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    Was at the end of my rope in my 2nd marriage--honestly felt suicidal. Remembered my grandmother visiting years ago from CA and that she would talk to my Mom about the Truth. My Mom died at 53 but had mentioned to me that if there was a right religion JW had to be it. My Mom had died and JW's came to my door. I had a house full of company and invited them in. Later they would remark that they "knew" I was a sheep because I invited them in and visited with them and got them cold beverages to drink and made them feel so hospitable in the midst of all my turmoil. If anyone knows Phyllis Bittner, originally from Bartlesville, OK and now residing somewhere close to San Diego tell her I am in the Truth now.Thanks for our time together and planting that seed. Anyway, I read the Truth Book and quickly stopped my study due to my unhappiness with my first marriage. I was a nurse and took care of my present husband who was in for ETOH tx. Began a relationship with him, divorced, remarried and began a life that was always drama filled due to the alcholosim. Left Oklahoma and moved to LA. Had an unbelievable life style change, went from living in the Salvation Army shelter because I was to afraid to tell my family my husband was still drinking and lying to constantly make things appear better to my husband getting sober and starting his own business and even having a yacht slipped at Marina Del Rey and living in a 6000 sq ft home owned by the wealthest family in CA (Otis Chandler)--lots of things I am not able to talk about transpired, I made a cold call to JW's from the yellow pages and Gwen Logan was sent to study with me--6 months later I was baptized.

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    Cooking. Decorating, Mowing now since I got a Cub Cadet Zero Turn mower!
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    Enjoy all our publications---especially fond of the Insight Books for easy research Like legal thrillers (John Grisham) like David Baldacci
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    love country and western and I won't apologize for it

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  1. LeslieDean

    Nuns on the run!

    It's called tiny keyboard and o next to i
  2. LeslieDean

    Nuns on the run!

    I live the meaty subjects I learn about here😍
  3. This post is not meant to pick apart our spouses but to find out the commonalities that men/husbands share and wives/women share. I have heard all my life and experienced it to be true. But men (dare I say most men) dont listen worth two hoots and a holler. I had something i was anxious to share with my husband. I could not wait for him to wake up so i woke him up saying i needed to talk. As i started my story, he got up and started for the bathroom. I was exasperated that he could not give me 5 minutes of his undivided attention and proceeded to let him know. His reply? 'HONEY, I was listening. I dont pee out of my ears...'. I guess i should have opted to tell a friend. My sister GF's know how to listen. They aren't 'multitasking' but give me their full attention.
  4. LeslieDean

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    @SUNRAY and how were they my little ray of sunshine?
  5. LeslieDean

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    How could you have read it that fast? I just sent it!
  6. LeslieDean

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    @Myew please try this method. I found this way to peel bo8led eggs on the Internet and it was truly a game changer for me. I too hated peeling eggs and having them all bumpy while trying to remove little specks of schell. Take a mason jar, or an old pickle jar and fill up half way with very cold water. Place 2 or three eggs in it and recap. Shake three to Four times like you would a cocktail shaker then uncap and peel! The thin membrane sticks to the shell and leaves the egg as smooth as a new born baby’s behind! I make boiled eggs eggs several times a week for egg salad, salad, fried hard boiled eggs etc. sooooo easy and smooth! You can also google using using mason jar to peel eggs for a short video clip! Let me know what you think. I avoided making deviled eggs for years because I hated to peel them. Judging from the price of already peeled eggs in the grocery store many must feel the same!
  7. Only if they are known though, right?
  8. LeslieDean

    Resurrection Reunions

    Putin/Trump. I want the inside scoop
  9. Send me your email and the type dishes you like. Ill take photos of the recioed and send you some
  10. Loopy Loopy they have a keto recioe book for instapot at Sams Club
  11. LeslieDean

    Today is Election Day in US

    For the last few years I say i voted early and cast my vote on 5-11-1997. The year I was baptized. But I love Neil’s response about ambassadors so I will now have a new response.
  12. Modesty helped Barzillai to make a reasonable decision. He did not turn down David’s invitation because he felt inadequate to shoulder responsibility or because he wanted to enjoy a quiet life in retirement. He simply recognized and accepted his changing circumstances and his limitations. He did not want to take on more than he reasonably could. youth, over confidence and plenty of False energy have led me to over extend many commitments once made in good faith. I too have learned that just because eagerness is there it must have that added quality of energy and endurance to see it through. So hard to balance these so as not to disappointment others and yourself. I’ve always likened it to a ‘classroom mom’ phenomenon. AlwYs signing up, volunteering for everything that comes along and not focusing on what is truly important and necessary. Me, the one known for hospitality, entertains and taking a lead in organizing and planning now has to unwillingly cut back. I have to actively remind myself that my circumstances have changed. Now need to make sure it is my meetings, service, personal study that comes first and not the hospitality and icing on the cake activities. Leave if for the younger sisters or volunteer to assist to act as a planner. Son, we will all have that youth and unlimited energy again.
  13. This scripture really draws up a lot of questions for me. It says” ‘by faith’ Moses, when grown up”—-does this mean that since his fleshly mother raised him knowing Jehovah since his infancy that it was in his heart already to CHOOSE to follow this course of life? I have one son who has always enjoyed the ‘finer things of life’. His personality is outgoing-he has never met a stranger. From the time of his being a very small child he has had friends who have had money. He was ad avid reader and is extremely intelligent book wise. He has also made poor decisions because he has let having good times control his course in life. I’m very worried that since he did not know Jehovah since he was a senior in high school when I started to study, that he will not have an opportunity do so. He claims to be an atheist. He shuts me down or gets up and leaves the room if I even casually mention anything that pertains to Jehovah. The guilt of this ways heavy on my mind. It is easy to tell others that ‘you can’t help it’, ‘you yourself did not know Jehovah then’, ‘’how can you teach something you didn’t know’, but when it is yourself for some reason these things bring me no comfort. I love my son. But I know if he was not mine he would be someone I would not care to be around. His self centeredness is very unapelling and hurtful to my daughterinlaw. I have in fact told her so. I am sorry he is this way. How can his other brother be very generous. They were both raised the same way. Anyway this scripture points out the difference in the attitudes I see in people.
  14. As I lay in bed reading this mornings daily text, I am making a concentrated effort to spend more time focusing on all one scripture has to offer. I looked at the first word throw and wondered why this word was chosen. it seemed obvious to require much more than a passing thought. But I looked up the definition of throw and it was: Word forms: throws, throwing, threw, thrown. 1. transitive verb. When you throw an object that you are holding, you move your hand or arm quickly and let go of the object, so that it moves through the air. what stood out was QUICKLY. besides cast off, which I normally thought was the key aspect of this scripture, I now think quickly is the key. Or both together. We don’t want to hang on to what is holding us down, but quickly get rid of it. I need to intensely pray at the start of a problem instead of trying to ignore it hoping it will go away. I tend to do this with so many things in my life. I want to pretend things are great when really they are crumpling down around me. I need to practice as a pitcher does and learn to throw my burdens on Jehovah. I love you Vernalee. I tend to thing this is our 5 minutes at the start of every day together! Thanks for your consistency in posting these.

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