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  1. Any judgement in his favour will be a moot point ... he will not be welcomed in the congregation, we are demonized for seemingly harbouring abusers and then we are demonized for getting rid of unrepentant abusers ... they know not what their right hand is doing. The thing is all he will be able to do is come into the kingdom hall and listen to the meetings which he can do anyway.
  2. That's my opinion too Leslie
  3. If that is the case Shali then it relates to this thread very well, as this thread is about how unreasonable Russia is and the sad consequences.
  4. I think that once he took the truth vern, being idolized was the last thing on his mind ... he seemed like he preferred the background once he was a witness. Unfortunately though you can't control who the world choose to idolize or to continue to idolize if he hadn't died so early perhaps he would not be on the world stage as he is.
  5. I think my darling, this sattire was used to highlight the stupidity of the situation, and based on the 'evidence' used to makes US extremists groups like vegans, are SERIOUSLY in line, if the Russians decide they don't like vegans, then they are for the firing line too, it's that stupid, it could really happen. More likely though to be someone who is anti war like we are - the protestors for instance.
  6. Not counting others who have fallen asleep in death, both JW's and not. How exciting. Hope Whitney houston takes the truth.
  7. I think too, especially since the letter writing campaign, there has been clear demarcation line drawn in the sand of this system ... very similar to Korah Dathan and Abaram (SP?) ... we have to be clearly on Jehovah's side ... not taking sides with anyone whose conduct is in conflict with Jehovah's laws - especially one who claims to know them.
  8. Fine line between judging and watering down the truth by excusing an immoral lifestyle by exonerating public figures who claim to put their faith in Jehovah but their actions show otherwise. While taking the stand of not excusing her immoral lifestyle (like we would for anyone even our own children) we do so with the hope she will put it right and return to Jehovah or be baptized.
  9. While I too, concede he was talented, just wasn't a fan of his music at all ... I'm looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish in the New System as himself rather than the entity he was in this system.
  10. We all have to get through this to get to the other side ... be vigilant, be prayerful, continue without letup doing good, and showing the world we are not what we have been labelled. Never before have i felt so close to my brothers and sisters in Russia, and indeed all around the world ... we have all stood up forJehovah through the letter writing campaign we all gave out invitations to the memorial and special talk, before as this courtcase began, we saw the date of the special talk only one week after the Memorial, instead of the usual two weeks - little did we know that this would enable our brothers and sisters to have both the memorial and the special talk unhindered. The outcome is what is was going to be ... any further outcomes are also what they should be ... we have to stand united, and firm against all machinations of the Devil, as one family.
  11. Can I bring out something please when things move on ... and religion is done away with completely, the travelling merchants will stand at a distance and cry too bad, because there is noone to buy their goods. They will not think about the consequences it will have on them, neither are they thinking of the consequences right now... let them party and be jubilant over an issue that is far bigger than they see or wish to see.
  12. it was the kind thing to do, considering how twisted media gets things. Hope she can get things sorted in the limited time left.
  13. A little perk up ... I went to the group this morning and during prayer burst into tears ... (not the perk up bit obviously) ... then took the carts to our normal place ... the other sister hadn't arrived yet and Tom went to get some parking money. As I was unpacking the carts ... a young man walked by and took a magazine and a young people ask book. He wanted to know where our kingdom hall was. I asked him his name - It was Israel.
  14. She is very staunch on what the law says ... and old values. The interesting thing is I've often thought that at the end they would look at religion as a way to get them out of a financial hole ... esp institutions like the Vatican ... so maybe the Russian Orthodox is using this opportunity to gain finanically to make their position more secure? Maybe?
  15. They should have hired Judge Judy she would have told the MOJ in no uncertain terms.