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  1. Yes - this article is from last February... surgery was in October 2017. Still an incredible situation! ❤️
  2. Old

    "A Discussion to Make Peace - Between a Brother and a Sister"


    Dear Sister Hope it sounds like troublesome times. I got a little insight into your first post gathered from some of your previous comments. This topic gathered a lot moss very fast. The way you describe your congregation and your efforts to pioneer sound like they come from another country. 

    I have great admiration for your commitment to being a good publisher, provider and parent. 

    I have no further counsel to give on this topic but I would like to hear how it works out. If you are comfortable with it please let me know, I wouldn't expect you to post it, but then again, you might, you have a way calling it the way you see it.

    Continue your good works and put the pop corn down. :D


    Your OLD brother Jerry


    1. Old


      I didn't mean this to be public, but it is OK. Hope and I have discissed things in the past I didn't mean this to be public, since Iwasn't typing it in the  wasn't typing it in the recent status box.  Hope and I have PM'd  things in the past.

    2. Hope


      Nope, not another country... not terribly far from you, I imagine.  I'm in Beaverton.


      It will get sorted out... it always does.  Thank  you so much for your encouragement!  ❤️


  3. Hope

    The Upside Movie

    I saw the French one, too -- I loved it so much. I can't imagine how it could have been made objectionable.. and "Upside" is rated PG-13 so, it's not like naked, bleeding people will be everywhere. But people have their own consciences. I've always believed it would be impossible to film the Bible accurately in a way that would not be shocking to most people.. yet, we read it in context every day.
  4. I hear you, brother. I'm just counting time... I cannot do what I want to do in this system. It's sometimes literally painful.. but, that's life, eh? 😕
  5. I do get my news that way. I rarely watch television news anymore, I click links from news sites. I often come across those links on social media.
  6. Ah, well -- I haven't experienced any problems with that process. How else will I see what's in the news?? The link is an opinion piece about the implications of the conviction of Bro Christensen. It's very good.
  7. I'm sorry - does it not work?? I'll post a quote in a minute...
  8. https://themoscowtimes.com/articles/Russias-crackdown-on-jehovahs-witnesses-hits-critical-milestone-op-ed-64427?fbclid=IwAR3xopn_-xk-mW4f23RciefvCkeo8XulQUov7rimSYIV84H1QJlvo4LhcIo
  9. https://www.rferl.org/a/russia-jehovahs-witness-verdict/29753920.html
  10. YAY!!! I've been checking this space.... waiting.... 😉 Thanks!
  11. Don't give up! Seriously - there is really nothing that will get the words and music into your head apart from singing them out loud yourself. What's the point of memorizing songs if we won't sing them?
  12. Ahh... all that waiting for a marriage video, eh? Good times.. 😖😉
  13. Hope

    1st time watch

    Yes, I loved it! I also binged it on Netflix- not when it was on air

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