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  1. 6 big files. AM & PM per day. One is about 2.9 Gb 😁
  2. Hmmm. I downloaded in 720 no problem on May 30th. Haven't viewed them yet. Will be editing into separate parts soon.
  3. 100 F for Sunday in Hemet, CA
  4. Puts a different spin on things, does it not. Eck. my keyboard changing layout.
  5. I see horse dressed as sea horse, I saw horse.
  6. You or the weather cooled off some. 😉
  7. Don't. Just staying at in-laws. Helping them with some projects. We are Glamping.😎
  8. 67F Saturday 51F night, 79 F today 56 later tonight. Hemet, CA
  9. Sisters can't BBQ very well. You Definitely Don't want my wife BBQin' 🤢🙁 Burnt offering and bloody sacrifice in same piece.
  10. This is where we stayed. An old tired RV camp - probably smaller than originally. Run by old couple in their 80's. Cheaper if you have Good Sam's Club, AAA or AARP membership. If you remember to mention where you are staying - get 10% of certain venues. Original sarsaparilla is about $3 plus per bottle. Tastes good, like a good root beer.
  11. Notice any resemblance between this 1880's wagon and modern Rotel ( Mercedes Rotel - Alaska Plates at our campsite )?

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