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  1. Me too! Like the article I saved the part of him being JW till last.
  2. The article goes nicely with the Watchtower study article June 12-18 par. 3 Relate an example of injustice in today's world.
  3. So now, I reckon they will have to build "non-binary", "X" prisons for convicted criminals otherwise you'd have intersex prisons. And the insanity goes on and on.
  4. A very heartwarming experience, thank you for sharing.
  5. When the dealer gets caught he'll have nobody to blame but the stool pigeon.
  6. It says on this lady's car, 911 was an inside job. Huh, curious because it looked to me like the planes hit from the outside. Conspiracy theorists can be silly.
  7. Looks like an interesting project to be apart of.
  8. Looks like my microwave Popcorn.
  9. And heart felt concern.