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  1. Here in Manatee County made a few return visits this morning and then checked on a couple of the friends. Some still without power-as of this morning about 14% and the weather is pretty sticky. We've been encouraged to make our homes available for the friends that are without power still.
  2. Here on the Gulfcoast in Manatee County. Tropical storm conditions expected to start here in about 5 or 6 hours with hurricane conditions starting about 12 hours after that. In about 24 to 30 hours it will be all over ! Mandatory evacuation for mobile homes and all in Zone A(flood prone areas). One of our major hospitals Manatee Memorial is in zone A and has been evacuated with patients transferred to other hospitals. My wife has been quite ill and was in a hospital until Friday when she was transferred to a rehab facility. When visiting her yesterday the facility received about 30 patients that were evacuated from a Punta Gorda facility. But she is safe and secure. Some of our brothers have left the area and state but most like me are still here.
  3. People accuse us of being intolerant but we do not interfere with what others choose to do or how they worship. No wonder Babylon the Great is described as the Great Harlot. The Judges in Russia are devoid of justice !
  4. It's good that scriptures are being used even if the court chooses to ignore them.
  5. As is mentioned in Ezekiel numerous times "And they will have to know that I am Jehovah".
  6. Nuclear domino effect hits Iran

    It can certainly get a lot worse but at some point we're still awaiting the cry of "peace and security" !
  7. Replacing the Watchtower Sign.

    Yes they have nothing better to do and are only interested in tearing down.......
  8. I like to think of Harold King and Stanley Jones. They lost their court case and ended up spending 5-7 years in prison isolated from other brothers and Jehovah's organization. Also Nancy Yeung. But what a fine witness they ended up giving and all were very zealous and active after they obtained their freedom. The point is they lost in worldly courts but ended up victorious.
  9. As far as the court and the Judges it can truly be said of them....."they have ears but cannot hear"
  10. A house divided against itself......opposed to Jehovah's united heavenly and earthly organization !
  11. What happens when she dies ?......They'll bury her !
  12. This past weeks Watchtower study used the expressions animalistic and demonic to describe this worlds violent acts . How apt !
  13. I thought it was interesting this week at our midweek meeting we had a video on 2 individuals that gave up promising careers in football and music. The time and effort in pursuing success plus the non spiritual association make it difficult for an individual to be whole served in serving Jehovah.
  14. Sometimes we can have a love for Jehovah but we fail to hate what Jehovah hates. Who we associate with can lower our resistance to wrong conduct. All we can hope for is that individual famous or not will realize that it is always to our benefit to do what Jehovah would want us to do.
  15. By this decision Russia actually lost ! Pharoah thought he had won once.

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