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  • How I found the Truth
    My mom was disfellowshipped, and when I was 14, she decided to come back and was determined that I come with her. I was bored with it, at first, and thought the ideas were too pollyannish. But, when I started seeing more of the organization, such as being at assemblies, that's when I really woke up to how everyone in Jehovah's organization is so sincere and no one has anything to gain, so I started taking my studying more seriously.

My Hobbies & Interests

  • My Interests
    Aprender español
    Baking new things like different kinds of cookies and puff pastries
    Currently learning:
    Web Development with HTML/CSS/Javascript and starting to learn React and Node JS.
  • My favorite books
    Well, we all answer the Bible of course :)
    JW Publications:
    Draw Close to Jehovah
    Bearing Public Witness
    God's Word for Us Through Jeremiah
    Imitate Their Faith

    Favorite secular books/novels:
    Bleak House
    Great Expectations
    The Great Gatsby
    Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Eyre
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland....
    Obvious theme: I love the classics :)
  • My favorite music
    I bounce around a lot
    My favorite JW Original Song is "Inspired by Your Wonders", I also like "Faith can make it happen", "I keep your reminders", and "We Won't Forget You,"

    My favorite bands include:
    The Big Pink, A Perfect Circle, The Psychadelic Furs, The National, Souxie and the Banshees, The Cure, Rush, Marble Sounds, Mounties, Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, and just soooo many more...I typically like Indie bands. Just started getting into Mexican Indie bands. They're pretty good.
  • My favorite movies
    Okay, again, I'm gonna do both JW movies and secular:
    JW Movies:
    Walk by Faith, Oh Jehovah I trust in You, The Prodigal Returns, and Remember The Wife of Lot

    Secular Films:
    I love the How to Train Your Dragon series. Yeah, I know it's kind of a kid's movie, but it deals with a lot of adult stuff too--same for the Despicable Me series. It's a coming of age story, really. I also liked Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Also, Little Women (the 1995 version), Big Eyes, Bright Star, Meet the Robinsons, The new Star Trek series, and Death Comes to Pemberley
  • My favorite quotes
    "Thinking is hard. That's why people judge"--Carl Jung

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  1. Katty

    Looking for ideas

    I used to make gift bags for the pioneers when I was one myself. Nothing too fancy just, like, stuff pioneers would use a lot down here in ministry like sticky notes, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, pens, etc. They were typically well received.
  2. I don't currently live in England, but I might be up there for at least a few months next year, and for a bit longer the year after if everything works out well. Idk if that qualifies. I can PM you if it does. Because where I plan on going doesn't look like it's too far from North Yorkshire.
  3. There is so much politics injected into the news as it is; it will likely get worse after tomorrow (midterm elections in the US). I think I might take a break from news for a bit.
  4. In this hypothetical scenario, if you're seeking a good post economic decline mode of currency, there are many far better options that would be more inline with bible principles and would not stumble others. For instance, investing in a water distiller, as people will always want clean water, seeds for food, and also gold, platinum and silver tend to keep a steady value with or without paper money.
  5. I'm sure they worked really hard to dig up anything they can implicate the Witnesses on, and it's beyond sad. I'm sure the friendss in Russia are working really hard to exemplary in everything so that, by their good conduct, nothing can be said about them. If someone has to dig up a case involving the son of a Witness, who, by all appearance, is not, himself, a baptised Witness, then the friends must be doing an exemplary job. But if the government is going to play unfair like this, then it's only up to Jehovah to help out in the situation.
  6. Katty

    Car talk...

    I haven't heard from them yet, so it's possible that the other potential buyer ended up not backing out. Oh well. I'm gonna start seriously looking in November. I agree. Maxima is a pretty good model. I've been looking at a lot of discontinued models, too, that I always thought were cool, like the Buick Rendezvous, the Saturn Vue, and the PT Cruiser.
  7. Katty

    My off topic thread

    We have a sister who lives close to the kingdom hall who gathers a group together to sing at the old folks' home; she just started to get a regular group together to sing at her house as she has a piano and one of our friends has a guitar. It's so nice. It's a nice big house and she has a baby grand. Since a lot of the songs are theocratic and we talk about the scriptural meaning behind them, once a month we get to count time while singing. It's so much fun!
  8. All I could think of is some vague idea of how the IT people or people in the tech departments would be underappreciated somehow I love Dilbert, btw. I always enjoyed it on the Sunday funnies, and someone rather dear to me has prompted new appreciation for the comic in me.
  9. Saturday, I'll be going to the funeral of the grandson of a sister in our old congregation, who was shot and killed. She raised him like a son, and he was only 20. It's just so senseless.

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    2. Sheep


      Oh, I'm so sorry my sister. That always hits us so hard, and never comes at a time when we're ready to take it. I know. I have to go to two funerals over the next week! One is a local elder in a nearby congregation whom I have known for some 30 years. I took part in a demonstration during one of his talks at a Circuit Assembly several years ago. The other was an elder in my home town of Toronto, and was in my first congregation. I have known him for almost 40 years, and had still kept in touch with him via email after all that time. He never studied with me, but was always an encouragement to me in the years leading up to my baptism. I will miss both of these brothers.


      Please give that grandmother a hug for us. Tell her what is the best gift that she can give to her grandson when he comes back in the resurrection: Be There!


      Funerals are never pleasant, but they do give us pause for reflection on how fragile and uncertain life is. Jehovah's blessing on you and her.

    3. kejedo


      Heartbreaking. Say strong, Sis.


    4. Katty


      Thank you all. Funerals are never fun to attend; it's always worse when it's a young person.

  10. Katty

    Car talk...

    naw. sometimes I just wonder..... i'm grateful for what I have
  11. Katty

    Car talk...

    I used to work at autozone, and when I did, I worked really hard in learning as much as I could about car parts and troubleshooing; it served me well. I'm looking at different cars by now, but, because I'm poor, it won't be for something close to new, so I have to be resourceful and looking at less popular models, looking at mileage vs year, and asking for a report on the car's history. I might be able to purchase a Maxima from a friend if the other buyer ends up backing out, which is nice, because it was a pretty nice car. Otherwise, I'm going to search carefully, because when your budget is low, lemons about. Something rich people will never have to deal with.
  12. Katty

    Car talk...

    Wow this gives me hope, that in 4 years I might be able to experience what a lot of others have experienced lol.
  13. Elizabeth Warren is 1/32nd Native American!!!!!!!! I wouldn't be surprised to see her attending powwows saying "my people!" As if, at least 80% of the US population isn't at least 1/32nd Native American lol. Either way, it never accomplished anything.
  14. It's funny how the other day I was thinking "hmmm maybe some Star Trek" and the episode I went on so happened to be "Spock's Brain", so a couple days later a friend of mine invited me over to come swim and we were chatting about Star Trek...as one does... and she was talking about how, she too, saw "Spock's Brain" the other day and how the exaggerated acting style of Shatner proved true in this episode; she said other people would ask: they really acted like that in Star Trek, XD XD XD? Still a great ep tho
  15. Katty

    Learn ASL

    www.lifeprint.com and the video tutorials of Bill Vicars on Youtube have been immensely helpful to a few members of the ASL congregation at our hall.

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