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    Wondered about God from the time I was a child; why didn't people seem to understand the Bible, why do we grow old and die. I couldn't believe in hellfire, skeptical of going to heaven if people were made to live on Earth. I started praying to know God and understand his word the Bible, and sisters came to my door. I read and saved every magazine and when I received the book, From Paradise Lost to Paradise Found, I stayed up all night reading it. I knew I had found the answers to my prayers..

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  1. They look like they're dusted with powdered sugar..
  2. For the sake of explaining this in a hopefully satisfactory way, 'dead food' is food that has been overprocessed to the point of being utterly devitalized of any or most nutrients, so that it may sustain life for a time but will never promote health..it is of no value to the body..it is not really 'food'..it is 'dead'..
  3. Our wedding anniversary today...December 10, 1955..
  4. I apologize as well..my intention was not that either..I respect your view and want to say that I did not think what you said was wrong.. (Not a way to spend you're 62nd anniversary)..
  5. I wonder about offering comments because after a quote like this one and Qapla, (weevils) (yes, I read that too, but they have always been and still are referred to as weevils by many) et. I will spend much time that I could be using in a more productive way, to find proof of my statements for those 'inquiring minds'. I often wonder why when ones ask for more explanation they cannot do the research for themselves...which is what I have always felt was the best way to go to get a more rounded out answer as the link I offer may not be considered in many minds as the one they would have gone to. I understand about being able to back up what we say and not expect others to just accept naively whatever we post, but having to always Prove everything which I got from the same sites that I would link to, even them someone may disagree with the backup as there is much disagreement on the internet over any subject possible. Here too. We all accept or not different sources of information that are themselves not in agreement. So would that really be the answer unless you linked to the source that each one would agree was in their own opinion, credible? I don't always agree with everything either but after a few posts back and forth it feels (to me) like I am arguing; so as in the past, when I acquiesced for the sake of peace; I would like to do now..
  6. In his book, Reversing Inflammation, Don Colbert says that the flour in my grandmother's day was less processed and so contained more nutrients and was more able to sustain the life of these bugs, used to be called flour weevils. But today, flour is so processed in most cases for longer shelf life, that it is devoid of anything for the bugs to live on...this holds true with any food. The pasta I bought in the health food store had the problem because it was not white flour but spinach or some sort of flour not white and as processed, and probably was old as well, as this store did not seem to have a big turnover. I'm sure on google more instances could be found to explain better what I am trying to say..

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