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  1. Puff. Puff, I made it. Lunch t i m e
  2. I haven't eaten dog kibble since I was a little boy. Not sure if I would want to today.
  3. It is called "Sometimers" Sometimes I forget. Other times I don't remember.
  4. Never heard of them. Eucalyptus trees I have seen - in laws have some on their property. Menthol - I have used it in crystal form - 40 odd years ago.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand ( curse ) words.
  6. Any one using pine pellets for cat litter? If you buy the 40 lb bags for Horse bedding - it is supposed to be cheap, less dust and less odorous. I found small bags at pet smart but they are pricey. At this farm supplier near St Mary's, ON ( TSC in US carries them ) they are C$5.50/40 lbs. For horses - you mix a bag in wheelbarrow with some water to make a finer and softer bedding, expands about 3X. Urine breaks pellets down further into sawdust which sinks to the bottom. So far I have not seen anything definitive in adding some water when used as cat litter. Some say yes - easier to walk on. Others say no - don't want it to be too small, etc.
  7. Which model of S4? There are 2 main branches that unlock program and root programs have to be for that series of model. Try these links and investigate for your model. i337m
  8. I thought some companies would give you the unlock info for free in the US. I thought one may have been Verizon. Ask and find out. If your phone is out of contract ( not talking about talk/text/data plan ) but one where buy out of phone is $0 then many can be unlocked &/or rooted then newer OS such as nougat with few apps put on. I did this to my Samsung S4 model i337M. Running Nougat with micro gapps. My wife's A5 model A500W Canada we have to wait until Dec 1/17 - haven't found a Cdn unlocker program yet for A5.
  9. Come Dec 1/17 in Canada.