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    Was at the end of my rope in my 2nd marriage--honestly felt suicidal. Remembered my grandmother visiting years ago from CA and that she would talk to my Mom about the Truth. My Mom died at 53 but had mentioned to me that if there was a right religion JW had to be it. My Mom had died and JW's came to my door. I had a house full of company and invited them in. Later they would remark that they "knew" I was a sheep because I invited them in and visited with them and got them cold beverages to drink and made them feel so hospitable in the midst of all my turmoil. If anyone knows Phyllis Bittner, originally from Bartlesville, OK and now residing somewhere close to San Diego tell her I am in the Truth now.Thanks for our time together and planting that seed. Anyway, I read the Truth Book and quickly stopped my study due to my unhappiness with my first marriage. I was a nurse and took care of my present husband who was in for ETOH tx. Began a relationship with him, divorced, remarried and began a life that was always drama filled due to the alcholosim. Left Oklahoma and moved to LA. Had an unbelievable life style change, went from living in the Salvation Army shelter because I was to afraid to tell my family my husband was still drinking and lying to constantly make things appear better to my husband getting sober and starting his own business and even having a yacht slipped at Marina Del Rey and living in a 6000 sq ft home owned by the wealthest family in CA (Otis Chandler)--lots of things I am not able to talk about transpired, I made a cold call to JW's from the yellow pages and Gwen Logan was sent to study with me--6 months later I was baptized.

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    Cooking. Decorating, Mowing now since I got a Cub Cadet Zero Turn mower!
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    Enjoy all our publications---especially fond of the Insight Books for easy research Like legal thrillers (John Grisham) like David Baldacci
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    love country and western and I won't apologize for it

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  1. excert from Times News article. From what I observed between the two body language-wise I strongly believe that there is a great chance of success, which is defined as open communication and establishing world peace as Kim is welcomed into the world,” says Glass.
  2. First time to visit New York in October 1998. Two sisters took me. Had been baptized one year. Was learning, seeing, doing so much. Was standing in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts looking out over Central Park. I was thinking about a painting I saw in one of the WT buildings of Central Park loaded down with animals from Noah’s Ark. Was thinking about what that I might be like in the future when a piano rang out, so hauntingly beautiful and a mans voice sang Andrea Bocellis ‘Time to say Goodby’. Tears sprang to my eyes and goosebumps filled my arms and scalp! It was an Ah Hah moment that I will never forget! So much clarity was overwhelming me what our lives were intended to be like! Every time I hear that song? Same feeling! Thank you Jehovah! https://youtu.be/4L_yCwFD6Jo
  3. Of all things! My direct tv satellite has gone out! I keep getting snippets on the internet of the things taking place!
  4. LeslieDean

    Well it happened

    Curious Bea as to if any in the congregation have experienced repercussions due to this. And how they responded (if given a chance)
  5. LeslieDean

    Well it happened

    What does 707 Safe mean?
  6. It will take bold leadership from Chairman Kim Jong Un if we are able to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the course for the world," Pompeo said Thursday. "President Trump and I believe Chairman Kim is the kind of leader who can make those kinds of decisions. And that in the coming weeks and months, we will have the opportunity to test whether or not this is the case." Can’t get my link to post!
  7. I was fairly new in the truth when I attended my first Rose Bowl game in Pasadena Ca. I had never been to a major football game even though it was a college game. Don’t remember who played. I knew what to expect and how I would act. What did throw me for a loop though was the UNEXPECTED sense of pride I felt when the Black Stelth flew over. You did not hear it then all of a sudden it appeared seemingly out of no where! It seemed like you could reach up and touch it. What really scared me though was my emotional response. I have never had a sense of patriotism until that moment. Don’t know where it came from. But I clearly remember the intense feeling. I would have understood if I had struggled with patriotic things before but I had not. Has anyone else been caught off guard like that? I felt more perplexed than anything after that.
  8. Thank you for pointing this out. I learn so much from you guys!
  9. LeslieDean

    How do you unwind?

    My aunt had an outhouse. I always looked at it as an adventure. Not until a black snake had found its way inside and was curled up inside, then I never would go alone again. They were upscale though. They had a two seater. Don’t know why though. Who would go and sit 6 inches from someone else? And the smell inside prohibited anyone from taking their time.
  10. LeslieDean

    How do you unwind?

    I never paid attention and did not even know this was an issue until a few years ago. I actually did not understand until I took the time to go into the bathroom and look to see what they meant. As long as someone replaces the empty roll where you are not left without, I don’t see a problem. If this is a big issue what other trivial things are you obsessing about? I like easy going laid back people. Maybe if this s irritating to ones, they need to take a good look at what really is important.
  11. @Shawnster THIS! Exactly! This wave of patriotism is really anti patriotic. Military personnel take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. Those dead servicemen and women died defending my right to not be forced to stand for the anthem. To force someone to stand dishonor their sacrifice and spits on their Graves. Perfect! I wish I could express myself in such concise and clear terms as you and many of my family here! Such a dignified response!
  12. Will certainly try! Lol. As you can see I struggle with quoting and deleting. But yes, I will get back to you . Once I try I will not post it if I see you connected to it in any way. Thank you. Really enjoyed the parallel.
  13. What a find! I have family I would like to see this. May I use your post on my FB?
  14. LeslieDean

    Courage is Rewarded: Immigrant Man Saves Child

    I could actually feel my heart swelling with pride for this young man! So happy it had a good outcome for the child and for this young man. Not only to be made a citizen but to have a good job bestowed on him! Win-win. Only looser was the Dad. Maybe it will wake up his sense of priorities.

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