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  1. I thought it was interesting this week at our midweek meeting we had a video on 2 individuals that gave up promising careers in football and music. The time and effort in pursuing success plus the non spiritual association make it difficult for an individual to be whole served in serving Jehovah.
  2. Sometimes we can have a love for Jehovah but we fail to hate what Jehovah hates. Who we associate with can lower our resistance to wrong conduct. All we can hope for is that individual famous or not will realize that it is always to our benefit to do what Jehovah would want us to do.
  3. Whatever the judgement of the court a very fine witness has been given. Jehovah has won this one whatever the earthly courts decide !
  4. The ministry of justice .........sounds like they represent the ministry of injustice...What an abuse of power
  5. Aren't we glad Jehovah represents true Justice ! Satan's world is distorted and reflects his twisted thinking.
  6. I thought the NY Times article made an interesting point. Russia fears JW's because they have no control over them. How true ! Jehovah's people yield to the control of Jehovah alone. Even if a ban is enacted that won't change and the government of Russia will then put itself on record as being persecutors of Jehovah's people like Stalin, Hitler and others in the past. Lovers of truth and righteousness will be drawn to Jehovah and his people. Russia will put itself on the losing side !
  7. Some of asked if this can be counted as field service time. Witnessing by letter. Any direction on this ?
  8. I hate to say it but sometimes brothers believe they can make a "too good to be true" return on investment because a fellow brother recommends something. Similar things have happened here in the US also. I've spoken to some who believe investing in the Iraqi Dinar currency(a worldly sponsored scheme) will result in some enormous return in the future when the currency is revalued. Probably the truth is the only one who will make money is the people who sell the currency. We need to be cautious and modest on any financial investments.
  9. Russia opposes Jehovah and his witnesses. Whatever happens in the short term Russia is bound to lose this one !
  10. From our bible reading this week it's good to know that the nations are just like dust from Jehovah's point of view and when he's ready he'll do a clean sweep !
  11. I'm going to have to eat dry crackers until we get some real food !
  12. Wonderful story...Does anybody know where Sister Miller lives ?
  13. The opposers are really fighting against Jehovah. So even if they think they have won they have lost !
  14. I send a PDF file to my Desktop PC. Then I have the "Send to Kindle" program installed. So I right click on the PDF file and select "Send to Kindle". It converts file to Kindle format. Quite a simple process once you install the program