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  1. That is just silly the fissures opened up because of a geological event not volcanic. He showed that and explained why. No volcano will make the number of fissures that island is seeing. A lower level of vents sure fissures like that I seriously doubt it. The amount the slide has moved in the last 50 years is incredible and is poof that this slide is ready to move a lot. When it does it will kill and cause a majour tsunami. He may have over blown the height of that tsunami but it still warrants extreme caution when dealing with this volcano. To say it means nothing is just plain foolishness. That is one thing we are not in this organization. Foolishness belongs to the world not us.
  2. I don't think he is sensationalising anything he showed proof the slide had happened before. In the early 1900's. It due again I would say. He showed proof it could happen that is a warning that many civilisations have ignored when they had empirical evidence. We are not that foolish.
  3. Not yet. I love to go to the cineplex and see movies like this. Especially on a true Imax screen.
  4. He does reference USGS and HVO center with proof positive something else is driving the eruptions and it could trigger a mega tsunami with a wave over 1000 ft. Imagine what that would do to life on that side of the planet. There is science in the video that is published so no need to move this to spec area. Please watch the video. If you are any where near that side of the island get out of there now. When it does slump it could be too late.
  5. Sure now they will have a landlocked tsunami that will never stop lol
  6. That is pretty stinking sick what man can do to Man. Do not read that article if you do not like stories of torture and abuse or people.
  7. Greg Dent


    Yes this world standards are really screwy to say the least. In Canada you usually can say an R rated movie is relatively tame at least if there is no number with it. Like 14 R or 18R. Regular R is more or less adult theme with a few swear words in it. Sometimes you have to be careful because for some reason they will put a nude scene. Its easy to see what movies do and don't. I have seen some R rated movies and wonder why it was rated that way. Pretty stupid!
  8. LOL I doubt it. Smart fart
  9. I hear that sister all day long LOL You can say that again and again and again HA HA
  10. Not a surprise at all. I'm betting it will fall apart and there will be no sumit.
  11. Greg Dent

    Chaos in Gaza

    The palestinians are nuts. What do they expect attack the border with intent of tearing down a security fence and expect not to get shot by the soldiers on the other side? Its them who are to blame for this. Crazy. They want it both ways attack Israel and not take any blame for it. Just shows how deep the demons have their claws into them.
  12. I for one am looking forward to it. I have loved these movies since I was 8 years old. I will enjoy watching this one.
  13. Ya well never listen to the critics. That's what they are critical. THey should all be shot LOL

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