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  1. I've always liked the Nigerian accent..we had a couple in our hall many years ago and I can always recognize it..
  2. Bay Area on Fire

    Oh, sorry, thought it was the opposite. Are you going to be alright then??
  3. Bay Area on Fire

    Upwind is better than downwind, right?
  4. You mean the ice will be as smooth as glass too?...
  5. Smooth surface like glass
  6. The scent of the flowers must have been 'heady'
  7. I'm glad... two heads are better than one..
  8. That's a pretty looking site but I hope you don't go alone..this system has made me so paranoid. My son told me one day that Unsolved Mysteries ruined his life..
  9. Oh, with all the flooding going on around the country I just had that on my mind and thought it was a small disaster..
  10. Does this mean they are waterlogged and ruined?
  11. Shooter in Las Vegas

    If guns weren't readily available at times of anger, people would just do what they always did, cool off or throw a punch and the anger would be defused. But when the gun is at hand, it is too easy to use it in the heat of anger . Think road rage, family disputes, or being robbed, bar fights, et. How many times have people killed their own child coming home late at night thinking they were a burgler. ..how many people would still be alive today if it weren't for guns..
  12. Shooter in Las Vegas

    People in some places use them to hunt for food.....
  13. I think Gregexplore's Signature is good here: 'Man was created as an intelligent creature with the desire to explore and understand'..

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