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Far East

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I’ve been thinking, and there way better thinkers out there. The Far East. It is war upon war, for centuries. Wonderful old cities, thought to be exotic, being bombed and ruined. People displaced. Tragedy, after tragedy. 

What I started thinking, was is this the price they paid for putting Jesus to death? Then, I thought about history. Biblical history. 

What is going on? It is just heartbreaking. 

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I have thought about that also Miss Bea. Could it be that civilization in that part of the world has been on the earth the longest and tried or true Government seems not to work. As an example: Before the flood Humans started out GOOD and went down hill from there.

Then, Jehovah chose Abraham's offspring to be his  chosen people. Eventually, because of corruption that Nation was rejected by Jehovah.


Mankind is so imperfect and always seems to spiral downward to chaos. Younger nation's head the same way like US Government for instance, only been around for a couple hundred years. What do we see happening? 

Jeremiah 10:23

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I am sorry if I got it wrong, I think you mean the Near East because the Far East is Japan, Koreas and China. As things stand, they are quite prosperous. 


In contrast, the Near East or as it is more commonly known now, the Middle East, has always been and is still being torn by conflicts. 



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19 hours ago, Miss Bea said:

What I started thinking, was is this the price they paid for putting Jesus to death?

No, it can't be that. Jehovah doesn't punish people for what their ancestors did thousands of years ago. Besides, both Jews and Arabs suffer from those conflicts, although the Arabs had nothign to do with Jesus' death.


I think the problem in that area is that it's a crossroads where different peoples with different cultures and religions meet. And whenever you have different religions mixed, there will be bloodshed and conflicts.

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As far as "Wonderful old cities" - if you think about it, the oldest of man's efforts, whatever or how impressive they may have been, were so totally wiped away during the flood that any tangible relics of that era do not exist ... the damage man is doing to things man has built is not nearly as important or as terrible as what man does TO his fellow man :nope:

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