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There was a great spot on us on Spanish TV in the Extremadura region called "Cuestión de fe", dated 17/04/18 (17th April 2018).

It formed part of a program analysing the different religions in the region. One elder, Josué de Andrés is the spokesman for the congregation in Badajoz and for those beard lovers amongst us, you will be pleased to know he was sporting his beard on national TV, all approved by Bethel obviously. :beard:


It is in Spanish so sorry if you don't understand it. Maybe Carlos has time to translate! :lol: It's a great witness anyway. Enjoy! The part about JWs starts at around 50:25.




Direct Video link: http://tvprogressive.canalextremadura.es/tv/PROG00173944_1.mp4



Extremadura es una comunidad de tradición religiosa muy arraigada. Desde hace siglos, el catolicismo ha sido la principal confesión de nuestra región, aunque cada vez son más los que optan por otras prácticas religiosas. Vamos a conocer otras creencias que se profesan en nuestra tierra. Para ello, visitaremos la comunidad budista Shorinji, fundada en La Vera hace 18 años por Bárbara Kosen, una monja zen. Los monjes de Shorinji viven en cabañas, en las que practican sus ceremonias. También acompañaremos a los mormones y a los testigos de Jehová en sus predicaciones...


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That was pretty good. The reporter went to the meeting, then asked an elder a few questions. She especially wanted to know about the blood issue and children. I didn't completely catch how the brother answered but it seemed he tried to make it clear we love our children, we want to live and we look for good doctors that can do bloodless surgeries. Then she talked to his father who was jailed for four years during the Franco regime for neutrality. Then she went in service with a couple. It was funny, they mention they don't knock during siesta time, because they too are taking a siesta. 😴


Thanks for sharing!

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Let's see if I remember this correctly.


Traditionally, it happens during the hottest part of the day. In the afternoon, everything closes, yes all the shops close in the country, people go home to sleep or take a siesta. Shops open up again in the evening when the temperature has cooled down,.


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28 minutes ago, alohapaulette said:

Sorry to ask, but when exactly  is "siesta time" ?

No problem. Between 14:00 and 17:00 (2-5pm). Shops then open again from 5pm until 9pm. Very civilised. I work for an English company so we only get an hour break but we finish at 7pm so a mini siesta for me!

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