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  1. Our Disaster Relief Support meeting is next month...2 hrs long with about 3 brothers delivering key parts we have also recently gotten calls to ask if we would help in Maint training in certain areas...if the local hall does not have that skill set now with another hurricane today .... I imagine the prep work willl see fruition.....like th AM ...a brother mentioned even more natural disasters and we can assist....
  2. Big LDC meeting at assembly halll this coming weekend (3 days) probably a few hundred folks seems like LDC (oversight) from islands and some states also included looking forward to some updates
  3. Got an email from the branch today.....got too excited it was them following up for an email address for someone who applied with our group from a different hall ...but still it was exciting that they are working on things!!!!!!
  4. And no glass to put it in... couldnt resist thanx guys .... maybe they were poking fun at me or just missed it i didn’t hear anything wrong either ...about the glass.....just Satan now if I can just get the wife interested.....hummmm $40-$100 range sounds more fun than dancing class
  5. Thanx I was a mature elder I respect and the other a new younger one I didn't pursue it at the time since we had another door..... just needed a sanity check..... re: glass blowing class seemed like a neat thing to do with the wife as a date
  6. now that the application period closed (sept 28) we are on pins and needles if i remember correctly they started with the first occurring and notified them and then went sequentially by date.... anybody remember how long it took for the first notices?
  7. quick question to see what others thought last month had an illustration in the broadcast about glass blowing when i was in service the following week i mentioned looking for an activity to do with my wife saw groupon for cooking class - pottery class - dancing class and a glass blowing class the 2 guys i was preaching with said i might not want to do that (glass blowing) and they mentioned it was in the recent broadcast Did i miss something???? wasn't the glass blowing discussion mainly as part of the illustration were we told something was inappropriate with that.....skill? thanx for your thoughts for those who saw it.....
  8. i found the later you wait -- you don't get chosen....first spots seemed to go to those who acted quickly bugged the SO to input it the first night we heard....lol Greece - Argentina - Brazil - Ecuador ---loved the Australian option --- but it so expensive from the US....for a family of 4....wow
  9. Same here ...email from LDC person with a link to a survey few questions multiple choice check a box fill in some info
  10. Anybody else get LDC surveys recently? My wife and I recently received a few surveys from VSG - volunteer support group was wondering if it a regional thing ... or if they are ramping up this are at Hurricane season or if others get these surveys to determine your skill set and level of experience/skill?
  11. Looking more for experiences that were encouraging... not the facts and figures that the other post has it more what country has an assemble..... anyone have any great experiences...tips....ideas.....
  12. In the US we received notice of Special and international conventions for 2019 largest group of conventions ever they mentioned Anybody here apply? where did you apply ....and what made you choose those assemblies? we had the announcement read a week after everyone ...since we had the regional convention My family was real excited....we are applying to go (Greece, Argentina,Brazil,Ecuador) would have loved to try Australia or South Africa but it is extremely expensive to get us there....... we did attend in Finland previously and the kids and wife still say it was our Best Spiritual Experience EVER Has anyone here attended or applied to a Special Convention
  13. Watched this with the kids for family worship.... really enjoyed the video i had been to Cadiz previously and wandered the Roman ruins never knew our JW history was also weaves into this Castle/fort tied it in with the conscientious objector video from Korea to drive the point home (timely since my son....alll young men is USA must register with Selective Service at 18 makes us think .......
  14. So our local hub in FL just finished the homes in this area (about 80 mile circle) 100+ Houses the other hubs should be finishing soon in north and central Fl our instructions about pictures where explained .. no work pictures and the need to respect homeowners and friends (permissions given for these) so some social pictures are ok ( would’t want to show poor work habits if they ever popped up) Pic 1&2 KH - started with 20 Volunteers a week ended with over 200 per week) Puerto Rico is still inviting - lots of work there and it was a great experience pic 3&4 of my group at memorial and after work in PR and since Tortola was mentioned - here is a finished picture there was much praise to Jehovah and it was even mentioned by several radio stations as one of the first building to get redone pic 5 Tortola KH ..Road Town njoy
  15. we have 2 ASL - RTO type sites in South Florida (main ASL RTO in Ft Lauderdale (hotel/Rooming and video studio) and a piece of the WPBCCC was converted last year for ASL Video Recording) as a side note we have had some of the LDC Overseers (group of 5) visit the Disaster areas in recent months there were on a special tour of the effected areas - after PR and the Islands - they visited Florida and we had a half-day spiritual program at the DRC ... they have since visited other hubs great reminders about our 'Relief Ministry' and safety reminders loved the scriptural reference where paul and barnabas were "taken off the road (missionary)" and sent to a relief ministry to aid the others some here have been working Disaster relief for 17-18 months straight ( Hurricane Matthew-effecting Bahamas & Florida and then Hurricanes Irma and Maria which again hit Florida and PuertoRico and BVI and Turks&Caicos and Dominique and Tortola etc) seems like as soon as we finished one Disaster there popped up another --on a happier note - some of the Northern and Mid Florida regions should be finishing up this month and the next month while PR still has several months to go pray for all - Hurricane season Begins again in June

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