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  1. It is correct that we render חֹק as horizon in Job 26:10. It can also mean a decree, boundary, regulation, statute, or ration, allotment. According to Strong’s, it is understood as a circular horizon. That is, it bends. In Isa 40:22, a similar word, ח֣וּג, is translated circle, but just as well be translated sphere. It is translated ‘horizon’ in Pr 8:27.
  2. “The Lord knew we needed your help.” How sweet!
  3. Yes, so we might need to consider not eating so much of things that require chicken, including eggs. Or, perhaps it is possible to switch to more sustainable sources, such as ecological. Somebody suggested we should eat more insects and larvae.
  4. We could quit raising so many chicken?
  5. So as not to make up my own definition, let’s pick the most British dictionary, The Oxford Dictionary of English. When speaking of time, it means the time coming immediately after the time of writing or speaking. So, ‘within next couple of weeks’, would mean within the coming two or three weeks, or so.
  6. It sounds funny, but according to Merriam-Webster, it means not only two people married, but more informally also “an indefinite small number.” Swedish has a similar word: par. In the strictest sense, it means two, and you do talk about ‘ett gift par’, which means ‘a married couple’, but more informally it can mean any small number - “usually two or three” according to the Royal Swedish Academy.
  7. The RT is a government controlled Russian news outlet, and right now it seems to be in the interest of the Russian government to trash the Ukraine. Hence my question.
  8. Why would Russia Today write something unfavourable about the Ukraine?
  9. What is this article about?
  10. Some men do, some women do. Not all.
  11. It is quite dangerous to generalise like this, don’t you think?
  12. The folder has been there a while, but I’m sure the brothers are doing some work with the media, since many audio files have been updated this week, and some relegate to the Other folder.
  13. Of course, the scientists will have to study it, and usually there’s a rather boring explanation.
  14. Thesauron

    Songs for grief

    Songs 4, 20, 41, 44, 118, 136, 141, 145, 146, 151. Also, the instrumental versions of song 3 and 44 are amazing. Original songs might be encouraging too. Imagine the Time, Our Thanks Go to You, Just Around the Corner, Your World Endures Forever, Inspired by Your Wonders, Confident in You, Never Alone, Do Not Be Afraid.
  15. Can you imagine what it costs to produce these Bibles? And Jehovah gives this translation as a gift to us. The best Bible translation ever produced in history, and he gives it as a gift to truth-seeking people.

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