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    Fourth Generation Witness. My great-grandmother started studying in 1898 and was baptized in 1902. Total of 6 generations of loyal worshipers of Jehovah in the family.

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    Gardening, Video production.
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    Bible, Truth in Translation, Strong's Concordance, The Interlinear Bible-Hebrew & Greek, all Publications by WBTS.
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    "WE cannot incite if you're not in sight." Heb. 10:24,25

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  1. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    Maybe you are politically motivated in your response but I'm not. I can care less about the politics involved. Politics has nothing to do with my comments. I suggest we drop it.
  2. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    The abandoned building one I personally wouldn't count unless the property is still owned by the school system. I could care less about the source of the info if it is accurate any more that those who dispute it. The definition of school shooting is really all that is at issue. To me if a firearm is discharged on school property it is a school shooting. It doesn't matter if it is a student, parent, stranger or policeman. The individual that committed suicide in the wee hours of the morning in the school parking lot meant no harm to children but it was still a school shooting because it was on school property. Others would say that a school shooting is only when children are at school and in immediate danger.
  3. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    I saw it on fox news of which is pro-gun. I am not pushing the boundary of political neutrality in saying that all the incidents of the 18 accounts have something to do with schools.
  4. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    The article you are quoting is from pro-gun advocate. One thing that cannot be dismissed however is that all the incidents were at schools or school property. Many of them had nothing to do with when school was in session but almost all of them violated the laws about having firearms on school property.
  5. From 'Lost in Space': Robot: Warning! Warning! Alien approaching! Dr. Smith: You bubble-headed booby! You realize what you've done?
  6. Maybe the only ones left who are sighing and crying are in prison. Jehovah knows how to deliver his sheep from wolves.
  7. While I agree with you, Make allowance for holy spirit. I have seen brothers handed an outline for a talk they have never seen before after arriving at a Circuit Assembly. After saying a prayer and a couple hours reviewing the outline, giving a talk one would think they had given a dozen times before.
  8. 3 on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PREACHERS-PRESENT-ARMS-ROLE-OF-AMERICAN-CHURCHES-AND-CLERGY-IN-By-Ray-H-Abrams/183017159304?epid=4897704&hash=item2a9cac3a88:g:bwIAAOSwXOhaWxr0
  9. Does the woman make them to sell? Beautiful tie.
  10. Congregation Get Together

    Bratworst Sausages
  11. Hospital Donations

    My oldest daughter was born in a university hospital, I donate all my change from McDonalds purchase to them.
  12. It's not a movie I would see again. I can't say I particularly liked it but I didn't hate all of it. The story line is quite different that the previous Jumanji. This one is more in tune with video games than board games. It is a teeny bopper movie I would say. Not a whole lot of violence. I was surprised at how many little kids were there given the language and sexual/genital humor. _____________________Edit___________________ OK, there IS a great deal of CGI Creature Violence. It is not human on human violence.

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