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  1. Not tried that yet, I think you may have to enter a different pin access from home.
  2. You can have as many as you like listening in, but the limit for KHCONF is 18 lines. IE: you can have more than one person listening in on one line.
  3. All Things LDC

    Can you help? What are the Min/Max age for the A-19? Thanks!
  4. You will now have to first select your preferred language, i found the default is ASL with limited videos, once you have done this all the latest broadcasts appear.
  5. You will have to sooner or later, resistance is futile.
  6. Hi Jaytrom Will deleting the cache on my device wipe out all the input i have done so far? Underlining, notes, etc..
  7. It's updated now: If auxiliary classes are held, students should be asked to go to the auxiliary classrooms following the Digging for Spiritual Gems portion of the Treasures From God’s Word section of the meeting. They should rejoin the rest of the congregation following the Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry section of the meeting. When a sample conversation video is discussed, those in the auxiliary classroom should view or listen to the discussion from the auxiliary location, if possible. Otherwise, the counselor should handle the video and discussion using a mobile device.
  8. Matthew 26:22 Being very much grieved at this, each and every one began to say to him: “Lord, it is not I, is it?” Maybe because Jehovah does!
  9. The ones on JW-Library app have different timings.
  10. Awake #4 2017. PDF

    Essex girls have some trouble pronouncing their T's. It's Artic Tern not Artic Fern.
  11. I don't think that we would support B the G and start writing letters of support for them, would we?

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