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    Was at the end of my rope in my 2nd marriage--honestly felt suicidal. Remembered my grandmother visiting years ago from CA and that she would talk to my Mom about the Truth. My Mom died at 53 but had mentioned to me that if there was a right religion JW had to be it. My Mom had died and JW's came to my door. I had a house full of company and invited them in. Later they would remark that they "knew" I was a sheep because I invited them in and visited with them and got them cold beverages to drink and made them feel so hospitable in the midst of all my turmoil. If anyone knows Phyllis Bittner, originally from Bartlesville, OK and now residing somewhere close to San Diego tell her I am in the Truth now.Thanks for our time together and planting that seed. Anyway, I read the Truth Book and quickly stopped my study due to my unhappiness with my first marriage. I was a nurse and took care of my present husband who was in for ETOH tx. Began a relationship with him, divorced, remarried and began a life that was always drama filled due to the alcholosim. Left Oklahoma and moved to LA. Had an unbelievable life style change, went from living in the Salvation Army shelter because I was to afraid to tell my family my husband was still drinking and lying to constantly make things appear better to my husband getting sober and starting his own business and even having a yacht slipped at Marina Del Rey and living in a 6000 sq ft home owned by the wealthest family in CA (Otis Chandler)--lots of things I am not able to talk about transpired, I made a cold call to JW's from the yellow pages and Gwen Logan was sent to study with me--6 months later I was baptized.

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    Cooking. Decorating, Mowing now since I got a Cub Cadet Zero Turn mower!
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    Enjoy all our publications---especially fond of the Insight Books for easy research Like legal thrillers (John Grisham) like David Baldacci
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    love country and western and I won't apologize for it

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  1. I was speaking to my Chinese daughterinlaw who moved here from Shenzhen just 18 months ago. My Granddaughters are mild, playful, and obedient. She told me she has to work so hard here, 10 x’s Harder, to be a parent here than in China. I asked her how so to make sure my understanding was correct. She said in China parents in general will correct other parents children’s behavior. No was was angry, threatening about this. They worked as the ‘it takes a village’ motto. You appreciated another set of eyes and intervention in correcting your children. Not so here. She said she would be scared to death to even think about correcting other children due to the parents reaction. She said she sees her daughters becoming more influenced by their peers (they are 7 and 9 now) and it takes constant readjustment to fight against what they are learning. She is exhausted and worried about how each day they grow older her will to let it slide is taking over.
  2. I allowed my husband to persuade me to get a very small red rose bud tattoo over my left breast after we were married 10 years. This was totally unlike anything I would do. Hence the discreet placement of it. After almost 36 years of marriage and 26 years of this ‘secret ever so small rose bud🌹 I am now the owner of a long stem rose!’ See what knowing Jehovah earlier on could have avoided?
  3. Today, I would have to say air conditioning!
  4. My grandson was most beautiful as a baby. My husband bought him a onesie that said ‘When God made me he was just showing off!’
  5. LeslieDean

    Making Pizza

    I can also give enemas!
  6. LeslieDean

    Making Pizza

    Not me. I love the creativity involved in cooking! The only creative gene I possess. I am not good at anything else. Can’t sing, play a musical instrument, terrible with numbers, hate laundry. I used to really enjoy cleaning house for some reason but no motivation now. I cant garden. But I want to learn all these things plus many more!
  7. LeslieDean

    Making Pizza

    😂 im already spoken for! 🤔. But I would love to get together and cook with you!
  8. LeslieDean

    Making Pizza

    The cheese and egg. The crust was excellent. I watched several you tube videos that showed them melting mozzarella and cream cheese first then adding flour and egg, oil or butter and seasoning. The young man I watched simply place the grated mozzarella in a bowl with egg, fat of choice and almond flour and hand mixed, rolled into a ball, placed between two pieces of parchment and used a cutting board to press down on top of the ball and it made a perfect circle. I will send you the link if you like. i have also taken a roastisser chicken and shred it and used about 2 tablespoons of sugarfee bbq sauce with it. Spread a light layer of the bbq sauce on the crust then added thinly sliced red onion, banana peppers, and the mozerella cheese balls sliced over the top for a bbq chicken pizza. Another one is put salsa on the crust, add browned HB meat seasoned with taco seasonings, chopped onion, and cheddar and jack cheese. Bake then add shredded lettuce, Fallon’s of sour cream and salsa for an unbelievably good taco pizza. then I used the dough and made a Rueben calzone. Thousand island dressing, shredded corned beef, well drained spoonful of sour kraut, and Swiss cheese! They were e cells to too! Just take your favorite sandwich ingredients and as Jehovah says ‘go to work’!
  9. Are they sure? Where have all the space ships and aliens come from then? Lololol
  10. LeslieDean

    Making Pizza

    I made a keto (low carb) pizza and enjoyed it much better than a tradional flour dough pizza. Used almond flour, mozzarella cheese, egg and spices then rolled into a ball and patted out in hot cast iron pan. Baked for 15mins then topped with homemade sauce, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, crumbled sausage, bell peppers, thinly sliced red onion, banana peppers, pineapple tidbits, and parmasean cheese then baked another 8 mins til cheese bubbly and browned. Wonderful
  11. excert from Times News article. From what I observed between the two body language-wise I strongly believe that there is a great chance of success, which is defined as open communication and establishing world peace as Kim is welcomed into the world,” says Glass.
  12. First time to visit New York in October 1998. Two sisters took me. Had been baptized one year. Was learning, seeing, doing so much. Was standing in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts looking out over Central Park. I was thinking about a painting I saw in one of the WT buildings of Central Park loaded down with animals from Noah’s Ark. Was thinking about what that I might be like in the future when a piano rang out, so hauntingly beautiful and a mans voice sang Andrea Bocellis ‘Time to say Goodby’. Tears sprang to my eyes and goosebumps filled my arms and scalp! It was an Ah Hah moment that I will never forget! So much clarity was overwhelming me what our lives were intended to be like! Every time I hear that song? Same feeling! Thank you Jehovah! https://youtu.be/4L_yCwFD6Jo
  13. Of all things! My direct tv satellite has gone out! I keep getting snippets on the internet of the things taking place!
  14. LeslieDean

    Well it happened

    Curious Bea as to if any in the congregation have experienced repercussions due to this. And how they responded (if given a chance)

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