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  1. This system is a mess ... I feel like we have to navigate the crazies in straight jackets ... (I'm talking instituions not individuals here). It's like confusion ... its not going to take much to fall on its face.
  2. And it'snormal to get the aftershocks after these quakes, but what dutchsinse does is tells you the direction they will go ... and what magnitudes and at what point the pressure dissipates. New Madrid fracture zone was the old route of the pressure release, now with the fracking (and I believe fracking doesn't cause earthquakes but rather changes the behaviour of earthquakes) there is now a New Madrid zone, which is why Oklahoma is getting more frequent and higher magnitude quakes. It is a fascinating science but you need time to prove it to yourself, bit like the truth, but its time if dont have ... so my interest really just skims the surface.
  3. Mr. Turtle, here is a present for you. Enjoy!!!


    1. Gregexplore


      He will like it!

    2. Stormswift


      Yeah I thought later, its not a nice gift - for his wife ... ooops. 

  4. Yes yes we can't be exclusive can we? But we have to keep in mind the counsel for social gatherings so those we can't invite this time will make it on the list for next time. Besides Lucy can't take too many for dessert ... unless we have two places for dessert. Muwhaha. (We could start in Chch NZ at dallas' place for breakfast).
  5. We could all do those progresssive dinners, start in NZ for starters and a lazy afternoon, pop over to Gregs for the main and finish at your place with dessert. Hmmmmm?
  6. We going to put up an inflatable pool ... and paint the roof and doors. Then you aussies can pop over for a bbq AFTER the 25th
  7. Nice we are in the process of putting a lot of stuff in a skip - almost a lifetime of stuff ... so we can move on.
  8. I've been struggling with countries of the world - just plain understanding where they are. Try this quiz - it's very cool. I've only done it 20 times over the last week and best score is 125 countries. The African and European countries get me. But I WILL prevail! LOL. You guys have easy ways of remembering them?
  9. Yet in NZ it's been cold windy and rainy with a lovely day or two thrown in for good measure. right now its breezy and cold. You must have all our heat up there Sister Jodie - heatwaves this early on in the 'summer' downunder not a good sign.
  10. Maybe it's making things difficult for our brothers and sisters ... they will have a good reason ... let's just wait and see. Hiya Adelin!
  11. Well we DO know one thing that the FDS is happy for us to know that .... IT's just around the corner! The question is how far is that corner away? Haha. And the thing is ... when something is just around the corner ... turning that corner may take some maneovering and then we will be face to face with it. And we can say with certainty that it WILL happen on a Wednesday - give or take three days.
  12. There you go you will be able to see just how many 5.0's and greater you guys are getting.
  13. Some are reporting a 6.0 and theres been three of them ... at mount Mammoth. Reported to be biggest quakes in years for the region. You guys should be ok if it just stays at this level. But enough to worry people.
  14. No .... but there's been three 5.5's and greater ... CNN not reporting yet, but the escmc sites have them all recorded. And people are in at dutchsinse on yt reporting them as they happen.
  15. You guys have just had a couple of large earthquakes, you ok?