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  1. Dove

    Needles in strawberries

    ..or a magnet?..☺️
  2. Dove

    Needles in strawberries

    It's getting so everything I buy anymore I wonder if it's going to kill me or make me sick. You never know what's next to be tainted or poisoned until it happens..
  3. I'm sorry too that I misunderstood. It's like years ago someone waved to me in the KH and I waved back, only they weren't waving to me but someone behind me..next time someone waved to me I didn't wave back and I got it wrong again..lol
  4. yes, me too..don't like winter but the art work is very good...
  5. I used to own a book called, 'Trees', that had pictures similar to this. It was large and the pictures were great..gave it to my daughter. I missed it so when I found it again I bought it again...gave it to another daughter. lol but the trees were, are beautiful and so unusual..I've always loved trees...cannot imagine an earth without them...😊
  6. When we were in Texas we went on a real gondola ride in San Antonio. It seemed very like Venice. This was years ago so I don’t know what it’s like now. .
  7. Wow! He was very talented...very nice scene..😊
  8. I was just thinking that you could make a painting-like picture out of any photograph to frame and hang it with this technique....
  9. Liked the HDR more....it has more interest..
  10. I like this technique because I like impressionism, and this looks a little like that to me. But I think it would depend a lot on what the actual picture is of..
  11. Love! the dragonfly....☺️
  12. Dove

    Daily Bacon

    Which side.....πŸ˜ƒ
  13. I'm older but don't make up stories so I'm probably not the one you're thinking of, but another thing I remember is that for many years we sat for the prayer and the songs ...then we began to stand for the prayer and also the songs as they were like a form of prayer .. 😊
  14. They're also concerned about a couple nuclear reactors..πŸ˜“

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