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I’ve pretty well had it!

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This separating children from parents...I’ve got FB friends who are posting about this atrocity. (In the truth, FB friends) There are things I do not read about. And, if given choice would not listen to the details thereof. I have my opinions, but I try to keep them to myself. They have made this a political issue. As they have done for climate change, abortions, you name it. 

This system is controlled by a hateful Murder, who has no compunction about using children to make a point. (No suprise. They’ve been using unborn lives of children for how long now?) 

It is what it is. This system. The only thing we can do is pray for The Kingdom, and tell ones of it. 

Its not that I don’t care. This is as ugly as ugly gets, but we just can’t get wound up in this worlds ugliness. We, as individuals can care, and even  be broken hearted, but only Jehovah has the answer. 

And, guess what? It’s only going to get worse. So brace yourselves. By getting closer set to Jehovah, Christ, the organization, and our dear friends. And, pray fervently for that Kingdom. 

Sorry for the rant, but yes, I’ve about had it. Not quite, though. I know where to turn for my sanity. (Such as it is!) 

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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Oh Sister Bea, I have had more than enough of this stuff too. I am so prone to depression and anxiety that I have to protect myself by not reading too much about stuff like this or other disturbing things happening in the world. I scan headlines, but try not to read too many details. I just can't get caught up in this stuff. And even though depression and anxiety can pop up at any time randomly, I am better off mentally by limiting this. I've advised my very sensitive daughter to do the same. 


The other thing I'm trying to do is what the brother suggested in the end of this month's broadcast. He said that this world was designed to distract and basically to tune back in. Put down the electronic devices (I'm guilty.. on my phone way too much) and take note of the beauty that's still here. I think we will watch some of those beautiful creation videos again for family worship this week. 


But yes, all we can do is pray all the time for Jehovah's kingdom to come, and in the meantime, the strength to go on. I'm glad that you are still sane.. I will pray to remain that way as well. 😁

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its been happening for years. unfortunately politicians only use it as a political stunt during election times. neither side wants to change the outcome.  they could care less


also if you do some research you will see it isnt as bad as they are trying to make it out.  in most cases if a child cant be identifed to belong to the parent then they are seperated until it is confirmed.  unfortunatley people will take children hoping it will help them to access a country, the child could be a relative or could be kidnapped.


this whole immigration issue wont be settled until Gods Kingdom puts and end to it.

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I for the most part only have witness friends with a few that post political things then i unfollow them. Its not worth bringing it up to them because they won't get the point your trying to make! You will just get madder. So unfollow them. They wont know and most likely won't even care. they are not worth your friendship then are they? What if Jehovah asked why they posted that and they couldn't come up with anything? What if he said they were just like the israelites that had relations with the pagan women? They died for it. What if he said they were just like them for turning their back on him just for a second? What would they say? What could they say?

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