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  1. For sure. This is going to be very interesting to say the least. Next weeks midweek is sure named properly with what is going on in the world. Even how trump has thrown the US support in backing the UK. Incredible. Even france has said it was criminal.
  2. Ok guys let set a few things straight here. If someone sics dogs on you or anyone else that is assault with a weapon. Call the police. If anyone threatens you with a gun or even shows you a gun that is a death threat call the police. We do not take abuse or threats lightly and they do need to be reported. As far as 3 sisters going to the door that is a matter of safety. I would never let a sister work alone door to door. Also yes it should be a constant practice in these last days. A sister working alone is at risk of attack or abuse. Therefore a lone sister should never work alone. Some areas of some cities it is not safe for 2 brothers to work door to door alone. 3 or more will attend at doors for safety reasons. This person in this case could be charged with a hate crime. That is very serious and would have the same result at antisemitism crimes again muslims hate crimes against any other race or religion. We should not shrink back from taking those steps.
  3. How ,many 100's of thousands are in bethal with no income or working as missionaries with no income. Or special pioneers? They all take a vow of poverty. They do not have jobs. How many regular pioneers are there around the world who live on minimal income to serve Jehovah with all they have? These surveys have no idea how many of our brothers and sisters have to live on welfare or government assistance in different countries. One thing they never survey about is how happy their petitioners are or how many they know in their church! How many of their fellows would give their life for there fellow believers? Or when was the last time they invited someone over even for coffee. Or what ever. These surveys are a joke.
  4. Your right Brandon it could backfire very easily. I still think that prices of products that use these metal will go up in the US. Not as much but it could effect companies bottom lines. Trump thinks it will make more jobs. Well he may have another thing coming. It could still raise the price of cars appliances and other items. Watch out for metal scrappers. Or people that collect scrap metal. THey will be all over it as the price increases.
  5. Trump agrees to meet with NK President

    Ya There is something fishy here. Why would NK all of a sudden have an about face on everything they said they were building? Do you have a link for that story?
  6. Any good Keto recipes?

    Xylitol is made from parts of the birch tree. I did not know that. Got this from Google.. Xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol found in most plant material, including many fruits and vegetables. It is extracted from birch wood to make medicine. Xylitol is widely used as a sugar substitute and in "sugar-free" chewing gums, mints, and other candies.
  7. Who loves Nutella?

    My lord its a wonder people dont fall over from sugar over load the palm oil is the worst thing a person could put into thier body.
  8. Who loves Nutella?

    Here ya go. Want to kill yourself eating that? https://globalnews.ca/news/874931/how-much-sugar-is-in-nutella-canadian-doctor-decodes-whats-in-the-hazelnut-spread/ There are literally no name frosted icings that have fewer calories and less sugar than Nutella does spoon for spoon,” Freedhoff said.
  9. Cinnamon Roll craving—-RESOLVED

    Thats not Keto friendly lol
  10. Any good Keto recipes?

    There seams to be a misconception that the sweeteners in the keto diet are artificial. They are not. Xylitol and Erythritol are made from sugar alcohol. It is made from the process of making sugar. There is nothing unnatural in it at all. Splenda is man made and very bad for the Keto Diet and had carbs in it. Please do some research on these. One of the erythritol has mink fruit in it. It is also natural. No not give these sweeteners to your pets. They can make them sick. Also anyone with IBS or diverticulitis may find these give you bathroom problems. One of our friends cant eat Xylitol or Erythritol. I flairs her IBS and I think she said her Fibro im not sure on that though. Please do some research on these before you try them. You may be fine with both. We found Xylitol was cheaper at the bulk food store. We buy 85% dark chocolate bars Lind is good but Presidents choice has a better one with no cocoa butter in it. Lower carbs.
  11. Yup Trump is out of his mind if he thinks this will benefit the US! 75% of all the steel and aluminum the US uses comes from Canada. If he does that he will damage all the manufacturers and car makers in the US. These tariffs will increase consumers costs at all levels. From toys to cars to machinery to build road equipment to structural steel for buildings and everything in between. It will be interesting to see what happens. This could spell the collapse of economies all over the world in time.
  12. Who loves Nutella?

    You know how much sugar is in that stuff? Makes me puke,. Yuck!
  13. Cinnamon Roll craving—-RESOLVED

    Cut up an apple and sprinkle cinnamon on it is that ever good.
  14. Any good Keto recipes?

    Here is a treat. Dark chocolate and put on it natural peanut butter the kind with no salt or sugar. Healthy peanut butter chocolate squares
  15. Dieting, going Low Carb

    its not the gluten that is the problem its the carbs that turn into sugar in our body. If it gluten free yet full of carbs please dont muddy the thread.

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