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  1. This is a very good idea, to take notes while watching the JW Broadcasting videos, just like you do at the meetings or conventions.
  2. Some of the members of our choruses are or have been famous in the past, but neither they nor the GB are interested in giving them the praise that belongs to Jehovah.
  3. This is to assist all of our beloved sign language family members who aren’t fluent in written script, or have trouble understanding whatever written language the people around them use. Written English, for instance, does not correspond to sign language.
  4. We’ll have to wait and see how great the coming tribulation will be. It will be hard enough wherever you live, no doubt.
  5. Making Pizza

    Do you prefer red or white pizzas?
  6. Jesus Christ Superstar

    ALW returned to his rock musical origins with School of Rock, which has some lovely tunes and skilled young musicians. Although it won’t reach the cult status of Jesus Christ Superstar, it is a great evening out, if you can stand the irreverent attitude, lol.
  7. A working link 12 Secrets of Successful Families
  8. Usually it’s just misunderstandings, or bad research. Example, very few journalists report accurately about the two witness rule. They read what other people have written instead of trying to understand it. They simply do not have time or interest to find out the proper facts. Who can blame them? They are under pressure, usually from time. And sometimes they feel angry ex-Witnesses are good sources of accurate information. This is because they think we must be hiding something that only ex- embers can reveal. (So far, I’ve found nothing that we cannot freely speak about to any inquisitive mind.) Fake news , on the other hand, means it is made up. That is rare. But accusations to that effect are many. It means people can refuse to take responsibility by shouting “fake news” and blaming bad journalism, in effect trying to silence them. We should be careful not to shout fake news just because don’t agree with or believe a certain sin thing.
  9. This is odd. They were intended for the bethel family only. I spoke to brother Herd about this once a few years ago, and he just sighed about it.
  10. Science and medicine is excellent to show where the line should be drawn. Also, scientists know the difference between rats and humans. And also where they are alike. (They show that moderate consumption is ok, while the bigger problem is the addictiveness. Even food stuff with moderate addictiveness can be dangerous. Sugar, for example, is very addictive.) A much bigger problem is the fact that most human study subjects are adult white men. What is ok for a white, healthy man, might not be ok for some women.
  11. No, people wouldn’t get that. It’s much better to tell people why a food item might pose a risk to their health and safety.
  12. It is quite possible that more food stuff needs warning labels so that people do not remain ignorant about it.
  13. You’re right. A lot of people are even inclined to believe whatever they read on Facebook or blogs without digging a bit deeper, so when a newspaper wants to push an agenda (which they do from time to time, good and bad), they are inclined to believe everything. The ignorant ones believe that journalists are always liars, and the naive ones believes everything that is written. Both forget to use common sense. I think it’s a good idea to now and then look at your sources of information and ask yourself if you agree with everything they say. If you find that do, you need to widen your scope. The first thing I did was ask myself what CNSNews.com is. It “is a division of the Media Research Center. The mission of the Media Research Center is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. The MRC is a research and education organization.” They are conservative, so not unbiased. CNS means Conservative News Service. Then I also noted that the item was in a blog post, and generally they do not have to follow as rigid guidelines as other articles.
  14. This, or similar things, is done to some extent in all societies. Companies are extremely interested. And governments too. You don’t even have to punish people do who not do as you wish. Positive reinforcement works just fine. Nudging. Just make it easier to do ‘right’.

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