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  1. pnutts

    Car Talk

    https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/videos/this-volkswagen-jetta-goes-over-209-mph/#ftag=CAD7f780fb Has new anti-theft device. Removable steering wheel 😎 You have to watch video - it shows it on the roof 😁
  2. pnutts

    A good joke

    Come to look at it a little closer the s's become 5's sort of. thus swims upside down becomes 5miw5, you would have to leave the s's right side up, plus the i would be dotted underneath which then become something else entirely
  3. Robber: Not after your cash. Hand over the 🍩 now!
  4. pnutts

    A good joke

    it would have to be backwards plus upside down. If not backwards becomes smiws. 🤓
  5. Some thought it was a cute joke but that was a little less than right. 😉
  6. Going to Toronto. Hopefully by Via Rail or bus right to the EX. It is being worked on. Had a video about it at our meeting. 35 Ontario congregations assigned. 5000 Int visitors. Main building of 3 holds 35,000. May even be able to pre-order a meal. It is being worked on.
  7. pnutts

    Canada, Eh

    Sounds about right. Lots of Timmie's in London. This is not all. They are always busy except when they are closed. ☕ 🍩🥪
  8. pnutts

    Canada, Eh

    How they toboggan in Newfoundland. Digging out your doorway. Just a normal NL winter
  9. pnutts

    Canada, Eh

    American Tourists luv Canadian ( the beer - it is stronger than American yellow water ) Helpful Coach Canadian version of circles in the field.
  10. pnutts

    Canada, Eh

    Playing chicken - or Dodge the Moose. Feeding the wild life. Lip Smakin Good Hazard on the slopes
  11. Husband misunderstood wife's comments again. Will repost in husband vs wife
  12. pnutts

    Canada, Eh

    Practice safe kissing on the moose. Moose and calf. Scotsman said " If that's yur moose, I'd hate ta see ya Raats. Made just for benefit of wild life.
  13. pnutts

    Daily Bacon

    Self cooking bacon

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