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  1. That doesnt ease the pain of someone being severly injured or worse in this system. The new system will fix everything but until then its still out respicibility to treat our life and others as a gift. This includes following the direction in this video and admonition we get about safety matters. Do treat it as a small thing is akin to treating our lives as meaning very little.
  2. Sad to hear. Share this video with everyone you care about.
  3. Guys just because its illigal doesnt stop kids from doing it. Show them this video to shock them into not doing it. Sometimes its the only way to get them to stop. Sometimes a shocking video like this is the only way to get them to stop.
  4. Put it in a holder and have the voice directions activated. It is that dangerous.
  5. If this doesnt break your heart or the one you show it to there is something wrong. Its easy to say it wont happen to me until it does.
  6. http://beta.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fire-extinguisher-recall-20171102-story.html Check your fire extiguishers Kidde has made a majour recall.
  7. Check this one out. Its about Paradise and the creation account. I doubt we should watch it. Should we watch it because it will have lies in it? http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/genesis-paradise-lost/ Its an independant film with though I could not find it dubious backers I think. So should we watch it and give money to an organization that may not be truthful about who they are? Hiding their identity?
  8. Yes I get that just thought it was interesting.
  9. Plus the violence he endured was sanctioned by Jehovah himself. He was a warrior so we should not be surprised when this movie shows violence in it. It was his life.
  10. Ya um i was being sarcastic. Guess that didnt come through. Sampsons live was violent. What do you think you are reading when you read about his life?
  11. This one should go far. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/samson/
  12. Would be interested in a deep sea or a reef fishing tour as well.
  13. We will be going there for a week and would like to see about hiring a brother and sister for a nice day tour take in some of the sites and do a rum tour with them. Take them out for a nice luch ect. If there is anyone I would appreciate the info if your able. We will be in the Punta Cana area of the island.

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