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  1. On September 14, 2018, the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures was released in the Kikamba language in Machakos, Kenya, and in the Nyaneka language in Lubango, Angola. On the same day, in Kiambu, Kenya, the complete New World Translation was released in Kikuyu. Two days later, in Manila, Philippines, the revised edition of the New World Translation was released in Iloko. The New World Translation has been translated in whole or in part into 172 languages, including 15 complete revisions based on the 2013 Edition. https://www.jw.org/en/whats-new/nwt-kikamba-nyaneka-kikuyu-iloko/
  2. Iloko https://www.jw.org/download/?booknum=0&output=html&pub=nwt&fileformat=JWPUB%2CMOBI%2CPDF%2CRTF%2CTXT%2CBRL%2CBES&alllangs=0&langwritten=IL&txtCMSLang=IL&isBible=1
  3. https://wol.jw.org/fr/wol/l/r30/lp-f?q=job+19%3A27 This red portion should not be there. It's "d'un autre". Send a mail to your branch describing the error. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. The digital editions are usually updated rather quickly when these things surface. These errors are not uncommon when printing Bibles. In fact, rare Bibles are sometimes named after their spelling or printing errors.
  4. The truth is that all of them are good or bad depending on certain variables. This type of chocolate might be good in this situation, while this or that type might be bad in certain situations. Statistics and studies are good. You just need to learn how to understand them. Using them the wrong way is bad.
  5. It would be interesting to hear from our Italian friends, who have been able to use the Study Edition now for a few weeks in Italian how they feel about the work done.
  6. My physical bible is holding out just fine. Excellent work on that one.
  7. Why would he put his talks on YouTube? And why would anybody use YouTube as a source for such talks?
  8. Thesauron

    Apple Conference 2018

    I use apple products. I find them easier and better than android. Personal preference, I guess. But I will not watch the stream. Whatever they say there will be spread within seconds anyway.
  9. Thesauron

    Kingdom Hall wedding

    Some flowers might be enough. Perhaps two nice chairs. Not even an aisle is necessary. Simplicity is best. But ask the BoE what you can do. They will surely give you some pointers.
  10. Thesauron

    Peter knowles

    There’s a new article about a former professional tennis player, Veli Paloheimo, on our website from today. The Bible Changes Lives: The Best Prize of My Life I like this sentence: “I’m very glad that my three sons have followed in my footsteps​—not as sportsmen, but as Christians.”
  11. Thesauron

    Peter knowles

    You might be interested in the article From Soccer Stardom to Godly Devotion from 1979.

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