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Question on "Christian" rock bands and other music?

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What's the consensus on "Christian" rock bands and other bands? Is it usually a no due to them being fake christian or christendom, or is that even taken in account? I don't mean like gospels. But bands like Sum41, RED, Lifehouse, etc? It's usually a band that has clean lyrics but professes to be Christian, sometimes the lyrics mention god and sometimes its left to interpretation. Just wondering since I like a lot of songs from bands like that, especially when depressed and the song is deep. (i.e Storm by Lifehouse)

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My own opinion would be that as long as the songs they are singing are not propagating false doctrines, there is nothing wrong. I listen even to biblical music like choral and classic pieces (such as a couple from Handel), if they don't have anything false religious in them.


I recall someone said here on the forums that one of the members of the GB even sang the lyrics to "Oh happy days" as the introduction to one of his talks.


Other than that, they are just singers like any other that we may listen to.

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Regina, the Slave doesn't give us lists of bands that are or are not ok to listen. Rather than that, they provide us some principles to help us decide on our own. Using those principles is the only way to become mature Christians. Of course every conscience is different and we have different levels of maturity too, so it's not surprising if different Christian make different choices.


Which principles can you think of that apply to the music we listen to? This are some I have found. I don't know any of those bands you mention, but you could ask these questions regarding their music and reach your own decision:




*** g 8/11 p. 7-8 Will You Make Wise Choices? ***
What message does the music convey? “Let fornication and uncleanness of every sort or greediness not even be mentioned among you.” (Ephesians 5:3) Many songs have innocent lyrics. But others, either subtly or openly, approve of or even promote behavior that violates wholesome values, such as Bible principles.

How does the music affect my feelings? “Safeguard your heart, for out of it are the sources of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) If a certain piece of music stirs up undesirable feelings or fosters improper thoughts, you would be wise to discard it. (Matthew 5:28, 29)

Will the music influence my values? “Hate what is bad, and love what is good,” says Amos 5:15.


*** g96 11/22 p. 23 Alternative Rock—Is It for Me? ***
A Guide to Selecting Music
◆ Examine the album packaging. This will often tell you a lot about the music and the musicians themselves. Beware of album covers that feature violence, demonic symbols, bizarre dress and grooming, or nudity.
◆ Consider the message of the lyrics. These identify the thoughts and life-styles of the musicians. What ideas do they want you to accept?
◆ The overall sound of the music signals the mood and the feelings the musicians would like you to have—melancholy, joy, defiance, sexual arousal, tranquillity, or despair.
◆ Consider the general audience that is attracted to the music group. Would you like to be identified with that group of people and their attitudes?


Something else I would wonder: Most singers belong to one religion or another and that doesn't prevent most of us from listening to their music, so what is it that might make those bands objectable for you? If they sang romantic songs about being in love or being rejected, would you find them acceptable? So is it the fact that they sing about God? Are those songs promoting false teachings?

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1 hour ago, Dages said:

We have great original songs, that's all I need. 

David, your choice of music is a personal decision, and of course I respect it.


But if you are suggesting that we should only listen to songs produced by our organization, that sounds like rather a very extreme view IMO. The Slave has never suggested anything like that. There are a lot of wonderful music out there. :) I love most of our original songs and listen to them very often, but there are lots of other enjoyable styles out there, from classical to folk to rock to whatever you like.

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Hi Regina,


Some may find that songs by "Christian" rock bands are fine to listen to, especially since the lyrics may be viewed as "clean" compared to other popular music. However, there are some other important things to consider:

  • Worship - Many if not all Christian bands consider their music to be "praises" to God and songs of "worship". In fact, much of today's Christian music is called, "Contemporary Worship Music" or "Praise and Worship Music".  So even if a song seems "clean", is it spiritually "clean"? David gave a good example of when many of these Christian bands are singing about God, they are really singing about their God, the Trinity. 
  • Spiritually Based Music - Then there is some "Christian" music in which the singer/band doesn't want to be labeled as a "Christian" artist because they want their music to be listened to by a larger audience and played on popular radio/streaming. So some will declare that they don't want to be labeled as a "Christian Band" or a "Christian Singer" but instead they will declare that their music is "spiritually based". So these artists/bands will write lyrics that are "spiritually based", using words, terms, ideas, thoughts that are influenced by the Christendom teachings they have learned, but yet they don't want to be labeled as "Christian" artists.

Here is a situation we could consider: 

Let's say you are going door to door and at the very first house you meet a grouchy man, he uses foul language and talks about sexual things. You then move on to the 2nd house but this time a nice man comes to the door. He is polite and his speech is "clean". But then he wants to share his faith with you, so he hands you a "Christian" brochure. The question is, do you read it? If you read it, you are opening up yourself to false teachings. This is similar to "clean" music from Christian artists. Our motives may be good in that we are wanting to listen to music that is not sexual or does have bad language, but sadly we would be opening ourselves up to the influence of false teachings.    


*** w05 10/1 p. 24 par. 17 “Keep on the Watch”—The Hour of Judgment Has Arrived! ***
With good reason, the Bible urges people everywhere: “Get out of her [Babylon the Great] . . . if you do not want to share with her in her sins.” (Revelation 18:4, 5) How do we get out of Babylon the Great? This involves more than just severing any ties with false religion. Babylonish influence is present in many popular celebrations and customs, in the world’s permissive attitude toward sex, in the promoting of entertainment involving spiritism, and much more. To keep on the watch, it is vital that both in our actions and in the desires of our heart, we give evidence that we are truly separate from Babylon the Great in every way.


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David, your choice of music is a personal decision, and of course I respect it.

But if you are suggesting that we should only listen to songs produced by our organization, that sounds like rather a very extreme view IMO


Don't worry, that wasn't my intention, sorry if that sounded like that. :D 

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