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  1. Six days til Spring where I am. Housebound due to extreme storm. Wind gusts up to 61, coastal warning (flooding) and loads of snow, sleet, rain, hail. Subway service and flights cancelled.  

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    2. Sheep


      Tell me about it. In the last two days we've got upwards of 25 centimeters (almost 10 inches) of snow in Montreal. And it's still coming down! Our group overseer called this morning to tell me our meeting is canceled tonight. Another congregation in town is supposed to have their CO tonight and they're canceled. This entire city is paralyzed! 

    3. kejedo


      We had about 2 feet, more where it drifted. Couldn't see outside yesterday b/c of the accompanying wind and rain.  Good thing I had an afternoon study in walking distance. Tomorrow's a new day and a new territory. Woo-Hoo!


    4. kejedo


      CO and wife will be out in service with us tomorrow am.