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  1. I don't know. For me, most would be too slow. They're not domestic animals so training would be problematic - as well as their need to deep dive fairly regularly. Eagles & albatross are not flocking type birds so even if they were actually strong enough to fly with hundreds/thousands of pounds of humans & required seating, etc., changing their natures from independent birds of prey to actually cooperate with each other and human direction in a way they weren't created for. I believe apart from a good horse, mechanical vehicles will continue to be a great way to get around.
  2. Walking cancels out anything over water. On land, I suppose you can walk anywhere if you don't care how long it takes to get there, if you don't have to carry anything, you don't have little children, you don't mind climbing mountains, etc... I'm not one of those who looks forward to non-motorized transport
  3. What an amazing way to get anywhere!!! ❤️ I'm ready for mine!
  4. I think I began to notice not only because I'm just really into details, but I raised a son without a father. I gathered a lot of information about what was "well-arranged dress" for a brother, what was "correct" in menswear in general and wanted to train up his aesthetic and eye for detail. Clothing does make an impression and as a young brown boy, even more attention is paid to how he carried himself. Adam looked/looks good. Now, to actually *be* good...
  5. "Well arranged dress"! Thank you, good sir!
  6. No... ties are not longer right now. They are slightly different lengths for men of different heights, but the length that a tie is supposed to hit on a dress shirt has never changed - at least the length that is considered "classy". Ties should touch just the top of the belt... and if one's belly is over the belt, that means a larger waistband is needed. It's not really appropriate to wear one's pants under the belly; it does not look neat.
  7. Adding: Imagine the Time, Your Word Endures Forever, Inspired by Your Works(!), Let's Take the Leap, and oh, my goodness... We Are Never Alone (that one is magnificent!)
  8. ^^^^ Oooohhhh... I remember that! ❤️ 😍
  9. Thanks! I just know better than to take issue with counsel at the time I'm receiving it- especially from a brother. Nine outta 10 times, I'll understand it better later and/or after research but if not, I may ask at the next meeting. I'm very into the submission thing.. 😉 pssst... if your jacket was buttoned you wouldn't look like you had a big belly.. 😝
  10. Oh man... jazz hands everywhere! I hope he did high kicks at the big finish! 😂
  11. It's become a favorite of mine, too! It's still corny... 😉😄
  12. I guess as a sister, I can't imagine asking a brother to confirm his counsel with a book quote. I might look it up myself at home, but all I'd do in person is thank him for his comments.
  13. I'm amazed that someone would challenge the School conductor's counsel in such a way! 😮 Pretty sure there's never been anything in the book about seeing sisters knees on the platform but that counsel is not challenged..
  14. I notice all sorts of details... for me, the details are what make things interesting

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