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  1. Probably if she *looks* like that it wouldn't hurt! I'm not a fan of locs, myself. But they're okay on people who can wear them -- and take proper care of them.
  2. I can't manage it... it doesn't sound good. I'd need a different key... it's too high for me to sing an octave higher and too low to sing as is. We need a nice male tenor voice or a proper soprano. I want to sing but only if I can do it proper justice
  3. You know what? The song is both too low and too high for me to sing well I could sing the harmony to a male voice singing the melody... but I don't think I can do this proper justice as it is. I'm so sorry... Next song, for sure!
  4. The Glossary has appeared for my tablet, so that device is now complete. My phone hasn't received the Bible, yet...
  5. I'm so sorry for the delay, friends -- VERY busy weekend (assembly) and work week. I'll record myself singing the song tonight, both melody and then harmonizing with myself. You can select what's most useful, if anything. Thank you!!!
  6. In other news - what's up with all the Morning Worships? I know at least one of them is from last year on yesterday's date; Brother Lett's about showing favor to the lowly ones.
  7. Yes - updated both. I've got the Glossary for the Galaxy, I've got the Bible for the tablet. It's not entirely *awful* because I use my tablet for study and I'd rather have the new Bible over the Glossary. But I just find it strange that I'm not seeing both available for update of both devices. I re-started both of them. My phone didn't change the wording from Ministry to Teaching Toolbox, either... but the three-year old tablet did. Very curious...
  8. Weird -- Both my phone and tablet are Samsung Android. My tablet is older and it is installing the Study Edition as I'm writing this, but no Glossary. My phone is the Galaxy 7 and only shows the Glossary as available for download - no Bible. What gives?
  9. Yeah - I tried doing the Word thing, too. The page formatting is all undone and it would take a very long time to get it sorted with new font size, margins, etc. I'm just leaving it as is and printing two sided...
  10. No notes, per se -- I'm just very good at harmonizing to melodies. I'm a mezzo/alto voice
  11. I'm happy to record melody and harmony parts, if you like
  12. I just used the wonder of CloudConvert - hooked up thru my Google Drive: https://cloudconvert.com/mp4-to-mp3 It worked GREAT!!!!
  13. Well said, thank you!
  14. https://nypost.com/2017/12/06/iconic-brooklyn-sign-taken-down-after-70-years/

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