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    You really want to know? Look at my very first post.

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    Music is out of bounds for me. I am deaf and have a cochlear implant. Music sounds terrible with the sound processor. I love music and in the new world I will enjoy music again.
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  1. That sounds much too complicated for a 80 year old sister. Please keep posting the finished product for me. I really appreciate it. Inge
  2. Thank you so very much. I do not know what I would do without your transcript. I would perhaps understand 25%, no more. How do you do that?? Inge Niagara Falls, Canada
  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again, Inge
  4. Yes, I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and I am a stone-throw away from New York and Warwick. We do not even know that the Annual meeting took place. We had no letter read. We know nothing. We most likely have to wait for the Annual Meeting program until it is posted on jw.broadcast. Just across a little bit of water, no more than a few feet, our brothers and sisters enjoyed the program this weekend. I am in tears, Inge
  5. Thank you from my heart for the transcript. Because of my hearing problem I miss about 60 of the broadcast. With your transcript I get the benefit of 100% from the broadcast. I am very happy and I am profoundly grateful for you posting it.
  6. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Yes, I am shouting! I don't know what I would do without you. Inge Niagara Falls
  7. Thank you, thank you thank you, Inge
  8. The water level at the Great Lakes have been sinking for years and people complained. Now there is more water again, the lake level rises again and people complain. There is never a happy medium. At least the falls look spectacular.
  9. Thank you my dear brother. This is the only way I can enjoy the broadcast. I never understand more than 25% of it. My hearing is so bad that I just cannot get it. Your transcript makes me be a part of it.
  10. This was my 66th memorial celebration and it was truly special. We had a Bethel speaker from the Canada branch. His talk was outstanding. I thought that I had heard everything about the subject over the years, but he made a few points that I had not thought of before. He really spoke to my heart and made me appreciate Jehovah, Jesus and the anointed more deeply than I did before. I was profoundly thankful last night. Our attendance for the Westlane congregation in Niagara Falls, Canada, was 162. We have about 90 publishers. I am not quite sure, because some moved in and others moved out of the congregation lately.
  11. At this point we can only pray for our dear brothers and sisters in Russia. Jehovah is in charge. It is a small thing for him to direct the matter. One thing is sure, this will draw attention to the jw.org website. People may just take a look to find out what this case is all about. Jehovah knows what is best. All we can do is pray. Inge Niagara Falls, ON
  12. Anyone on Pinterest?

    Can someone tell me, please, what Pinterest is all about? Inge

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