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    Was at the end of my rope in my 2nd marriage--honestly felt suicidal. Remembered my grandmother visiting years ago from CA and that she would talk to my Mom about the Truth. My Mom died at 53 but had mentioned to me that if there was a right religion JW had to be it. My Mom had died and JW's came to my door. I had a house full of company and invited them in. Later they would remark that they "knew" I was a sheep because I invited them in and visited with them and got them cold beverages to drink and made them feel so hospitable in the midst of all my turmoil. If anyone knows Phyllis Bittner, originally from Bartlesville, OK and now residing somewhere close to San Diego tell her I am in the Truth now.Thanks for our time together and planting that seed. Anyway, I read the Truth Book and quickly stopped my study due to my unhappiness with my first marriage. I was a nurse and took care of my present husband who was in for ETOH tx. Began a relationship with him, divorced, remarried and began a life that was always drama filled due to the alcholosim. Left Oklahoma and moved to LA. Had an unbelievable life style change, went from living in the Salvation Army shelter because I was to afraid to tell my family my husband was still drinking and lying to constantly make things appear better to my husband getting sober and starting his own business and even having a yacht slipped at Marina Del Rey and living in a 6000 sq ft home owned by the wealthest family in CA (Otis Chandler)--lots of things I am not able to talk about transpired, I made a cold call to JW's from the yellow pages and Gwen Logan was sent to study with me--6 months later I was baptized.

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    Cooking. Decorating, Mowing now since I got a Cub Cadet Zero Turn mower!
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    Enjoy all our publications---especially fond of the Insight Books for easy research Like legal thrillers (John Grisham) like David Baldacci
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    love country and western and I won't apologize for it

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  1. Did you find the missing link? Lololololo
  2. Deena will be visiting me the first week of September. I plan on taking her to eat at Pioneer Woman's The Merchantile in Pawhuska, OK. I do not really care for her, but I love her recipes and style of cooking. I worked with her father as a brand new nurse right out of school. It's been a year and the lines to get in are still so long. A several hour wait but there is always shopping!
  3. I guess an audiable moan is a good indicator too! Remember the famous line 'I'll have some some of what she is having!' Or was it 'I'll have whatever it is she is having!"
  4. Johan my friend. I wish you were here today to teach you the art of slurping! I am making chicken and fluffy dumplings today and this is a perfect dish to learn on. I'll try to explain and walk you through. First, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth-where the roof is at the lowest point before it starts it incline. Now, pucker your lips as if you were going to plain Jane kiss someone in a greeting, and suck in air! You can easily intake air in short, abrupt bursts so as not to draw in too much liquid or burn your mouth. This works well for testing temperature, or controlling the size of vegetable you take in. You want to slurp your broth, liquid, and spoon your solids. There, that should be sufficient for now. If you have any more questions about life's complexities do not hesitate to look me up. I feel like I can turn you loose on the subject of slurping now.
  5. Forgot to add I do not slurp in public. Don't want to draw unwanted attention or intrude on someone else's dining experience.
  6. HaHaHa! I could teach 'one the art of slurping' --I chew with my mouth closed, don't sit with elbows on the table, know how to set a proper table and use the correct silverware for each course, do not drool or chew loudly, and all proper table etiquette including subjects that should be avoided during meal time. But I truly consider slurping the highest form of a compliment that not only enhances the tasters experience but it makes me feel giddy to know someone is enjoying a dish to that degree!
  7. I'm a slurper......much more lady like to be a sipper.
  8. Yes-hat was the video I referred too!
  9. I wonder if it is referring to the old woman video that shows her blowing out the candles and her dentures flew out of her mouth?
  10. Revisiting this in preparation for first time Bible astudy this week. Really want to instill how to LOVE Jehovah! Concentrate on love first, then the rest will follow.
  11. I love the idea of a commune. Each person could still have their own house and there could be a living center if you chose to be around people for socialization. When we had our boat slipped in Marina Del Rey, it was an ideal situation. We had dock parties, everyone on your dock could choose to attend or not. No pressure. They would have BBQ, chili cookoffs, cocktails at sunset, 'garage sales' , and then there was the yacht club. We belonged to a 'do it yourself' yacht club. You could sign up for Friday night dinners and post what you wanted to make. Members would sign a sheet if they wanted to attend and how many guests they would bring. You would look at that signup sheet and know how many to prepare for ( usually 50-80 but occasionally 150! ). After dinner on Friday night volunteers would help clean up. It was low key and wonderful socialization. Members would share their knowledge and love of boating. There would be groups playing cards, board games, watching tv, playing video games, just talking, some on the terrace enjoying the sunset. People would say goodnight and return to their boats/yachts at their own pace. The whole weekend would be spent like that. You could enjoy your privacy, or meet at the club house. No pressure. The good thing was company was enjoyable and not unexpected. Now, you plan for quiet and intimate nights with your spouse and have company drop by. You don't want to hurt their feelings so your plans are interrupted. This way everyone was happy. To me it is like coming to this site. No matter what time you come by, people are coming and going but they are here because they want to be.
  12. When we were at our convention 2 weeks ago, we noticed on campus a huge amount of yellow bicycles parked in front of all the living centers and dorms. There were other colors too but mostly yellow. We found out the yellow ones were provided by the campus and they were available for all students. They had keys to unlock the bikes and they were all interchangeable. So you could leave your dorm, go grab any yellow bike and ride it anywhere on campus. If you went to class, library etc. you locked it up and went on about your business. Someone else may leave that class and go unlock a yellow bike (could have been the one you rode up on) and they would go about their business. No one owned the yellow bikes except for the university. All students with a key could access the bikes. Some students had their own which were readily identified by different colors and styles, and of course their own lock and key. Maybe if we lived in a comune setting that had subterranean parking we could drive a different car every day! Or even a couple times a day. You would just have to be careful of taking a like car as the one you dropped off. Would not want to take a vehicle to seat 6 and go someplace and come out to find the only one available now seats two. Lol.
  13. In nursing school in 1980, we were taught to re-orient the patient with dementia. This is futile! You become quickly exhausted and frustrated because you are fighting a loosing battle. That philology has since changed. The one thing that was a key thought for me was when a doctor said 'do not correct a patient that believes a loved one is coming, or they ask where they are, do not be so unkind as to tell them they have died. Just side step. I am sure you will see them later. Or 'you eat your dinner now and I'm sure they will be here later.' For that type of patient they will not retain the information so if you tell them the truth, 'your husband has died--he won't be able to be here'--they are essentially hearing this for the very first time. Every time they hear it! Imagine how hurt you felt when someone you loved died and you heard it for the first time. Now think about hearing that 10, 20 or perhaps 50 times a day. Spare them that grief. Much kinder to them and to you. You can focus on their care, appreciate what they are going through, and love them for what they were and still are if not for this dreaded disease. I see many who still correct or ignore their constant questions. I prefer to just see where this interaction takes us. Im sorry to hear about your MIL. I know you will most appreciate her return.
  14. I took care of a dementia patient last night which I usually find very taxing. He was a delight. he was there under adult protective services for suspected elder at the hands of his son and DIL. Everytime I entered his room he would have a random commentary for me. I had to restart his IV and when I was pulling on my gloves he goes 'Now that's a good idea.' I thought for a second and replied 'Yeah. It's established hospital policy that we follow to help impede the spread of germs'. Without missing a beat he thoughtfully replied 'I thought it was to prevent fingerprints and help hide evidence.' Next time I am giving him medication and he tells me he sure hopes his doctor gets there soon to release him where he can drive to the nursing home and get his wallet and drivers license. He had an 'important' event to attend and he had to get to Dallas by Sunday because he was giving a sermon to a huge congregation. My tech walked in to get his BG and I said 'tell Keanna what your going to be doing. He repeated the same story except the place was now Houston and it was going to be televised. I said 'oh, I thought you said you were going to Dallas.' His reply? 'Dallas. Houston. Does it really matter? There is sinners everywhere.' Another time, I had to remove his watch, a very cheap white plastic watch that looked like it came from a gum ball machine. He goes 'that's a nice watch isn't it? Do you want to know the story behind this watch?' I knew it was going to be good based simply on the other stories he had told me. If HE thought it came with a story it truly must. Then he relates 'I was in a gas station bathroom in McAllister, Oklahoma when a criminal barged in. I knew he was trouble by his beady eyes and high forehead. He told me he had to pass a 'pi--' test or they were hauling his a-- to jail. I saw that watch and knew it must be a one of a kind (LOL) so I told him I would swap my clean urine for his nice watch. And that my dear, is how I got this fancy watch'. It broke my heart to think of his mistreatment and that he is spending his final years in a nursing home. I hope he is there tonight and I get the privilege of taking care of this gentlemen. He throughly entertained me.