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  1. Are people bothered by you studying your Bible extensively the way they might also be doing one day? Any day now...
  2. Study notes are transferred between bibles and languages as well. Highlights are harder. Any day now...
  3. Leonardo da Vinci

    Yes, male/female wasn’t the same as today. Jesus was depicted as a renaissance man. Did you know that Da Vinci never finished his famous Last Supper painting? He was never happy with Jesus’ face and kept erasing it and repainting it until he essentially gave up. Any day now...
  4. It should be available in the Whats New category, if you download publications in any of the languages it’s currently available in. Any day now...
  5. It’s so be found under Publications > Index. Could we expect the regular index to be found there as well in time? Any day now...
  6. The Research Guide (2017) has been added to JW Library.
  7. Healthy Eating

    Does your weight affect your blood and your heart? Any day now...
  8. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    I don’t do that at all. I cook what I like, and share it with my guests. There’s no special foods unless they’re deadly allergic to something. When I eat at their house, I expect them to cook what they like, not according to my preferences. Any day now...
  9. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    If a guest did that to me, it would make me sad and not inclined to do much for them again. Any day now...
  10. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    How is that not rude? How would you feel if your guests saved your food in their mouths just so that they could spit it out later? Any day now...
  11. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    But you eat falafel (which is made mostly out of chickpeas)? Any day now...
  12. Healthy Eating

    It’s not just weight problems that might merit healthier eating habits, but also “invisible” issues, like blood lipids, sugar levels, etc. A seemingly simple thing like keeping salt levels in check is extremely difficult these days, especially if you eat a lot of semifinished, or readymade foods. Some nutritionists claim that the breakfast is an extremely important meal, so why skip it? Any day now...
  13. Your BOTTOM 10 Foodlist

    What’s the German way? Hummus?
  14. Leonardo da Vinci

    Of course, Mona Lisa has a history that makes it a bit hyped. Without it, it probably wouldn’t be the source of pilgrimage that it is these days. But still, it baffles art students to this day. The more you study it, the more you see. Perhaps it’s like a mirror where people in the end see what they want to see. Michelangelo’s work was different. Equally good, or perhaps even a better sculptor and painter, but didn’t encompass so many areas. Still, when you see his statue of David, you smile at his play with proportions, and how he plays tricks with the viewer, in just the same way as he does also with his paintings in the Sistine Chapel. He hated da Vinci, some say, and was very jealous of the man. The crowds, these days, love both equally, it seems.
  15. Quite the contrary. Those chairs are very ergonomic. Any day now... These chairs do have fabric on them, though? Any day now...

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