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  1. The Study Bible is available in a number of other languages, and the amount of languages is increasing. https://www.jw.org/download/?booknum=0&output=html&pub=nwtsty&fileformat=JWPUB%2CMOBI%2CPDF%2CRTF%2CTXT%2CBRL%2CBES&alllangs=0
  2. Since the videos now have narration based on the article texts, which one is your favourite?
  3. Here is a list of the BSL congregations and groups around Kent, UK. https://apps.jw.org/ui/E/meeting-search.html#/weekly-meetings/search/BSL/Kent,%20UK/51.278708,0.521725/
  4. But what do you do when a brother sings so loud and out of tune that it becomes so hard to hear the other singers in the congregation, not to mention the music?
  5. Perfect pitch isn’t a great help, though. A professional singer I know who makes concerts several times each year says she would probably not be able to stand some orchestras she has to work with if she had perfect pitch. Many, if not most, opera singers do not have perfect pitch. Usually it works just fine. Until they get slightly distracted. Then you might hear the orchestra cease playing for awhile, while the singer continues, and when the orchestra starts up again it can be a bit awkward when the singer is a little bit out of tune.
  6. Thesauron

    Gay pride...

    The reason, though, that they didn’t speak out was for fear of violence or severe retribution’s, such as cut family ties, simply because of a different sexuality. These days they still fear all of that, but it has become a bit better, and many consider pride festivals a ‘safe zone’. Many businesses see it as great for their businesses to show that they are inclusive and non-judgmental.
  7. The Reference Bible was recorded over 30 years ago, or so. The book of Acts in the study Bible has an introduction video, but no audio recording in English.
  8. Thesauron

    Newsweek coverage continues

    What fellowship would have recommended what?
  9. ”When the court announced its decision, I resigned myself to accept the fact that I will have to serve the full term (5 years in prison) if necessary. My attitude was: ‘If this is a test, then Jehovah is in control of the timetable and he knows when it will end.’ I was determined to wait as long as it took.”
  10. White pizzas are popular here. As opposed to red pizzas, they are based on something other than tomato sauce. Pesto is a great base.
  11. The Glossary has been updated with a few new entries.
  12. Israelite Psalms in an Egyptian Papyrus? (biblicalarchaeology.com) This document, Papyrus Amherst 63 is thought to contain 3 psalms, one of which occurs in the Bible as Psalm 20. It contains God’s name.
  13. Thesauron

    Opening an açai bowl shop

    Cool. Do you source açai locally?
  14. You will find it very useful, I’m sure.
  15. Just a reminder. Check out the C3 Appendix article Verses Where the Divine Name Does Not Appear as Part of Direct or Indirect Quotations in the Book of Acts. It is very enlightening.

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