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  1. We're having torrential rain, here, and I'm feeling a bit sluggish, myself. I didn't know beer was recommended for slugs. Too rainy for me to go out. Maybe I'll remember some for next time.
  2. Just got scolded by an elder. I asked him is he heard any updates about Russia. He said things are going well and not to say anything different b/c I would be gossiping false rumor, and nothing else has been reported on the official website. According to brother elder, it looks like the trial is currently going favorably for 'us.'
  3. US Fed and State tax return deadline day. I no longer do professional taxes, but do free tax preps for friends and relatives.  Almost done except a couple of extensions that need revisiting. 










    1. bagwell1987


      I sent a huge thank-you to my bookkeeper:kissy:.....she makes me look good. I love paper people like you Pauline, there's too many non-paper people like me.

    2. kejedo


      :blushing: It's still kind of fun for me, but I remember everyone in the tax office drinking coffee and carrying Excedrin, Advil, or Tylenol. 


    3. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      You want to deal with paper......try working for a freedom of information and protection of privacy officer.  I'm collecting records this morning, I'm at 1400 pages and counting...... more to come!

  4. My oldest son in Maine, USA, listens to Public Radio. He said a commentator evaluates the situation in Russia by concluding that Jehovah's Witnesses are an 'easy target" b/c they are nonviolent and will not retaliate (not by vote, either.) The radio report said that this is the path of least resistance (for Russia) and could be a precedent for attacking other groups. Interesting to observe the reactions of smaller media outlets.
  5. We had our Circuit Assembly yesterday, so for us, the Special Talk is next Sunday. Can Hardly wait!
  6. Yes, I was under that impression, as well. That is why I was unsure at times if they were talking about Birobidzhan, or St. Petersburg (or something else.) Big difference in mileage.
  7. It seems to me yesterday's petitions from our brothers were (a counter-suit) to appeal a preemptive strike by Russia's Ministry of Justice (on headquarters in St. Petersburg?) All or almost all of our brothers petitions were denied. If that is correct, then New-reporters are correct in stating the initial ban has not been over-turned. Today's suit is (or appears to be) Russian Ministry's national attack to ban Jehovah's Witnesses completely.
  8. Trying to assimilate this info: It seems that yesterday was the counter-suit (our side) against a prior(?) decision regarding one city or district in Russia. Correction invited. I believe that today was the beginning of the actual case for the entire country to ban Our Brothers completely throughout Russia. Would like more understanding. Thanks in advance to anyone who has a better comprehension of events unfolding.
  9. I don't know anything about this judge or if Russia currently has court levels for appeals. I'm suspicions that the judge is trying to make it look like a fair trial, because of all the attention it has garnered.
  10. I still use Turtle Wax on my car, but am willing to give it up if it is offensive to turtles or in any way damaging to a Tortuga.
  11. Brother David, March 30th is a good day to get married, because not too many people share it. We could have easily found a venue, but opted for a civil ceremony and a few friends (not in the truth, yet.) Congrats to Justin and Kim, too. Fifteen years is quite respectable by today's standards. I think 37th anniv = 111 in New York Years. Cheryl's is even better, b/c peeps "in the world" don't know if you're joking or not. Most on this thread would agree that it helps you develop a sense of humor.