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  1. Need illustration about: avoid extreme anxiety - because it can distract us. Thank you if you can help :)

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    2. Tortuga


      I remember reading something about some guy walking on water and getting distracted by a storm...

      Now where did I read that....:lol1:

    3. Stormswift


      Hah you could flip upside down and float on water!! ..oh that isn't anything special - as you were.

    4. Lance


      There is always about how perspective changes anxiety..

      A young lad was walking with his father across an old fashioned railway trestle bridge.... Halfway across a speeding steam engine..started to cross the bridge ... they could run to see if they could beat the train .. They could jump into the raging river below the bridge.. but it was many metres  below..

      ‘the father decided to climb down on the trestle bridge ... as the train was going over them as they hung on to the bridge the boy was terrified... he wanted to jump into the river below.

      The father hung on to his terrified son ...

      ‘the whole bridge shook and the noise and heat was terrifying ...

      ‘the raging  water down below seemed the only solution.....but the father hung on.

      Soon the train passed, they climbed back up on the bridge and continued their journey as they neared the end of the trail they turned around and seen the little steam engine in the distance making it’s way across the valley .. how beautiful and cute the little train seemed almost like a toy.Yet a short time before it was terrifying and life threatening.

      Many issues in life depend on perspective ... Can we hang on to our father when going through stressful times..He has the experience  when we fail to see the Needed perspective

      You can add to the illustration... and embellish 


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