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  1. Love the berries...love the dogs..
  2. Dove

    Witness memes

    That sounds like second-hand grub to me....😁
  3. I too; when I use the iphone or ipad I can't use the Like feature..it works about half the time or less..
  4. I think I even remember that there was writing at the bottom of the posting area that said. Clear Editor ..does anyone recall that?
  5. I think I read that the best fertilizer is from rabbits..
  6. Qapla, thank you for listing all the icons on your editor. I double-checked my PC, IPad(s), and IPhone and all have all the same except the last one, the New Page. I do remember it being there at one time ..
  7. Not to mention the un-sanitarianism on the roads
  8. Where do you click to clear it. Is it different on different devices or in different browsers because some say it’s there but it isn’t here..
  9. It's my computer that is the problem...actually, since I wrote the question, I found an icon in the left corner like a square that when I click on that and then the old text it seems to work..
  10. Dove

    Fur Babies

    They don't call cats fickle for nothing..😁 Excuse the two negatives in one sentence....πŸ˜’
  11. What happened to the Editor that used to be in the menu where you type a post? When I try to type in a new space there is already writing in there from another time and I can't delete it..the Editor used to erase it but I can't find it..

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