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  1. One of my comments in last night's meeting was about Earth Science Elements in Ezekiel. Ezekiel 3:9 - " I have made your forehead like a diamond, harder than flint.  On MOhs hardness scale, flint is a 7 while Diamonds top the chart at 10."


    1. kejedo


      Rock and MIneral Hardness scales go back to about 300 BCE. Where the Bible touches on scientific areas, it is always accurate. 

  2. To those who have endured miscarriage, it is certainly a loss. I never thought of burying a 15 week fetus. For me, there was nothing left to bury, I did not know the gender of my lost child. It is sad to those who have suffered this. MY Bible student suffered a miscarriage in Jan 2016. This was followed by a high risk pregnancy and she delivered a beautiful baby boy 3 months ago. Thanks to Jehovah we can deal with numerous losses in our lives and still have the hope of a promising future.
  3. I didn't have exactly that experience. I was teaching night classes and my three little boys would line up for goodbye kisses. The trick was that they would get back in line and get another kiss. The youngest was just barely toddling, so i kissed him and picked him up on my shoulder for a good night pat. Later, standing in front of class, I turned around and was informed that I had a nice embellishment of vomit down the back of my left shoulder. You'da think I would'a learned my lesson, but this happened more than once. Y (slow learner) S
  4. Brother Lett is very expressive. I believe he was CO at our congregation, before I moved here. Hope I have happy ears
  5. In my defense, I don't know how to post memes. Also, not knowing the steps doesn't stop me from dancing; not knowing the words doesn't stop me from singing. You know, one of THOSE people.
  6. There was a group of visitors at our meeting yesterday. One was from Guam, who spoke Tagalog and one from the Philippines, who also spoke Tagalog. So I got to use a couple of phrases that I Just learned for my med. team. The Watchtower conductor tried to get all their names. Exciting meeting, with input from brothers and sisters around the world.
  7. I was thinking about the story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." but decided not to post anything about it. So, instead, I'll mention a memory of my older brother with his frogman toy that came in a Kellogg's cereal box (I think it was cornflakes). The small plastic figure had a little chamber to add baking soda. It then maneuvered up and down, some, in a sink full of water. Memory = Four children elbowing each other for a spot at the bathroom sink to observe this, and being reminded by said older brother that this was his toy, and he was the benefactor of our viewing pleasure. Of course, that entitled him to a greater degree of elbow room. Would this be amusing to children today?
  8. Yeppers, we are drops in a bucket when compared to Jehovah. We can be sure that we will forever be excited by new understanding . I used the illustration this week of when people in Jeremiah's day (Lamentations) were like offscouring in Jehovah's viewpoint. IN other scriptures we may look like offscouring to the world. But when we are using Brillo to clean a pan or pot, we need to ask ourselves if our behaviors or decisions are like those pieces of debris in Jehovah's eyes. Everything in this month's broadcast describe me: health, age, regrets over past decisions. I sometimes dream that i am smoking a cigarette, I awaken in a panic and feel I need to be dfd. IN fact, the last time I smoked, I was preg with my first son. 1981. I got baptized 1987. Jehovah is a perfect forgiver, us: not so much.
  9. One of my Bible Students has been an elementary school and pre-school teacher. Another is a secondary math teacher, like myself. A third Bible Student is a retired accountant. I carefully pray about and prepare illustrations that will match each person"s background and familiarity. Jehovah does not leave us without appealing examples, for whomever we meet.
  10. SeaStars (sometimes called star fish) regenerate limbs (etc.)They have brought many a biology student to reconsider the theory of evolution. Seastars are echinoderms not credited with a central brain. Yet, they can feed on species considered to be of a higher order. They can use their suction cup arms to open higher level ( defined) bivalves. They then proceed with eversion of stomach, pushing their stomach into the the open shell and devouring its contents. The sea star then redeposits its stomach into its own body. This seems to contradict evolutionary theories and has given many students pause. Not every illustration will speak to every teachable person. Thankfully, Jehovah has provided us with a glorious creation which praises him. Happy differences.
  11. My fave (so far) member of this order is the red eyed tree toad, aka red eyed tree frog. Jehovah has made such imagination provoking creators. What an astounding Creator!
  12. I try this at home every day. I get into the shower. If it gets too hot, I dial it down or jump out. I do not stay in gradually increasingly high temps until I croak. Wibbit Kermit: It's not easy being green Me: It's not easy being pauline p.s. "I love frog and toad, put another dime in the juke box, Bay Bee.
  13. Having been a Biology and Life Science teacher, I find this illustration less convincing than others, unless it is prefaced as a metaphor. Countless experiments, as cited by Wikipedia, can be researched. I did not use the hoax site for this example. Of course, if the speaker includes that it is a parable, it is less distracting to me. I also enjoyed Brother Malenfant's presentation. Sorry, I didn't catch his saying that the illustration was a parable. I am certainly NOT criticizing any Brother's method of teaching. A young Brother at our congregation recently used this boiling frog illustration. He certainly presented it as fact.
  14. Went to a pizza party/ picnic with my service group at the Watchtower Farm, Walkill. Good  company, good food, and an engaging  game of Bible Jeopardy.

    1. Gi-Gi


      How awesome to be able to go there for a picnic!  My husband and I will be taking a tour at Warwick August 25th for our 27th Wedding Anniversary!  We are driving from Texas!  

    2. Omo_Yeme


      That's wonderful Gigi! Taking the scenic route, yes? 

    3. Gi-Gi


      I hope so I'll take any ideas about the best way to go!