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  1. You're welcome. But wondering if the reports can be all that wrong about the tons of mail.. Each letter weighs about one ounce. Sixteen letters about one pound. 32,000 weighs one ton. 320,000 letters weigh ten tons. Then about 1 million letters would weigh about 30 tons. If one million JW's sent all six letters the total weight would be 180 tons. How many letters were actually sent? If only 1/2 of all dedicated JW's sent all six letters then that would weigh about 720 tons. That number is larger than the hoax.
  2. The Russian brother just informed me with regret that the letters and video were a fraud.....
  3. That doesn't look like what I sent or thought I was sending. I managed to copy it to Wordpad but I kept getting an error message saying I had no email program associated with it so I will have to figure that out. Changing my default didn't help. I'm really hitting walls at every turn.
  5. Yes, but I'm having computer problems in getting anything to open at all. I'll keep trying..
  6. In the brothers' post he sent a link for both an article and a video.
  7. The article too?, because that looked like it was dated 2017. That would seem like even the Russian friends are being fooled as well...
  8. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I have a granddaughter, reg. pioneer who has been studying the Russian language for some time now; she works once a week with a local Russian congregation . She also has good friends in Russia that they regularly visit and talk to on Skype so hopefully she will know when that video was made...
  9. Oh! I copied it by hand and may have made a mistake in one of the characters..I'm sorry about that. The brother is a genuine faithful brother and the mistake is mine. I didn't know how to upload the youtube video so I just wrote the link in. I think that I will have to stop trying to post things because if there is even one glitch I feel unable to find the problem. Maybe I'll just go back to being a lurker..
  10. I wrote to the russian brother that posted it and he sent me a youtube link on their news. It should be posted here already
  11. The brother sent this link to youtube..
  12. I've been working on trying to find an answer to your question ever since you asked. I was able to pull up the article a few times in Russian but I couldn't get google translate to work. After that I began getting the same error messages. Changed different browsers but nothing helped. I just sent an email to the Russian brother that posted the links and will send his reply as soon as I hear. (He does have a very interesting website under his name on Facebook. I'm not on facebook but was able to get it through his username. Maybe someone from there could get more information. The article does have a date at the beginning with the numbers 15 and 2017 but couldn't translate the month.
  13. Reportage on Russian television on Send letters to Russian officers on the issue of the persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses (read more The video tells of a disaster in Russia's post because over 500 tons of letters from all over the world, constantly arriving. And they can not manage. For five days prohibitive to send letters Russians. Gigantic work at post !!! (Please on confirmation from the Russian-speaking brother) to see this video go here