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    New Zealand
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    Third Generation Witness - so Jehovah has been part of my life forever and I hope forever will mean just that. Was hoping my children would be the fourth generation, but at the moment that hope looks bleak.

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    I have many interests apart from spiritual interests which of course are my foremost. I am a foodie - love cooking (baking is okay but more cooking) - love writing short stories and reading ... I play the piano and draw portraits. I also love
    doing sign language. (NZSL).

    I love people in general, but mostly I love my brothers and sisters.
  • My favorite books
    The Bible is a given - otherwise I wouldn't be here but some secular books I enjoy - is the simple 'Lorax' by Dr. Seuss - (I have to think more about this one - don't have a lot of time to read secular literature).
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    I love a wee bit of everything. Love the Beatles music but not their singing (I know that creates controversy), easy listening, SOME country - like "The Impossible" by Joe Nicols - songs that tell stories I think.
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    See from the inside out, not from the outside in.

    (Sometimes it's hard to see people as Jehovah sees them but I do try).

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  1. Stormswift

    Nuns on the run!

    Apologies everyone - didn't realize the rating - my most sincere apologies.
  2. Only if it's Jehovah's time to put that thought into their minds - and it's going to be sudden. Only Jehovah can turn one facet of Satan's world to attack another. Remember Satan is behind both the political and religious factions he doesn't want either destroyed because they are his weapons against the truth.
  3. Yay!! For our Brother, because he's about to see the hand of Jehovah directly in his life - again. So proud of Brother Dennis ... may I be so dignified in the faces of my trials now, and to come.
  4. Stormswift

    I Know What I "Like"

    I like your comment Dove. Is this going to be our longest thread yet?
  5. In convention releases - also on jw.org if you don't want to use my edited version. Yeah or what the bumble bee says 👆
  6. There's definitely an overuse of the term "Once in a Century storm/flooding/whatever" Everytime our river floods in Wanganui - that term is used ... lost some impact now. Greg ... we don't have crocs in NZ (or snakes, poisonous octopi, worms that shoot acid, big as scary spiders that stalk us, swarms of jellyfish, why even the benign looking platypus is venomous) ... hint - hint - MOVE!! Lol.
  7. I sang out loud. My cat nipped me on the ankle. The end. 😥
  8. There are 100's of scriptures that would help us not to lose hope when the world conditions begin to deteriorate - but these scriptures we love, if we didn't have access to the scriptures ... do we know them well enough to recite to ourselves or out loud? How many do we have memorized? I've almost got the Ps 73:26 memorized.
  9. I'd like to meet that sister.
  10. So it's lack of confidence then ... we need courage to sing out loud.
  11. Yes being able to sing is a good first step .. but when you can't sing you often just hum along .. so give us some pointers Hope ... I'm thinking of writing the words on the back of the loo door.
  12. Don't worry Tim I'm not calling YOU old ... I'm sure you're much younger in heart at least. Heh.
  13. The last talk of our CO's visit was focused on young ones ... he began it by showing them they are responsible for their actions, but Jehovah is wanting to pour out blessings on them when they make good decisions.
  14. Aah easy way to remember chapter and verse: 73 age of tortuga and 26 my age.
  15. For those who aren't musically inclined (see my other thread about memorizing songs down in the music section), We can be fortified by remembering scriptures. Let's share specific scriptures we can as a group memorize so when the GT breaks out and we need extra courage - we will have a wealth of special scriptures that no-one can take from us because they are in our minds and hearts. Today, we had our final CO talk and after he finished his talk, he said he wanted to share a scripture with us that will give us strength. So I'll start with that scripture and if you have others share them please, we have a whole bible to choose from, but the difference here is, I want you to tell us if you have memorized it ... and if you haven't pop back when you have to let us know. Let's encourage one another to stand firm with our precious spiritual food that will safeguard our hearts in the times ahead. Psalms 73:26 - " My body and my heart may fail, But God is the rock of my heart and my portion forever."

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