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    Fourth Generation Witness. My great-grandmother started studying in 1898 and was baptized in 1902. Total of 6 generations of loyal worshipers of Jehovah in the family.

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    Gardening, Video production.
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    Bible, Truth in Translation, Strong's Concordance, The Interlinear Bible-Hebrew & Greek, all Publications by WBTS.
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    "WE cannot incite if you're not in sight." Heb. 10:24,25

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  1. Bay Area on Fire

    Example of wildfire only burning underbrush.
  2. Bay Area on Fire

    Not strange at all. The wild fires in Oregon we saw first hand just last month where hundreds of acres of timberland burned. Most of what i saw only burnt the underbrush and left the green part of the tree green. One can't really see the damage to the trees from the air.
  3. Cartoon....or is it?

    Our Saturday AM broadcast was not edited. Made for a good laugh. Definitely gotta get that one right.
  4. From that dictionary I noticed that with many words ending in "r" such as "water" and "watchtower" in British English the "r" is not pronounced. Sounds like Wat·ah and Watchtow·ah.
  5. Bay Area on Fire

    I was thinking about this and I know a lot of the friends have RV's. It's too bad that KH parking lots could not be used for temporary placement of these RV's. Many can accommodate 4-6 people. During our 3 day remodel project I parked our RV at the KH for 24 hour security. The holding tanks would need emptying but local honey bucket companies have portable holding tanks that can be rented and emptied weekly.
  6. LOL, I thought for sure you would say bro·chure with the ch like in church. So the "ure" is silent and replaced with an "a or ah." Interesting. Someday maybe they will get around to printing and videos in "English" in addition to yankee english.
  7. jwstuff.org also have the lapel pins for the 2017 Special Conventions.
  8. You best stay out of those gay bars turtle...
  9. Shooter in Las Vegas

    Also: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/02/us/las-vegas-shooting-victims/index.html
  10. I confess I picked up my cell phone once during the broadcast but not once during or after the music video. It is so tempting to keep up on nothing happening of importance on social media, emails and texting.
  11. Pope Francis' committee of advisers on protecting children from sexually abusive priests is expanding its workload to include the needs and rights of children fathered by Roman Catholic priests......... ........... Indeed, the issue is one the church has tried to keep under wraps for centuries, because of the perceived scandal of priests having sex... ............ "It's not always 'The Thorn Birds,'" Doyle said of the classic story of young woman's love for the family priest. "More often than not, there's rape and pedophilia involved." http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/wireStory/popes-sex-abuse-advisers-children-priests-50060234
  12. could it be the male in t-shirt and blue jeans to the left of the whisky bottle?

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