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    I have perfect memory, but forgot where I put it.

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    Married to a wonderful wife !
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    Informally on the roof ! No kidding

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    Photography, Trekking coastal areas in Victoria, Camping,
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    Bible and in the near future New Scrolls !
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    Piano music
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    Don't have one ..boring is it ?

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  1. So...., who is going to press dislike reaction first? LOL :popcorn:

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    2. Vinnie


      if I dislike the dislike button and I get dislikes from others about this post about the dislike button, does that mean they dislike  the dislike button too?


      or better yet


      How many dislikes can a disliker dislike if a disliker dislikes dislikes

    3. Good-O


      I really like the new 'do-hickies' - thanks.  

    4. Myew


      :shifty: Be careful, you might regret giving me options to express my viewpoint!  (td)

      (Proverbs 15:15) All the days of the afflicted one are bad


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