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    New Zealand
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    Third Generation Witness - so Jehovah has been part of my life forever and I hope forever will mean just that. Was hoping my children would be the fourth generation, but at the moment that hope looks bleak.

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    I have many interests apart from spiritual interests which of course are my foremost. I am a foodie - love cooking (baking is okay but more cooking) - love writing short stories and reading ... I play the piano and draw portraits. I also love
    doing sign language. (NZSL).

    I love people in general, but mostly I love my brothers and sisters.
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    The Bible is a given - otherwise I wouldn't be here but some secular books I enjoy - is the simple 'Lorax' by Dr. Seuss - (I have to think more about this one - don't have a lot of time to read secular literature).
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    I love a wee bit of everything. Love the Beatles music but not their singing (I know that creates controversy), easy listening, SOME country - like "The Impossible" by Joe Nicols - songs that tell stories I think.
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    See from the inside out, not from the outside in.

    (Sometimes it's hard to see people as Jehovah sees them but I do try).

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  1. I do NZSL which just incorporate the American Alphabet often ... I have a deaf study ... he used to be a builder and he got beaten up so badly he ended up in a coma, had a stroke and lost his speech and hearing. But he's at every study and sometimes comes to the Kingdom Hall in fact, I picked him up at the kingdom hall. Will be interesting to see where he goes. Just done two refresher courses at our local polytech last year to get up to speed with latest signs and how the sign language and culture have changed. Perhaps you could do that RIchard? I know it's renewed my signing.
  2. Bananas can't be all bad ... afterall they share 50% of the human DNA.
  3. Thanks - I thought maybe if it had racist connotations it was a racism division, but seems just developing the words. I like learning new things thanks Carlos.
  4. Yes take onions for example, their thick non porous skins prevent any insecticides or other sprays from penetrating into the actual flesh - so there's no difference. Same with a few veges. Eggs: You can tell a good egg by the thickness of the shell. In US apparently eggs are stored with dairy products because they have been 'washed' commercially which takes away the natural covering an egg has to protect and give it longer life. A good egg should be able to be stored on a shelf and very hard to crack. I get mine from a local farm. But of course, that's not vegan, I take it nuts and seeds take the place of the nutrients from egg yolks?
  5. I guess Jehovah could have been at the bottom of any of the reasons, I'm happy to go with that.
  6. Good post ... black is indeed accepted in US as it should be, as in many countries. All I was saying is Mavros is another word for black ... so that should be just as acceptable.
  7. My sister is Melanie also, and she's so blonde! Hence me knowing the meaning of the name.
  8. But, respectfully Uani - you have just said 'Black' people - which is no different to the word Mavro. Means exactly the same thing. Colour and variation are a beautiful thing - it being referenced to a specific person or group of people to describe their beauty should never be offensive. If it's used in a derogatory way then the story is way different. But its often used to describe beauty. Ie: The story of Black Beauty - now that horse was extraordinary of nature but also of it's gorgeous black coat. As Witnesses we don't see colour as in inferiority or something that makes another separate from us, but come on ... you put a pale white person in those African outfits - and they just don't shine like our African black brothers and sisters do.
  9. Animals are often named as to their colour - like Ginger, snowy, inky and I would have no problem with the word Mavro just because it means 'black' - it the other word is used then it's international derogatory connotations immediately come to mind. The name 'Melanie' - is from the Melanisian tribes meaning dark one ... should we not call someone Melanie either?
  10. I would hazard a guess that he had come across witnesses prior and knew that they had no barriers. Isn't it amazing? The other thing Brother Tom ... is I remember a very encouraging talk by Dan Sydlik about the Austrian Brothers and sisters travelling to the convention - how the borders were suddenly opened up - so maybe you have a third option - Jehovah moving them to overlook something they may have not otherwise?
  11. It will go backwards if you keep sending all the kiwis back to NZ.
  12. Yes indeed, a mature christian would accept the choice that individuals make and keep their conscience in check if they disagree. Brother Clifford, There's another aspect too, that many who may eat meat, whether minimally or more, also love Vegan dishes - I know I do - I enjoy finding alternative ways to cook. So being inclusive of those who eat meat you can still learn much from others. The line is crossed when others are judged because of their choices.
  13. Stormswift


    Haha ... i already knew it was you - was just giving you an out. Next time ill do my homework and see what pets you actually own. (for some bizarre reason, I can't abide egg and pastry)

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