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Amtrak Auto Train

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I have never ridden on the Auto Train - it is an interesting concept, though. I did ride the train both times I went to NY. It is a very nice way to travel.


It runs from just south of Washington DC (the train depot is in Lorton, Va - 21 miles SSW of D.C.) to NNE of Orlando (the train depot is in Sanford, FL - 24 miles from Orlando).


Since it only services the eastern corridor that runs primarily along I-95, it might seem like it would not be all that popular - the thing is ... it runs EVERY DAY in both directions :eek: 


Broken down by statistics, it carries an average of 350-400 people with their vehicles each way every day - that just seems like a large number of people going back and forth every day.


At the moment, they have a "Saver Fare" that the actual train ticket is only $95 US - with an additional $204 US to take your car or pickup ... motorcycles and larger vehicles are priced differently.


One of the nice things about this train is that you can take as much luggage as you can pack in your vehicle and no additional charge.


If you want a "sleeping room" you can get a small one for $265 US or a larger one for $457 US (for two people it would be $95 per person, $204 for the vehicle and $377 or $569 for the bedroom)


I would like to try it sometime - it may seem like the cost is high ... but, when you consider that you would not have to rent a car when you get to the destination and you can pack a lot of luggage - and you don't really HAVE to have a bedroom, the cost does not seem so high.


Have you ever taken a long distance train? or even the Auto Train?


My brother and I are taking a train trip next month. He has never been on a train. We only be going to Tampa ... but, since it will be just a couple days before he turns 72, we figure, if we are going to do it, we better do it before one of us isn't around to take such a trip

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I've only done the Subway in New York. But trains are fun. I've been on long distance trains in Australia. It's a good way to see the countryside without the driving, then jump into your car when you get to your destination.
There are 3 lines that are popular here that cover the (1)entire east coast, (2) East to West (3) Up the Middle called 'The Ghan'
These are noted in white on the Map.
But the price for The Ghan is around $3,500 one way without the car!
It's the best way to see Ularu (Ayres Rock) without a long drive


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I am planning on trying this out in a few months with a sleeper room, adding on the extra $50 or whatever it is for them to unload my vehicle quickly. I read that this process alone can take hours, so to me it's worth it. 


Airports are not that much fun these days, especially with kids. I love the thought of being able to drive my own truck and not having to wrestle with luggage. Hoping this will be a better option. 🙂


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If you have a few hours, they have mounted cameras on some of the Australian Trains, and recorded the scenery. It was rated as one of the most boring shows, as there was no commentary, just the mind-numbing endless click clack of the tracks for hours.

But you do get to 'do' the journey for free!

The TV network even made a joke out of their 'SBS' call-sign, saying it stands for slow boring Sunday! 698afdc95d6f31d33d51a3ce418a1d01.jpg&key=f3f5d2f04a1cf3c074305b52c602c2dcd45cb51c53a61731dcfc4e949376d750f5f719dffff22e71918cb0501224b028.jpg&key=93a34c98b5ac907cf58398039abe9c0af0c7d8a44b21d1a38d97afca495b30bf


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