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  1. I never saw it last night ... I saw it this morning so sometime in between that.
  2. My daughter lives in Birmingham ... maybe this will wake her up as to the times we are living in. Maybe ...
  3. We crying too Victoria ... we are your family - don't forget that.
  4. Today, we saw how quickly Jehovah's chariot can move ... and how things may seem stable one moment and the next - it's all on.  I am overwhelmed with Jehovah's power and feel very humble.

    1. hatcheckgirl
    2. Stormswift


      And I've never felt closer to Jehovah and his people than I do today.

  5. It was very beautiful I know Victoria is very touched by their efforts and ours ... and we can be sure her appreciation is reflecting all in Russia.
  6. Go up to sunshine's post, but remember they want us to convey our thoughts and feelings too, but it's certainly a good letter to put your thoughts into order.
  7. And also, those who are blind writing to him, will he be able to read braille? No probably not ... but everything we do is sweet smelling incense to Jehovah, and the variation of locations, circumstances including those of limited abilities is what will make a profound impression.
  8. If they discard our letters I'm sure it won't be over a punctuation error, I've already seen on instagram children writing letters, even one little one drawing a globe with people all around it holding hands. It's not about whether we get things perfect, because if all 8,000,000 of us are encouraged to write, we have the deaf communities, we have those who have reading/writing disabilities writing to Mr. Putin, it's a bout the mass message he will get I am thinking. If we stick to the instructions to the best of our ability, then Jehovah will take care of the rest.
  9. Don't know ... only quoting the instructions from the FDS ... Jehovah has it all in hand. My thoughts exactly - so this is a trumpet call? Sure feels like it. Oooh Hope Victoria sees this thread.
  10. Dear Sister, We've been asked not to translate it unless we know Russian fluently to just write in our own language. Hugs. x
  11. Yes my dear, that's a perfect format for a letter, but remember we are being asked to only use one page .. so if the address takes up too much room, shorten it if you can.
  12. Ahhh more than 8,000,000 I reckon, even the children are writing letters, and you aren't limited to one per official either. Can you imagine the Post Offices in Russia ... we are looking at a HUGEvolume. $2.70 per letter for New Zealand residents.
  13. Yes, it could well be, that this is not our last letter campaign ... hang on everyone ... we will see each other in paradise soon. Interesting they broadcast that knowing the site is banned in Russia, obviously they are sure the message will get to our brothers and sisters.