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  1. Hmmm. Looks something like Richard. Maybe it's his brother whom he always told to "Suck It Up" 😛
  2. Actually me after regular coffee Had coffee at a sister's place once when our car group had dropped back for coffee. She wasn't used to making coffee ( it was her son's instant coffee ) and was it ever strong. 1/2 hour later had to stop at the parents of a young brother with me and take a dose of baking soda to stop the literal buzz from the caffeine. I could feel it starting in my feet moving up my legs.
  3. pnutts

    Did You Hear?

    Richard ( Ringo ) was voice of Thomas the Train
  4. pnutts

    Income Taxes

    Stick to your guns. No taxes. I don't mind doing favors for people but I hate being used by ingrates. Unfortunately many with decent income ( including witnesses ) use those with much lower incomes.
  5. pnutts

    Canada, Eh

    True Newfie news report. " Woman charged after stolen credit card used to buy winning lotto ticket: N.L. police ST. JOHN'S, N.L. -- The joy over a big lotto win was short-lived for a Newfoundland woman now accused of using a stolen credit card to buy the lucky $50,000 ticket. ... As a result, a 33-year-old woman intent on picking up the jackpot was instead charged Thursday with two counts of possessing a stolen credit card and five counts of fraud. He added that she did not receive the winnings. ...The suspect's luck continued to run out when the 46-year-old driver of the car she took to the lottery corporation's offices was ticketed for driving while suspended and without insurance, causing her vehicle to be impounded." https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/woman-charged-after-stolen-credit-card-used-to-buy-winning-lotto-ticket-n-l-police-1.4278343
  6. I haven't seen those temps in 20 years. Your vehicle will not start if not plugged in. Oil is slush - unless it is synthetic. battery has little power at -40 C or F ( same )
  7. May have been a deer.

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