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    New Zealand
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    Third Generation Witness - so Jehovah has been part of my life forever and I hope forever will mean just that. Was hoping my children would be the fourth generation, but at the moment that hope looks bleak.

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    I have many interests apart from spiritual interests which of course are my foremost. I am a foodie - love cooking (baking is okay but more cooking) - love writing short stories and reading ... I play the piano and draw portraits. I also love
    doing sign language. (NZSL).

    I love people in general, but mostly I love my brothers and sisters.
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    The Bible is a given - otherwise I wouldn't be here but some secular books I enjoy - is the simple 'Lorax' by Dr. Seuss - (I have to think more about this one - don't have a lot of time to read secular literature).
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    I love a wee bit of everything. Love the Beatles music but not their singing (I know that creates controversy), easy listening, SOME country - like "The Impossible" by Joe Nicols - songs that tell stories I think.
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    See from the inside out, not from the outside in.

    (Sometimes it's hard to see people as Jehovah sees them but I do try).

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  1. banning the NWT is like poking Jehovah's eyeball ... even moreso - the satellite publications like WT and Awake and others - not a good move either, but the scriptures? Silly move.
  2. I like your profile picture sis mandi :)

    1. Stormswift


      ty my sis. xxx (its three years old tho).

    2. Alexa


      You dont resemble brother dave's wife :)

    3. Stormswift


      She's way taller ... and a mix of all four of us ... so i do in some lights. We sound the same.

      We had a talk together the other week and were told we sounded exactly the same.

  3. I remember reading articles where ths happened during WWII or prior ... can't remember what country though. But the important point I got from those articles that the parents were convinced that Jehovah is a better parent than any of us could ever be and this will be what the dear brothers and sisters will be hanging onto in Russia right now.
  4. Cooking of food

    There are a lot of 'seeded' fruit that are better eaten cooked - marrow, pumpkin and courgettes come to mind. Jehovah has given us free will as you know, and this I think carries over to food and the ability to mix and match food according to each individual tastes. We forget sometimes Adam and Eve had just started out ... its so hard to work out what Jehovah intended food wise or any wise really because there was a detour put in place so early on. I can't see why we won't eat root veges or continue to cook our food...even nuts are lovely roasted.
  5. Christmas music

    I too, love the lilt of many of the Christmas Carols, its the message and the purpose that I don't like. I was listening to the Kingdom melodies the other day esp some of the newer ones, some of them have the ambience or similar lilt to some Christmas carols, and I thought to myself wow we have this music all year round we are a privilleged people.
  6. LOL ... I guess one has to be grateful for even the smallest roles.
  7. Looks like a vacuum bag with claws. So its down to the eradication of predators we see as natural now and disease ... then these animals would indeed live forever. I wonder with other groups of animals if you took the disease/predator factor out of it - would they too live at least longer than they do at present?
  8. thought it was you tort ... should get some lessons from him
  9. That is because Guri, it has been removed from youtube - I wonder why?
  10. Yes thats why they are a new creation - it was something different. Everlasting life is still dependant on being faithful to Jehovah. And, its also how Jesus was exalted to a higher position than he was previously because he became the first immortal.
  11. Until they stumble across the Immortal Jellyfish ... that reverts back to an immature state constantly - almost impossible to tell how old one of those are. People view Immortality weirdly ... to be immortal one must be generating life within themselves not from another source. So for us we will always need Jehovah ... so never immortal ... always mortal like the angels - but living forever is good enough for me.
  12. The Black Plague

    Have a look at the short video in my initial link that explains it really well. I only learnt this last night myself. The Black Plague virus is carried, as we know via fleas that are carried on rodents and other animals (and that doesn't rule out domestic cats and dogs either). If you think of the Flu virus - there are different strains within the heading 'flu' - vaccines may only cover certain strains of the flu virus and not others. (they don't always tell you that). The Black Plague has certain strains too. The Bubonic - which is direct contact with a flea laden rodent/animal - this causes the bubels along the lymphatic system. Then there is Pnunomic plaque which is the same virus but is contained in the lungs - not the lymphatic system - which means it can be spread by coughing/sneezing ... and it is this strain that is airborne. That's why it spread really quickly from Asia - Europe - England in the 1300's. All strains do have antibiotics freely available (if you are in the right country) unless the strain mutates or becomes resistant to the antibiotics which is what is happening. This is the scary part.
  13. This system offers absolutely nothing, and on the top of that list would be ANY security in any way shape or form. Thank you Jehovah for the hope not to relieve my suffering, but to provide true security to all under your Son as our King. Grrrrrrr ... facepalms this rotten old system.
  14. The Black Plague

    There goes Chip and Dale's rep.
  15. The Black Plague

    That would be the bubonic plaque and they have antibiotics for this. I think my concern is for the African countries they go through so much yet so little make mainstream media it's very sad. *Waves to her twin. xxx

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