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  1. Someone was interested how is that feels under ban. See what I'm currently doing - preparing for unwishing visitors. Cleaning up my PC and storing up all my precious memory in clouds... (30 GB already ) Cleaning up my home for the case of searching it through and getting ready for planting false evidenses.....
  2. I'm fed up. Shaking the dust of this country off my feet.

    1. cerebral ecstasy
    2. Sheep


      My deepest sympathies, Svetlana. My heart goes out to you! May our Great God Jehovah strengthen you to face difficult times ahead. Our prayers are indeed with you.

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Wait til Jehovah gets through with it. Nothing but that dust will be left! And our dear brothers and sister, and I think, our headquarters! All that they tried to steal. I say, "tried",  because whatever they do pull, it is so very temporary.

      Keep up the faith, dear sister, we love you! 

  3. I did a quick search on the name of the representative of Ministry of justice Светлана Контстантиновна Борисова and here what I've found It's a muslim website and she was lecturing muslim leaders. I would like to look into her eyes, really.