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  1. Would be interested in a deep sea or a reef fishing tour as well.
  2. We will be going there for a week and would like to see about hiring a brother and sister for a nice day tour take in some of the sites and do a rum tour with them. Take them out for a nice luch ect. If there is anyone I would appreciate the info if your able. We will be in the Punta Cana area of the island.
  3. Left-handed weirdness

    My father was left handed and got beat by the teacher in school for it. He tought himself to be ambidextrose. He could write with both hammer with both I was right handed but had dyslexia so my had writting is aweful. Common with that problem. Its so bad I cannot read what I write so I print slash write everything. but I hate it. I hardly write anything any more.
  4. In this world we need all the help we can get but man seams hell bent on destroying it all.
  5. https://twitter.com/NWSKeyWest Latest updates on the storm here.
  6. My cousin is in St Petersburg and its too late now. i messaged his sister who is in Barrie and she told me that. They are expecting a 15 foot wall of storm surge in Tampa so I pray eveything is ok! They also said the west coast of Florida will have to be rebuilt. East coast refirbished. This will be dangerous.
  7. My wife well I try and help till I get in the way. Make wraps usually a whole wheat tortilla with roasted chicken cheese lettuce and some mustard. Or a nice ham. I like this. Another say she made a nice greek salad with lots of feta. Always take nice grapes and cherries like the old days when you could buy the fruit bags Used to love those. I like a can of pepsi for a treat at lunch. Sometimes she will make a pasta sald with peppers tomatoes red onion cheddar cheese and a nice dressing to put on it. She always makes her one home made dressing.
  8. Ya they should have had that story 25 years ago.
  9. Reported from the weather network Canada. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/videos/gallery/the-planet-has-entered-into-a-biological-annihilation/sharevideo/5510347241001
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEtVj6Zf6l4Check this out. They try and show how the center of the earth is made.
  11. Coming to a beach near us ...

    It would take decades for it to drift anywhere. A report I saw on the weather network said that it would flow around the continent of Antarctica for a very long time because of the currents around there not going anywhere but in a circle .
  12. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    I would not want to be here during a shaker
  13. Doesn't mean in the high winds there it didn't respark. Doesn't mean it did but wow how fast a dangerous situation can develop from something so simple and so dumb.

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