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  1. I absolutely agree. FSB listen to our sellphones and have full list of our names.
  2. Yeah, speak Russian, friends! It's easy.
  3. Special report in English PDF https://www.jw-russia.org/sites/default/files/global_additional/17-06-19_special_report_en.pdf
  4. Post a picture... Any picture

    My KH is not left uncared as I thought it was. But Jehovah cares for it. Look how beautiful it is.... was.. My home
  5. Post a picture... Any picture

    It's you! You know this?
  6. Post a picture... Any picture

    It's wonderfull anyway... especially if you know about lighthouse...
  7. Post a picture... Any picture

    Cut them down! !!
  8. It won't happen. They are very well controlled. That is why we have our own source of news.

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