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  1. Yes its the same as the Island Qatar ... just çause we speak English it's natural to read it with the 'u' .
  2. No you aren't the only brother John, I keep reading Qapla as Quapla.
  3. Yes i wonder if the answers will differ according to age groups - many learn from experience and change the way they look at things Would be nice if more would. I will disagree with that, it may not make it disappear completelly, but just because you have a disorder doesn't mean spiritual scriptures like treating others as superior cannot be applied at least to some degree
  4. I don't know ... it does happen in NZ ... may have been the Philippines eq maybe? As whales swim we aren't that far away The blue earthquake lightning is evidence that prior to an earthquake the atmosphere is affected so I can't see why whales/water creatures aren't affected either, which bodes really well for us - not Brother Jerry I'm in NZ ... nth island west coast. Alexa - should we be worried about you my darling? Are you near the philippines eq?
  5. i got 1 too , and I too, wondered about some of the questions. But honestly I consider myself just like anyone else, and since this test isn't bringing in the spiritual aspect - if you take that away - I'm on equal footing with everyone else, even WITH the hope we have ... im still just like everyone else physically, mentally. So that's an ok question. I think with the compliment one, it's ackonwledged everyone likes compliments, but we don't seek them which is what the second option I think is saying. And if I'm standing in a group and get complimented I do go bright red. So I'm going to go with Sister Bea's comment - most in the truth would be in the first/seceond category depending at what stage one is with putting on the new personality and coupled with what type of person they were before the truth as well.
  6. Msy I please respectfully disagree with you about earthquakes being a natural phenomena? I think WE THINK they are natural because they have been happening so long, and it is possibly a process which Jehovah may have even used initially as part of the creation process. But I think he also put measures in place pre-flood to stop any eqs. Unless I've missed mentions of eqs prior to that in the scriptures. So I don't think they are natural at all ... however, depending on what he purposes for the earth in the future, and whether he restores those measures he had previously will determine whether minor eqs become a natural process of things ... I don't wish to preempt Jehovah on this matter.
  7. And that Sister Charlotte is the sad way of the system at the moment, is that things that are abnormal seem normal esp when they happen all the time. For me eqs don't bug me until the shaking starts to move glass in the windows that's usually my guage then I think about moving haha. In the big 7.4 or whatever it was, I just sat in bed and relayed what was happening online, but that was because the nature of that quake was a rolling one, i could sense it wasn't going to cause too much damage, the ones that jolt though are entirely another story. However, you put me into the streets of New York and I'd be petrified. So it is about what each one of us is used to ... it's all relative and in the new system i reckon the overwhelming quietness and peace is going to be so profound because many of us are just not used to it.
  8. You haven't caused alarm sweetheart, just without the depths you are only getting half the story. Just with the very definite increase of eqs we need to keep it balanced so we are concerned about the right ones in the right countries. I have had some mention to me (not witnesses) that they would never come to NZ because of the eqs ... whereas life is pretty normal here ... with the exception of a few unfortunately. I just want to make sure especially since this thread is publicly visible that any reporting is balanced, fair and factual. Yes I feel for the countries that don't have the wealth to live in adequate housing even prior to any quake let alone trying to fix it afterwards, that's just so not how things should be. Warm hugs my sis. x
  9. Yes, and even if there isn't any damage, that is the scary aspect of eqs - is how long are they going to go on for ... how big are they going to get - is this just the start of a larger one? And then afterwards ... every creak seems to indicate a another one starting. It messes with your mind. I'm certainly still listening to things months after our big one ...i stop what im doing just to make sure its not an eq. But those small ones I don't mind at all, you kind of know as soon as they start if they are just lil ones, or bigger, the noises often gives it away prior to them starting.
  10. Yes they would have felt that one for sure, that's big enough to do damage, not big enough to generate a tsunami though - which is great. In fact that being only 10 km's deep that would have been felt strongly ... and most times the EQ agencies downgrade - so that may have in fact been a 6.7 or so. So that one is most certainly one of concern.
  11. In countries that have good structures ... anything under a 6.0 won't cause any damage at all even a shallow one, UNLESS there is previous damage from a bigger quake ... just saying this because we need to keep things in perspective, while those quakes listed above are certainly noteworthy, none of them are at the point of causing alarm. Would be good to add in the depths as well, because the Fiji ones are often at a depth noone in Fiji would even notice. NZ is getting hundreds of quakes every day ... we are still swarming from the big 7.8 (7.5) we had ... so 4.0 - 5.0's are very common for us. You will find that not everything is being reported ... so your list is only the tip of the iceberg. Remember that scripture about what is normal is abnormal and what is abnormal becomes normal? Well this is the case with earthquakes they are so common now ... that most of us in earthquake prone areas, just yawn at anything 6.0 and under ... it's quite weird when you think about it. So look out for 6.0's and over ... especially in undeveloped lands like Haiti - Solomon Islands, philippines, indonesia all around there. Don't worry about New Zealand so much at the moment ... life is normal here, I sometimes think that the rest of the world think we are enduring some type of ongoing disaster when it comes to earthquakes, we have damage in contained areas ... Wellington, Kaikoura, Christchurch and some surrounding areas ... but they are putting things together slowly, and the rest of the country is going on as normal. If there is a quake of significant magnitude and depth, that needs attention I'll certainly find a way of letting you guys know. But do watch these more fragile countries that can't take the magnitudes ... i think Italy's one that caused the avalanche wasn't huge either, but due to past damage there it won't take much for them. So they need prayers and love. Just thought I'd update you ... sometimes the stats are scarier than they actually are in rl.
  12. And you get something new out of them every time you view them
  13. Things you shouldn't say: "Sorry in advance" This could indicate lack of repentance and evil intent. See my post in the thread about go-bags. *hides under a rock (a soft one).
  14. Hmmm maybe that's the REAL test - those who overthink things afterwards are the truly intelligent ones, the ones who go leaping into the sunset thinking they are intelligent don't quite cut the mustard. Seriously: Anyone who can see through Satan's system and stand firmly on Jehovah's side, is in my books the MOST intelligent.