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  1. Dove

    How much has changed

    All the things already mentioned, also all the publications in soft cover instead of the hard little books. Also, the beautiful Workbooks that replace the KM's, with the new format, pictures, colors, scriptures, love them. No more offering subs or asking for donations at the door.. Love the smaller tracts and calling cards.. So many things in electronic form instead of hard copy to save carrying a lot of weight. I used to carry a book bag that was so full of literature it caused my service partner to say, my, you're ready for anything aren't you..
  2. Dove

    How much has changed

    I LOVE closed captions..I'm hoping too one day they will have them.. we watch the meetings on the tv and pc. No problem hearing the speaker, but can't hear the comments even with the mike
  3. Dove

    How much has changed

    Me too..I did..
  4. No gas furnace to blow up?...
  5. That seems to be the case with so many things now ...plumbing lines underground, bridges, seems like everything's gearing up to fall apart..
  6. These gas explosions/leaks seem to be happening more and more, in this country as well. Wonder what's behind it. Makes me want to switch to electric heat...
  7. Dove

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Yeh, the fresher the egg the harder to peel the shell away. If they’re too bad I just slice the whole thing in half and spoon it out like it was a soft boiled egg in an egg cup
  8. Dove

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    That too, but also there's a natural protective coating called 'bloom' that the hen deposits on the shell when she lays it to protect the insides from pathogens, that should be rinsed off before eating..
  9. Dove

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Wow, hope you wash the coating off first..
  10. Dove

    The power of water

    maybe it's Waterpik..
  11. Dove

    The power of water

    Wow, you'll have to be careful then with your waterjet...
  12. That makes me feel bad now for stepping on them...😐

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