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I'm trying to help a dear brother with his iPad mini...

All non-essential apps have already been deleted, the general settings option to Offload Unused Apps was enabled, JWlib has been off-loaded

15.8 of 16gb are used with publications, videos, music, etc all within the JWlib app.


There is not enough space to reload the app without deleting some old media, is there a way to do that from iOS -- at least a few to make room so the app can be started and used?  





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At this point, there are no photos or videos outside of the JWlib app, and when we try to start the app we get a message there is not enough free space. I hope someone very familiar with apple product may be able to tell me a way to delete some of the old content without using JWlib to do it.  If it involves installing a utility, it will have to be VERY small -- I expect there may be a way from the OS, but I am not familiar with iOS so looking for direction.

The only fix I know is to do a reset on his device then re-install JWlib -- but that will lose all of his study notes too.



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Can you start the device and check the IOS software version?  Older minis sometimes ran older software.  JW Library requires version 8 or newer to load.  Just a thought before doing something drastic.  I know it ran before but it might have been a previous build of the JW Library.  Now trying to load again it will go to the newest build and the new requirements.

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I am an android user but surely you have a file app that you can open and see what you have. Look for movies or mp3's or pictures. Then see if you can delete some of them. 


Delete movies and TV shows in Settings
  1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  2. Scroll to TV or Videos, then tap it.
  3. Tap Review iTunes Videos. ...
  4. Find the movie, show, or episode that you want to delete, then swipe left on it.
  5. Tap Delete.


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22 hours ago, mg_Ky said:

15.8 of 16gb are used with publications, videos, music, etc all within the JWlib app

I too use an iPad Mini and I can't think why anyone with reasonable access to wifi would need to download so much - that's why we have the Cloud. Apart from the Toolbox and study publications, I tend to download on a need by need basis and delete when not needed. 16GB is next to nothing and leaves little room to play with even using the lowest resolution for video. May I suggest a little device I use: a HooToo brand iPhone/iPad Memory Stick 32GB USB Flash Drive - bought mine from Amazon. It comes with a free app so I just plug it into the iPad and the app fires up and I save and transfer files to and fro. Also great for transfering files between my PC laptop and the iPad.

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16 minutes ago, DavidMc said:

I too use an iPad Mini and I can't think why anyone with reasonable access to wifi would need to download so much -

In our rural area, we don't have that much wifi except sitting in front of our computers at home.  Even there, it is REAL slow.  Not much cell service either.  For us, it is download or go without.  We use the downloaded material at the doors in service (videos, etc).  So I can't say whether it is necessary or not in this case.  However, 15 GB is pretty small for storage since some of that is taken by the OS and necessary apps.  I realize the Apple does not allow expansion but the next time you upgrade the device, get more storage (32 to 64 would be better).

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Perhaps by not providing background, I was unclear...


I am a windows/android user -- TOTALLY out of my element with iOS and the iPad, and feeling quite frustrated with its restrictions.

I am trying to assist an 89-YO brother, this is his first foray into the electronic world.  Yes some training is warranted, but that won't help us Right Now -- I am trying to NOT lose anything personal, like his study notes.


Thesauron: Is that an option for JWlib video?  If so, how is it enabled?  There are No other items on this tablet.

jwhess: iOS  11.4

GrumpysWife:  Only Safari, Messages, and System show in the list - I have cleared the Safari cache, Messages has never been used.


The issue is he does not understand the difference between streaming and downloading.  He was navigating the app, watching each of the videos and programs... not deleting Anything -- I'm surprised it lasted this long (6 months) without a major hiccup.



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Br. Mark, you are to be commended for trying to help.  I feel your pain of being out of your element in IOS.  WE have several who are Apple competent, maybe a suggestion will apply.  Often, the end solution is to "wipe-it-out" and start again (wiser this time around).  I hate that solution but have had to do it myself.  Once even with Windows 10 (and a stupid update).

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