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Yup. Had dash cam with backup in my old van. It was also a GPS ( still have mirror/display unit minus backup camera ).

Get one that has spot for micro sd card and 6 or more LED lights if you wish night time recording.


Some of the better units ( Shop, Shop Shop around ) have even side cameras thus 4 + cameras in all.

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Interesting subject.  Our service car was just rear ended Tuesday, hit and run , in rush hour traffic by 2 guys abruptly crossing 3 lanes of heavy traffic, just to exit.  A front, rear, and 180 degree side cameras would have helped to explain to the investigating officer just how it happened.  

What would you recommend with additional SD cards, wide view, extended recording capacity etc. ?


No injuries, just a crunched bumper.







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My unit only handles 32Gb - may try a 64 formatted dos 32 bit not dos ext. Worked in my old pda. 

Check out All specs of unit and comparison shop for best price for unit - even Amazon has vastly

different prices for same unit from different suppliers.


Get larger screen with better resolution.


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Yep. Good resolution is needed if you want to zoom in to read a number plate etc.

But then you will also need to ensure you can put in an SD card to load it all up. Hi-res video can consume many MBs per second...

So make sure your dash cam can take a good sized memory card.


Just Older







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9 hours ago, Tortuga said:

I just started to read some reviews about the Blackvue. Do you like it?

Yes I love it, when I first bought my blackvue about 5 years ago they didn’t come with a backup battery or a capacitor, so it would drain and kill my vehicle battery after 3 or 4 days when it was in parking mode, finally last year I added a capacitor to iliminate that problem. Also there is an Over the Cloud feature on the website or app that allows you to view live video remotely and it also sends you notifications on activities with your vehicle. It is also ideal for small business owners too if your wanting to track your vehicle movement.


Down side it is expensive to purchase/install, but it has saved me a lot of money on the long term from incidents by capturing on video.

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Last week I bought a dual camera dash cam. I installed it over the weekend but I haven't put in the rear camera yet, so guess what happened?

Three days after I install the camera some knucklehead rearends me on the way to the KH. I wish I had installed the rear camera, it would have recorded the whole thing. Fortunately it's just minor damage and the forward facing camera shows that I wasn't doing anything stupid. When I reviewed the video I realized that when we pulled into a parking lot to exchange information that I parked in front of a reflective store window and the dash cam recorded both of us inspecting the damage. :)

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10 hours ago, boodles said:

So what did you end up getting? Not the exact camera, but what does it have? Is it meeting your needs? We're planning on getting one soon.

The camera is made my Apemen, I never heard of it but it was on sale at Amazon. It seems to do fine.

I recently had my truck at the repair shop to get the accident damage fixed. I reviewed the video recordings and it captured every time they moved my truck. 😁

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