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  1. Sounds good..... for those who can pay for international passports, visas and tickets. ...
  2. I would like to come there somehow just to water plants on the lot.... Buy there is no way to come....
  3. Thanks, my dear! We are all sisters here are crying a lot these days.... Our Kingdom Hall that we built with such a love is now left empty and uncared.....
  4. Yes, frame it, please, take a picture and PM it to me. It will be my new wallpaper. Seriously
  5. That point started at 3:12 and finished at 5:15. The priest asked a lower, who is also a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, if he knows about the letter campaign. He said yes, he knows about that campaign, then he mentioned a "news" about Guinness book with a bit of smile. Then he said that he was a representative of his committee at the court for some time, not all the time, surely. He also said that they will discuss the situation with human rights in Russia at the session of the commission. That's all.
  6. I got it from a sister via text messenger. It is in a free rotation here, so feel free to share.
  7. Video Goodbye Bethel
  8. I would say "Oue sera sera" (it sounds so Doris Day alike :D)
  9. What do you think is it possible that FDS will arrange a free VPN provider for us in the future? Total speculation
  10. Someone was interested how is that feels under ban. See what I'm currently doing - preparing for unwishing visitors. Cleaning up my PC and storing up all my precious memory in clouds... (30 GB already ) Cleaning up my home for the case of searching it through and getting ready for planting false evidenses.....