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  1. I intend on getting letters to the Post Office tomorrow. I am using indented paragraphs rather than left aligned block style b/c this is a bit less formal than business letters. I am also using beautiful standard size (8.5 by 11 inches aka 216 by 279mm) stationery Here is my draft. As always, open to correction, suggestions, or outright criticism: As a retired school teacher, for decades I taught my students to be kind and considerate of all persons, from all over. I have also attempted to model this empathy. Caring for others, worldwide, is encouraged by Jehovah's Witnesses; through Bible Study, interaction, and worship. During my years of teaching English Language Classes to students from all over the world, I have been impressed by how much alike we all are, as people. This is certainly true of the international group of more than eight million Jehovah's Witnesses. I appreciate the laws of the Russian Federation that guarantee religious freedom to all citizens. Globally, Jehovah's Witnesses are viewed as respectful and cooperative citizens. I reverently request that you will consider allowing Jehovah's Witnesses to continue their respectful and loving worship throughout the large, beautiful, and diverse country of Russia.
  2. I am going to try to write part of my letters in Russian: at least Salutation and Complimentay Closing. Suggestions, corrections welcomed. Dasvidania, Tvoya sestra .
  3. I have a "pretend" skylight in my bedroom. I will try to upload it. Still playing around with pix. This one is not done. It is over my entry door and may become a transom if my back gets better.
  4. For Hatcheck Girl: Wish I could get more of my hat tree-wall uploaded.
  5. Not a meme, but a service experience: Accidentally got reg coffee instead of decaf. Said in car group. "AW-oh someone spiked my decaf with high test. I feel like a mosquito on adrenaline." Sis in group said, "Well that's better than last time when you felt like a flea on crack." (I thought I said a flea on steroids). Anyway, I didn't know anyone was listening to my silly figures of speech. Next time I get a coffee switch, I'll say something different, like a humming bird next to a door bell. It'll be a hum-dinger.
  6. I have also been secretary and treasurer for a home owner's association. Most of the houses in that development were only occupied seasonally. It did not take up much time. There were no holidays, etc. involved and one meeting a year.
  7. You are all invited!

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      American dates confuse me. You mean 11th April, not 4th November?

    3. Gregexplore


      Wow.. you celebrate Memorial on 4th November?   :lol1:

    4. kejedo


      Am. Calendar dating is illogical. Should go from smallest time interval to the largest (or opposite). Day, month, year makes more sense.


      Millions lost because Astronautical Designers forgot to use metric units?

      Every US science course teaches metric. I taught  International (Metric) System to eighth graders.  This story is Fishy to me. Like a few kilogram's worth.



  8. I lived in Maine for 20 years. It's all relative. Of course, I was younger then.
  9. Using a Greek math constant as well as Hebrew dimensions to find the volume of this cast metal Sea, it is between 375 cubic cubits and 382.6 cubic cubits. Doesn't matter which size cubits are being considered, the ratio still works. Interestingly (well, to me) the account uses the word 'circular' rather than stating an exact circle. It would be pretty close, though. This is dedicated to any who are stuck in due to the weather and are trying to be lulled into an afternoon nap.
  10. Of course 1 Kings 7:23 "Then he made the Sea of cast metal. It was circular in shape, 10 cubits from brim to brim and 5 cubits high, and it took a measuring line 30 cubits long to encircle it" demonstrates that the circumference of a circle is about 3 times its diameter. The Bible just states it more eloquently.
  11. I started 'doing' Pi-day activities with my math students in the 1980s or so. It wasn't widespread and was an excuse to bake square pies and use some geometric math formulas with a bit of levity. I recall having a poster contest in which some of my relatively unmotivated middle-school students created rather interesting presentations for the top prizes - wait for it: scientific calculators. Of course, March 14 would have to fall on a school day to be eligible for an observance, and only seems logical to the illogical US method used to express calendar dates. AS Pi-day became more common and was voted as a national US holiday (in 2009), my interest waned. I liked to write activities that were different. Sometimes I would just have a momentary reminder if I had a class in session at 1:59 pm (3.14159). Just noticed it was March 14, aka 3.14, and realized how strange it feels to be retired. I am much happier to be out in "service" where the real learning occurs. Don't even get me started on how 'CAT-urday' is unkind to dog owners. Y canine loving S
  12. Six days til Spring where I am. Housebound due to extreme storm. Wind gusts up to 61, coastal warning (flooding) and loads of snow, sleet, rain, hail. Subway service and flights cancelled.  

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    2. Sheep


      Tell me about it. In the last two days we've got upwards of 25 centimeters (almost 10 inches) of snow in Montreal. And it's still coming down! Our group overseer called this morning to tell me our meeting is canceled tonight. Another congregation in town is supposed to have their CO tonight and they're canceled. This entire city is paralyzed! 

    3. kejedo


      We had about 2 feet, more where it drifted. Couldn't see outside yesterday b/c of the accompanying wind and rain.  Good thing I had an afternoon study in walking distance. Tomorrow's a new day and a new territory. Woo-Hoo!


    4. kejedo


      CO and wife will be out in service with us tomorrow am. 

  13. This morning, a Dear Sister brought me a breathtaking bouquet of flowers in a beautiful cut-glass  vase. A beautiful card from her and her husb contained this verse: 

    1. kejedo


      (2 Timothy 4:22) The Lord be with the spirit you show. His undeserved kindness be with you.

    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Gestures such as this sort of make it all worth while, don't they? An act of wisdom, and one loving...