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  1. Oh it's a flavoured salt, you can get celery salt, onion salt. garlic salt, chili salt and chicken salt ... not sure if you have tried chicken chips / crisps, but it gives your hot chips a similar flavour to that.
  2. We have a new restaurant open ... they have amazinggg hamburgers and the chip menu as below shows that you can even order a Vladimir Poutine ... this really made me chuckle.
  3. I think that would have been true ten years ago, the whole bid on the recent flag change, by certain factions, was to get away from a look that affiliated us with England .. and about that time if you watch places like Trademe Messageboard -there is a very strong movement against being part of the commonwealth. Of course it is not in the interests of the Government at this moment to be seen as separating themselves from the Queen, hence the failure of flag chnage even though it was not in line with the referendum that was held. I mean though as Jehovah's Witnesses I don't care one way or the other ... but yeah watch TM Messageboard it gets scary on there sometimes, actually its scary on there right now with all the attacks in Europe and UK there are individuals who are very vocal about killing those they think are respeonsible even if they aren't. It's a good guage as to how NZ society is swaying.
  4. It's just this ugly ugly system we live in, my situation is by NO means unique ... and it makes me angry that young girls are told abortion ends all your problems etc etc ... but to have a baby go full term and then have to say goodbye would be devastating ... the baby should be treated with dignity even in death, even if its to help the grieving parents. I just think the worlds reasoning abilities or lack of beggars belief.
  5. My darling it should make you sick to your stomach, it does to any normal person ... especially we who have Jehovah's viewpoint. And to me this is not insensitive because I'm at peace with it ... and if there is someone reading this that has experienced a miscarriage more recently than myself - please feel free to send me a private message - I will help all I can ... not talking about it doens't make it go away. I was drawing portraits in a cafe that belonged to a brother and sister just after I had my first miscarriage ... and a young couple came in and said they had lost their child (didn't mention she was a stillborn) and brought in a photo for me to draw. That was the hardest thing ever.
  6. It's a very blase attitude and I think abortions have a role to play in this. I remember when I lost my first ... because i was 'only' about 15 - 16 weeks she was not considered old enough for a legal burial/cremation so she went out with the hospital rubbish ... I remember waking up and being quite upset (as one is ) and the male nurse told me - my goodness he said you just had a little operation, nothing to get upset about ... a femala nurse overheard and she spun around and said very curtly - She has just lost a baby she has every right to be upset. I'm telling you guys this, because miscarriages and the like are more common than you know, but from the staffing point of view it's a simple procedure with no emotional ties ... I named her Annabel Lee ... and try not to think where they took her, but Jehovah has it all sorted he really does. My mum had five!! And I know women that have had many more. I don't think people in the professional world know how much each one of those lives mean to at least two people - the parents. Abortion has a lot to answer for. It really does. The point I want to make here, is from the parents viewpoint, a miscarriage and a stillborn is essentially the same thing - a life is lost ... but a stillborn is born and can be placed in your arms, a miscarriage it's like a person who tried to be but couldn't be if you get what I mean. But they are both losses, in the heart of a mother and afather they are both a life lost.
  7. My apologies - thought SW meant Single White ... NOW it makes sense.
  8. Part of my job is dignifying all who have died, that includes stillborns, so I too couldn't read it. Doing a bright butterfly headstone for a wee girl right now ... this world is just too sad.
  9. The quaint little cottage next to me that is under historic trust has just resold to new people ... please let them be potential studies or better yet ... Bros and Sisters. Haha ... I'll settle for nice quiet people too!!

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      Sold to a family I've just heard, looks like preteens, (There's a sleepout out back).

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      preteens ????

      So Count Olaf brought Baudelaires already? :eek:

      This is getting serious :lol2: LOL LOL ...I told you!

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      Lol its ok ill sic my three legged bengal on them if they get too rowdy.

  10. yes like when it happens to a new congregation that has just been split - it takes a whileto pick itself up and start to snowball again.
  11. August for us here. Out of interest when is the LAST convention in this round?
  12. Whakawerawera ... A tourist thermal area on the fringes of Rotorua New Zealand. Back when Brother Knorr came to NZ, a sister, Bim Tuhakarina was working as a guide there she showed him around the area.
  13. And Sudan just above it is where they found Jehovah's name in hierglyphs on the Temple of Amun.
  14. Qatar - A Sovereign Country in the vicinity of Saudi Arabia/United Arab Emirates.
  15. Well my teddy bear (full of wheat) is lying on my tummy keeping me warm so if anyone is spying on me through him,they won't see anything but darkness.