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  1. Probably a good reminder at this time to check the dates you are referencing a post from Feb 2015 — the pictures where removed and its possible that they were inadvertently shared.... either way...please be mindful of rehashing things from years ago @ JOHN - thanx for the info
  2. Anything in particular you liked im conducting a version of this week - installing the roof brackets and training let me know what you thought was most beneficial....
  3. Nice you just added a huge volume to my empty pockets good reminder....I appreciated it
  4. What KH was that got invited for carpet in Ft Meyers, Davie, Bellglade and Ft Lauderdale was working Low Voltage in Davie - 9th st?......same days as Carpet...the squares go down quick! now we slow down for Holiday season....lol.....but it true .... many friends are away so projects stall a bit
  5. our KH was a church....we removed the steeple....but had the pews for the first few months \got a nice renovation a few years back when it flooded during CO visit..... when i was a kid in NJ we had a room over a store and an automotive place - later purchased by an auto upholstery dealer and he left the " Watchtower-on the roof" for like 10-15 years got to work on one last year in South florida -- its been there since the 60's and still has a "Watchtower" on the top of the building kinda cool
  6. so we finally booked them the $1400-1600 had me scared tho managed to get some for under $1000 my wife was worried about the long layovers....'then i reminded her 14 hrs in Barcelona....means we go visit Barcelona for the day and 12 hrs in London on the return flight a sister @ Disaster Relief in Gulf Coast had just booked theirs for even less....but they have to drive to NY for the discounted flight seems like OHIO was also $1600 thanx for all your suggestions Much love
  7. A few more non-witness homes in the area - should give an idea of the destruction .... When I see all these ....I start thinking of the time of the end and the destruction Jehovah will bring to those “mighty governments” and I’m glad I’m on his team.....
  8. We’ve worked Blountstown to Youngstown and North into Alabama west into Tallahassee havent made to PC yet but many are sleeping down there C U Soon........maybe
  9. Alright I could use some help..... where do you go to find affordable flights? trying to get something under $1000.00 for the Athens assembly in July $1500-1700 —- that’s too much finding some lower - with mixed companies..... flights are crazy expensive any tricks or thoughts?
  10. Br Raines said he and 2 brothers were told to send the love and concern directly from GB member to the local friends..... the other 2 brothers were headed to Cali a northern DRC and a southern DRC but he only gave specifics about the damage and those that would need help and the fires ...sorry forgetful which one had detroyed 50 homes of our brothers and 1 who lost his life he did not share any details of location or such —sry It was very upbuilding and the 1 hour 40 minutes flew right by i think he said 90 congregations were getting this meeting today Are you near marianna?
  11. Had privilege of hearing Special Talk today in the disaster area. Marianna - Panama City - Mexico Beach - Chipley Br Raines from US branch and Bros Fien and Kibbler from DRCommitte and 2 local Circuit Overseers. walked away with the idea that th GB really loves our brothers.....is highly interested in their welfare....and have assigned many, many resources (people, finances and equipment) to care for their needs also that they really have their fingers in the efforts here in the panhandle and also in north and south California They mentioned initial humanitarian relief Initial stabilization for approx 800 possibly even over 1000 since locals helped extensively (completed most - have 271 left thru December 2018 and rebuild of approx 500 over the next many months afterward sorry not allowed to post pics of the work going on or the houses of friends but some seen driving around tons of trees down - still cutting trees down for a few weeks
  12. For future reference - you should get a response email from the branch confirming your submittal If you do not have within 3 days of submitting the app - ask the secretary --This happened with my wife and I - mail got lost - when we applied for international work.... but Jehovah opened other doors for us I also recommend submitting the application the day the announcement is made --- those that wait a while often do not receive notice ( my lesson learned the hard way) so If its announced Sunday - get an app - physical or email and submit it that day - then you can follow up midweek meeting on status I did have to share with our new secretary that it needs to be entered immediately since they tend to go in order of submission when reviewing for acceptance
  13. Both As team lead I got an email from the branch Some family and other congregations got a call from the secretary

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