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  1. Post a picture... Any picture

    Are you sure you are not living in paradise?
  2. I'm also in. May I suggest a song #141 "Searching the world'?
  3. https://www.underminers.info/publications/2017/12/5/toxic-money-from-kremlin-where-is-the-red-line
  4. "Humor adds to happiness.:yes:

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    2. Good-O


      And, be a Rizpah!  Loved the new program.  Thank you brothers. 

    3. campanula


      Oh, yes! And also this one: "Learn how to SHOW love" 

    4. campanula


      Hi, Margaret! I'm fine, thanks. The field here is very interesting - students from India and different parts of Africa. Mostly muslims, so it's not an English congregation, but rather a multilingual. :D

  5. New adult beverage

    Why to spoil such a decent liquid as gin?
  6. Wall of Grief: Putin opens first Soviet victims memorial http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41809659 "prevent it being repeated......" Isn't it a clear hypocrisy???????
  7. Bay Area on Fire

    Glad to hear this. But it seems like soon our lives (I mean everyone of us) will be simplified right to the Go bags level just reasons will be different.
  8. Bay Area on Fire

    Are you ready to flee?
  9. “calm before the storm,”

    CNN obviously doesn't like Mr. Trump
  10. Post a picture... Any picture

    I post it here just as a reminder of how Jehowah transported me
  11. I moved from Crimea back to Ukraine! Left everything behind...

    And more than that I'm now in English congregation!


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    2. campanula


      I heard that too. That could be my next step I gues. Will see...
      Step by step.... step by step... :)

    3. Adelin



      Happy for you!

    4. campanula


      This is the way Jehovah transported me :)


  12. I absolutely agree. FSB listen to our sellphones and have full list of our names.
  13. Yeah, speak Russian, friends! It's easy.
  14. Special report in English PDF https://www.jw-russia.org/sites/default/files/global_additional/17-06-19_special_report_en.pdf

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