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    New Zealand
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    Third Generation Witness - so Jehovah has been part of my life forever and I hope forever will mean just that. Was hoping my children would be the fourth generation, but at the moment that hope looks bleak.

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    I have many interests apart from spiritual interests which of course are my foremost. I am a foodie - love cooking (baking is okay but more cooking) - love writing short stories and reading ... I play the piano and draw portraits. I also love
    doing sign language. (NZSL).

    I love people in general, but mostly I love my brothers and sisters.
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    The Bible is a given - otherwise I wouldn't be here but some secular books I enjoy - is the simple 'Lorax' by Dr. Seuss - (I have to think more about this one - don't have a lot of time to read secular literature).
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    I love a wee bit of everything. Love the Beatles music but not their singing (I know that creates controversy), easy listening, SOME country - like "The Impossible" by Joe Nicols - songs that tell stories I think.
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    See from the inside out, not from the outside in.

    (Sometimes it's hard to see people as Jehovah sees them but I do try).

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  1. Can I just make a small comment, I remember some years ago ... when my children were small, I was struggling with health problems more than I am now ... and a regular pioneer turned up ... and said blatantly, I'm here to encourage you ... her manner made me feel like I was 'weak' spiritually, I was weak physically, but it wasn't really what I wanted to hear at the moment. Would have been nicer for her to give me a great big hug, and have a cuppa, rather than create an awkward scenario. (She, not long after, left the truth, married a man with multiple wives and was living in a commune as part of a harem last I heard) ... so a word of caution ... having problems no matter their origin doesn't make a person weak ... in fact sometimes we can come across as superior to ones who are struggling, which is really the opposite effect than what we want.
  2. We are family - that to me, is a basic thing to do.
  3. In fact, if one of the four things we need to do as we approach the GT if substantiated by the AGM talks, one of them is to have INTENSE love for one another. What we do now puts that into practice.
  4. Always use a 'benign' approach first ... if someone has been missing for a bit, do some baking, buy some flowers or make a meal and sit down and have a cuppa with them ... ask Jehovah's spirit to open up to you where you can help. If its someone who is ill but able to use technology suggest a daily text text and a few words of encouragement between the both of you. (I prefer phone texts that aren't going to group - because of the personal interest aspect). If they are going through troubles - financial, illness or similar - invite them to your family worship. If someone has been widowed or is on their own ... go do some personal study out at a park or a beach and invite them along.
  5. And this balances an argument about the justice of Jehovah stepping in ... even apart from the need to vindicate his name, that argument being if he DOESN"T step in ... this world has had it anyway, and it's an indiscriminate destruction taking out creation as well as mankind. Even if they are wrong about it being ten years - and it's a few decades away - the result is the same.
  6. Stormswift

    A new font that aids memory

    Might end up not forgetting some stuff you want to forget too.
  7. I keep reading this title as Trump on a white horse - and I get the picture of him and Putin riding bareback without shirts - and yeah ... Then I realise it's white house - no matter how many times ive seen this thread - i need glasses.
  8. Sorry mucked up my post - most unusual lol. Old : I've only read Patterns of Evidence - Exodus and the books written by the brothers about the New System and the GT. I have watched the Lorax though! That is meant to have had some social issues tied in with it -but I won't read the book on the White house - not my thing.
  9. Stormswift

    Our Indonesian brothers

    I've seen the tsunami videos on Youtube ... shocking. There should be more about it ... more support. May Jehovah keep you all safe Yanty, you and those affected.
  10. I personally wouldn't want the book near me lol - but this is where it gets interesting - I ask myself is that because I'm simply not interested in it - or am I saying no because I'm being politically neutral? I have to be honest and say it's because I'm not interested in it - so if I was ... would I read it and feel I still feel I could remain politically neutral? I would probably think I can - but the result may be different ....because it's very difficult not to read emotive books on real situations affecting real people, and not take a side. But that's me, I guess its a question only each one could answer for themselves.
  11. Sounds like an air freshener.
  12. He's returned!!!!
  13. I think we better make ourselves scarce Tort before Greg returns.
  14. Listen buddy this thread has exalted turtles enough , if we continue to praise ya up you're going to have a head too big for your shell and then that would mean the turtle would be open to predators- thus extinct, thus making this thread defunct.
  15. We shouldn't be encouraging evolution!

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