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Write a story one line at a time

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Let's see what becomes of this. Each person can only write a single sentence to add to the story. New sentences need to connect to what has happened in the story so far. There can be some humor though. :bringiton: Here goes.

A modification to the game rules (page 8 post 3): "I propose a minor change in rules, and we've already been going this way for some time: Like before, if someone finishes on a period, then you can only write one sentence to add. But if they finish on an ellipsis (a dot dot dot - ...), then you can finish the sentence and start a new one, or just finish the sentence, it's up to you."

Though still sleepy, I opened my eyes to a bright, beautiful and sunny day outside.

Now add another sentence.

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Thus far we have:

Though still sleepy, I opened my eyes to a bright, beautiful and sunny day outside. I rolled out of bed, picked myself up off the floor and got in to the hot shower. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Excited over an expected delivery, I hastily jumped out of the shower and ran to the peep hole in the door, dripping wet without thinking to grab a towel.

There stood the Circuit Overseer and his wife. In horror, I shrieked and backed away from the door, slipping on the wet floor and falling to the unforgiving hardwood right on my bum. Then, an idea came to mind - just like my calls, I will pretend I am not at home. Then there was a strong rapping-RAP RAP RAP-on the door and a stern, manly voice saying: "I know you are in their Brother Problematic, so you might as well open up, we were assigned to work together today." I shout, "Genesis 3:10!" after which I run to my closet and hurriedly pick out my service clothes. The curmudgeonly, yet loveable Circuit Overseer barks out, "Take your time, it's not a hundred degrees out yet."

I threw my clothes on, combed my hair, and sped in my car to my new Kingdom Hall and the congregation I was assigned to. Suddenly, a police car, siren blasting, lights flashing appeared in my rear view mirror. To my embarrassment, the officer followed us into the Kingdom Hall parking lot, lights still flashing. Hyperventilating, I exit my car as the officer saunters up to me and says, "I was wondering if I could get the latest Watch Tower and Awake magazines from ya?"

"Absolutely Officer but I have to go inside to get them, would you like a tour of our new Kingdom Hall?"

After the officer says, "Yes," me and our Circuit Overseer give him the full tour. After exiting the building, the officer says, "I have heard rumors about secret hanky-panky rooms but I didn't see any such thing," to which the Circuit Overseer said, "There's also a basement I didn't show you", after which I quickly point out no such room exists, and sending him away, we go inside and meet with the group.

Overhearing your conversation, the presiding overseer whispers in your ear, "Are you sure no such room exists?," while pointing to what seemed like a slightly out of place bit of carpet on the platform. To which I said, "Oh that's funny, for you well know that that is where your ever so embarrassed dear wife broke water while giving a #2 talk." Suddenly the coordinator of the body of elders' face went red, eyes scrunched up and he let out a bark like a dog as his tourettes suddenly kicked in. The curmudgeonly, yet lovable Circuit Overseer, desperately trying to salvage the morning from total hysteria, begins the meeting for service by saying,

The game is running just as I had hoped. (<img src=)'>

New sentence:

"Let's begin with prayer - Dear God, Jehovah, we beg for peace and unity and your blessing out in the ministry today, and we say this through Jesus Christ, amen," and quickly the order is restored and the Tourette's disappears from the coordinator.

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