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  1. When I went thru the link from my old RBC account, I couldn't recall the password and when I submitted the email I used (which I know is correct) I got no response. I think perhaps my RBC account expired. So... I set up a new one thru JW. org and it's just brand new. None of my old info is in it. Which is fine... there wasn't really much there. I'm just waiting/hoping to hear any feedback on the application I did turn in.
  2. BTW - Richard... yes, I had an account at one point and have had to open another one. No response to my recent DC-50 form, however. I'll just hang out and see what happens.
  3. http://www.king5.com/mobile/article/news/local/olympia/watch-arsonist-hits-jehovahs-witness-kingdom-halls-near-olympia/281-529904175
  4. I didn't see anything here on this (please remove if it's duplicated). It's not very positive but it IS about us... http://komonews.com/news/local/arson-suspected-as-2-jehovahs-witnesses-worship-centers-burn
  5. I've always said this will be MY song as I'm boppin' into the New World.... you know how I feel...
  6. I think I have not been accepted, then. I've never known about an online form (although I had one for RBC), just the paper one given by the Secretary. Thanks for the good wishes, tho!
  7. Yes - DC-50 has been in for over a year and a half... was part of RBC since 2008 - never been called to do anything. I didn't put those skills on because I do not have those skills. I can paint. I can sing. I can manage projects. I took drafting in middle school (in 1979). I can run a spectacular office (administrative skillz thru the roof!). I didn't see a spot to list things a person would like to *learn* how to do... I'm unclear as to exactly what sort of skills are needed/would be recruited for. In my area, all the sisters who do the cool (or even uncool things) with any regularity are the wives of the brothers who are in heavy demand. Not many single sisters... especially not of my age bracket I suppose that if Jehovah sees fit for me to expand my service in this way, He'll see to it. Or not :shrug: Here I am -- I'm sendable, regardless.
  8. I so wish I would be asked to do this...
  9. We had a completely new song for the Annual Meeting... we just received the music a few weeks beforehand. It will be a simple thing to release new music at the end of April/beginning of May -- plenty of time to learn it before the Convention season begins!
  10. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    yeah, but at least America has "freedom and rights"...
  11. In the US and many other countries, people pierce baby girls' ears (sometimes boys, too) quite soon after birth - within a month or so is not unusual.

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