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    Wondered about God from the time I was a child; why didn't people seem to understand the Bible, why do we grow old and die. I couldn't believe in hellfire, skeptical of going to heaven if people were made to live on Earth. I started praying to know God and understand his word the Bible, and sisters came to my door. I read and saved every magazine and when I received the book, From Paradise Lost to Paradise Found, I stayed up all night reading it. I knew I had found the answers to my prayers..

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  1. So he can start over with a whole new life without old wife, debts, et..
  2. I installed about 3 casting apps but even going to the Cast icon on Chrome on my pc there wasn't any destination to cast to...I'm not technically adept enough to figure all this out so I think the easiest thing to do would be to get the Chromecast device..thanks
  3. I think I can't do that because even though my tv is smart enough, my pc isn't. I think it needs to be at least Windows 8; I have 7..and it doesn't screen mirror..

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