mainstream, then is it easier for some people to get on this bandwagon now?  "I feel weird/different/outcast/whatever.... I must be gay or transgender."  It's like that is the only conclusion.


There is a psychological disorder called body integrity identity disorder.




Body integrity identity disorder (BIID, also referred to as amputee identity disorder)[1] is a psychological disorder in which an otherwise healthy individual feels that they are meant to be disabled.[2][3][4][5] "Transability", an almost identical disorder, is medically recognized by the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-5, but BIID is not. BIID is related to xenomelia, "the dysphoric feeling that one or more limbs of one's body do not belong to one's self".[6]

BIID is typically accompanied by the desire to amputate one or more healthy limbs. It also includes the desire for other forms of disability, as in the case of a woman who intentionally blinded herself,[2] or individuals who have themselves surgically or chemically sterilized. BIID can be associated with apotemnophilia, sexual arousal based on the image of one's self as an amputee. The cause of BIID is unknown. One hypothesis states that it results from a neurological failing of the brain's inner body mapping function (located in the right parietal lobe) to incorporate the affected limb in its understanding of the body's physical form.[citation needed]


Is there some psychological component like this involved in the upsurge of transgender cases?  Since we're in a day and age where LGBT rights are accepted and respected as normal and any difference of opinion is viewed as bigotry, maybe we'll never know.  Perhaps this is a real mental condition but it's going to go uninvestigated because that would be bigotry to pursue this line of thought.


We can't ignore the agenda here.  By the amount of LGBT topics and news articles that are reported nowadays, I think it's clear there is an agenda (from Satan) to brainwash humans into accepting that this is normal and natural.  3.4% of Americans identify as LGBT.  3.4%!  That's less than 4 cents out of a dollar.  For such a small portion of the US population, there seems to be an awful lot of news coverage for this crowd.  Does that make sense?  Granted, that's still over 10 million people in the United States, but it's still such a s small percentage of the population.  Yet this issue has become such a big deal that it permeates the news cycle.


We just need the Kingdom.

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Yes, I agree. So many factors. I think when this became mainstreamed...My step-brother was a normal teen, (?) had crushes on girls. Never had a girlfriend. (In world, friends) Anyway, he was just sort of inept at social matters, regarding the opposite sex. He went into the army, came out a homosexual. I don't know if it was something that happened in the Army, or he just came across a group that he found was accepting of him, and now he did not have to worry about the opposite sex. It brought him no happiness. Because of my being one of Jehovah's Witnesses, he decided I hated him. Yep. With no real exchange, he came to this conclusion. 

But then, the step mother had a bit of an unusual relationship with him. So, it was probably a combination of things. Last I heard, he was dying of prostrate cancer. His choice. He would not address it. Poor soul. 

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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Okay, so just the first sentence of the article already shows the huge mistake people are making in how they view this issue:



"Evolving". As in, changing for the better, right? So people, scientists included, are seeing this matter as an improvement. Something that is fixing a problem.


As some of you have mentioned before, there may be a serious underlying issue with people, kids, teens, or adults, who view themselves as a gender other than the one they were born with. If that confusion or erroneous decision is viewed as a step forward though, they will not be getting any professional help. There won't be any investigating to resolve the issue.


On the other hand, I found this in the "Young People Ask" book Volume 2:


*** yp2 chap. 28 p. 232 How Can I Avoid Homosexuality? ***
But what if you feel attracted to a member of the same sex? Does this automatically mean that you’re a homosexual? No. Remember, you’re in “the bloom of youth,” a period when you’re subject to involuntary sexual arousal. (1 Corinthians 7:36) If at times you feel an attraction to a member of the same sex, be assured that this doesn’t mean that you’re gay. Such inclinations usually fade with time. Meanwhile, you must keep from getting involved in homosexual practices.


This is talking about an attraction to someone of the same sex. It is a different issue, but I think something similar may be happening. Here it mentions how a few inclinations may develop in a person, especially during the "bloom of youth", the teen years. However, it doesn't mean as much as people say it does. It is just an inclination that will most likely fade with time. AS LONG AS THEY AVOID THOSE PRACTICES. The way the system is now, anyone with such an inclination is encouraged/ pressured to pursue that sort of conduct, which then makes the desires and feelings much more powerful and permanent.


In the case of gender confusion, it might start out as a faze in a kid's life. Maybe it is something, for most, that would fade as they grow, as long as they avoid acting, dressing, etc. like a gender they are not. But, again, the way people pressure and encourage people to act upon their vaguest inclinations, maybe this doesn't get a chance to fade. It becomes more permanent, and the growing child now adopts it as part of their identity.


It also doesn't help that so much... celebration? is done whenever someone decides they identify with the LGBT community. That might also be difficult to turn their back on.

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When reading the article on Austin Fonville, the next article down, it was interesting to hear 'his' thoughts on how the medical staff treated 'him'. He was offended by not being addressed as a man and identified as a man. Well when it comes to health matters 'he' needed to be clearly identified as  to what his physiology was, there are certain things done with women that aren't done with men. Regardless of what 'he' was doing to 'his' body. 

Just because you want something doesn't mean you get it. It showed me that this is what it may come down to- a person not wanting to be told what to do, told they can't have something, and a desire to be unique or different.

I say this in full agreement with what Shawn posted, giving respect to the folks who have a real medical problem with gender issues.

Hope I expressed this ok, I don't want to come off as being unfair or unloving. There are just so many ripples off the main issue of LGBT. In contrast to the simple lives and non-issues when having a biblical marriage and true view of what human sexuality is.

Safeguard Your Heart for " Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" Matthew 12:34

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46 minutes ago, Monica4 said:


This is talking about an attraction to someone of the same sex. It is a different issue, but I think something similar may be happening. Here it mentions how a few inclinations may develop in a person, especially during the "bloom of youth", the teen years.


I also think this is a factor.  We live in a world where sex is everything.  Teens are supposed to experiment with sex.  There isn't anything wrong with being 15 or 16 and starting a sexual life and there is everything wrong with denying the sexual urge until marriage.  Most heterosexuals (it seems) have sex prior to falling in love with the person and definitely before getting married.  Until recently all homosexual sexual encounters occurred outside of marriage.  I can only imagine that teens and young adults experimenting with homosexuality are focused on sex first and a long lasting committed relationship second (if that high).


Someone on another board mentioned the aspect of "if it feels good, do it" mentality.  So often our lives are centered on pleasures.  If it feels good, do it.  Even in the animal kingdom we can see this.  It's like a stimulus response.  An animal would end up killing itself if it was receiving pleasure sensations in the process.  Homosexual behavior and actions among both humans and animals brings pleasure.  When an individual can have pleasure/sexual gratification and feel acceptance then it's no wonder that person will follow such a life course.



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