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this is just sick

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you they say the USA is a great place and its not 

the heath care system sucks and the only give to free and the best health care to those who have mony 

or undocumented mom was told to give up he cidenship for good heath care 




i cant what till jeh puts all this stupid county out of biz 


not if you need to delit do so!!! 

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There's a piece on youtube about how the USA claims to be number one, but they can't name anything they are the best at ... (in the positive anyway) which cracked me up. But to balance it Brother Bobby - you can say that of almost any country ... things are rotten to the core and now the cracks are showing more and more each day. Because the US seems to be on the centre stage more often it's more noticeable.


But you are right your healthcare could be a lot better. We in NZ don't get charged for hospital visits, tests, procedures or operations unless we choose to go privately - which is the reason people here get health insurance so they don't have to wait on pubic waiting lists. But if I suddenly got sick and presented myself to the ED - I don't have to fear an enormous bill afterwards - that's awesome.


But we are slack in other ways - so yeah - just how it is i'm afraid in this system.  Makes the NS that much more attractive and a focus point.

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This system is just sick to the core. And the details, I try to spare myself of. What would it be like if we had to know of such things, and even worse, and had no hope? 

I’m to the point where I know I need to know what is going on, but I read the sickening headline, and that is enough for me. On TV? I walk out of the room and busy myself elsewhere. 

Can you imagine what Jehovah sees? It screams of his patience, love and long suffering. Us? We want it over. Not Jehovah yet. He has the big picture in mind, and is teaching is that patience love and long suffering.

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This made me cry when I saw this on my local tv news station.  This hospital is supposed to be one of the best on the East Coast, next to John Hopkins.  A sister in my congregation had to go there for an emergency treatment because all the other hospitals near her home and surrounding areas could not stop her internal bleeding.  This hospital is also known for not supporting bloodless surgery.  But the sister had a brothers who knew doctors in other hospitals that did support bloodless surgery there with the sister.  She got the internal bleeding stopped but it was a battle with the E.R. doctors and nurses in this hospital.  I saw another example of a woman and a man in another state, where they put them out of the E.R. waiting rooms, and even those who were to be treated were put out on the street.  This was a couple of years ago, but this hospital, here in my State, were caught red handed.   The CEO, apologized, but they still haven't done anything for this woman.  The family I believe is going to sue and use the video as proof.  So far, I have not read  anymore about this or have seen it on my local news stations.   So its like being handled "under the rug" way.   So glad this unforeseen circumstance happened to that young man who walked up and saw this and started to video it.   But will it change things, NO.  This is Satan's system and this is the way you will be treated, if you have mental illness, and or just plain sick and poor.    So if you are sick and cruising through Maryland, keep on moving, you may have better treatment up at the York, PA hospital then here!   Don't stop, don't lose your 2 cents, and keep on moving.  

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