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Car repair question— side mirror

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Okay, my Trailblazer was struck by a hit and run driver a while ago. Only lost the driver’s side mirror.


A brother who does his own work on his vehicles just might be able to replace it. He suggested I look on Amazon as that’s his go to site.


The plac3 I go for repairs is going to charge $147..... I’m hoping I can cancel tha5 appointment.


Anyway I also checked other sites before this. 


My mirror is unheated. 


But for my year and model it seems that’s all I have found.


Dumb question for knowledgeable brothers...does it matter? 😁

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Thank you Br. Tony for your suggestion. 


Huh! I just re-read my post and I find I missed something.


Yes, my mirror is un-heated, but I can only find ones that are heated. That’s why I asked does it matter. 


Guess I should re-read my posts before I hit send. LOL


Actually the one I found on Amazon, was like $39. Which isn’t bad at all. 


Cars...what a rip off. LOL



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Here in Florida we do not have extreme cold like up north - but, we still have heated mirrors. They do not only fog up in cold weather and heat helps clear the fog.


As to buying heated one to replace non-heated ones ... if the ones being replaced ar "manual" it should not be a problem. However, the the ones being replaced are electrically adjustable ones, they have a plug on them used to connect them to the door harness. In many cases, the plug for non-heated and heated mirrors are NOT the same - therefore, the heated mirrors would not be able to be plugged into the door harness.

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I'd just put another un-heated mirror on it. worst case is you have to use your window scraper on it in the winter.  I'm guessing the mirror got torn right off your vehicle, the accident didn't just brake the glass?  

Check out the price of one on Rock auto before you buy from anywhere else, their prices are usually as low for a new one, as others want for a used one.  YouTube is a good place for instruction on how remove the door panel and replace the mirror, it's not a bad job.  I've actually epoxied a couple back together and put back on the vehicle to use until it got into the body shop for accident repair 

just re-read your question and realized your asking if it matters if it's heated?  all the ones I've seen have an extra harness for the heat, you can just leave it not plugged in, it shouldn't matter. but rock auto likely has an unheated option

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It looks like a heated mirror is just a nice feature to have, but not necessarily necessary. I've never had a heated mirror and have gotten by okay. I mean I live in the south, where, when it snows, we don't drive haha. Maybe it makes more of a difference further north?


Also, like TonyWenz, I glued my mirror to my car. I used gorilla glue, myself, which I wouldn't recommend in a place that gets really hot, because that kind of glue stops sticking in the heat, and you keep having to reapply.


I agree repairs on your car can be a bit of a rip off, which is why I had to teach myself how to make a lot of minor repairs, myself. A lot of young women, either feel limited or think they shouldn't have to learn how to do repairs on a car, but I disagree. I feel that if you own a car, then it's a good thing to learn as much as you can about it. I mean, you shouldn't necessarily feel obligated to fix your own car, but it's definitely a good money saver. I'll be honest.  A lot of small repairs/maintenance things I"ve done, I haven't necessarily found as fun, and some were really intimidating to me, before I delved into it, but I think that money being saved or another month of not having to pay a note has been totally worth it.


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I feel that if you own a car, then it's a good thing to learn as much as you can about it. I mean, you shouldn't necessarily feel obligated to fix your own car, but it's definitely a good money saver. I'll be honest


That's good, as long as you can do it yourself and are comfortable with it.  I agree, shops are expensive, it's a lot more in Canada.  Most shops are now around $110/hr and I'm surprised at how many hours they quote for some jobs.  Isn't there a brother in your that's a mechanic and will "Moonlight"  and work on congregation stuff on weekends/after hrs for a discounted rate?

In the last congregation I was in, when I was layed off, I almost had full time work for the brothers & sisters, I did it for a discounted rate, they kept me busy, and they got  a good deal.  There's usually a brother around that will help out.

When it comes to fixing your own stuff, I'm in a little different situation, that I do it for a living.  The way I look at it when I fix my own vehicles is, if I spend 3hrs on a repair,  and a shop would charge $300 for it, I just pay myself $300, money banked that I can use for something more important... or not lol 

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5 hours ago, Mountain man said:

When it comes to fixing your own stuff, I'm in a little different situation, that I do it for a living


I am not quite in the same boat as you but, I am in the one right next to yours. I am not a mechanic for a living but have had varied experiences secular and RBC/LDC


I started fixing things when I was quite young. There is not much I cannot work on - electric, plumbing, irrigation, building (rough and finish), cars and tractors. I also cook :)


If I am not sure how to do something - there is always YouTube :thumbsup: 

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