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  1. The link for Bro. David silver seems not to be working, does anyone know how to get wallpaper for the computer with this years txt.
  2. dkosinski

    Pope Francis

    thank you!
  3. Looking for the newspaper link that talked about the Pope and Dec. 25 not being the day of Jesus birth.
  4. Dear Mandi, 

    I really enjoyed your letter writing experience to our dear brothers and sisters in Russia, although you are having some difficulties, it did not stop you from sharing in this global campaign, a great encouragement!

    May Jehovah bless you my sister


    1. Stormswift


      Thank you Sweetheart, we are all facing our own personal trials at this time, some are more public than others, but we are all going through. I fear I'm a little too 'out there' sometimes, but this is my way of coping ... and I'm using my over exhuberant energy for sign language ... but my point is ... no matter what any of us are going through and some are more extreme than others, its not about us - it's about the big picture and Jehovah. 


      The brothers and Sisters on here are just so special, and what they have done is shown me enthusiasm that is somewhat lacking in NZ - my faith has been strengthened and if I can do that for someone else, then the least I can do. 

      Much love to you and all.


      Amanda (Mandi)

  5. Why was he allowed to bring in a can of pop, would be the ?
  6. Disgusting! Won't be long now - the whole thing is coming down
  7. dkosinski

    Religious atrocities called out!

    Remaining neutral means we do not have an opinion!
  8. dkosinski

    Songs 139-142

    How wonderful, thanks for sharing!
  9. Thank you very much it is so useful to see it being done! Dolores
  10. So the schedule that is provided in the 08/01/2009 WT is one I used along time ago, it would be nice if someone knew how to download that schedule . Started the Bible reading in Gen. Again using the read 3 chapters daily suggestion, that way you can complete the Bible in a year
  11. Interested in the video about the little girl who is singing about JW.org site anyone remember the link for it? {{ Moved to the 'pubicly shared JW stuff' forum and edited the subject for clarity. - Bob }}
  12. dkosinski

    Russian nesting dolls

    Research has resulted in another article in the April 22, 1995 awake!
  13. dkosinski

    Russian nesting dolls

    Thank you so much! Dolores

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