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Just caught this on c-span3.  The program On tv was only the talk presented by Bro. Phil Brumley, legal counsel at Warwick.  Wow it reminded me of the apostles reasoning with the crowds. I found the program on YouTube but it includes other participants, which I did not listen to.  His talk stars around the 2 hr mark.  Sorry I don’t know how to i still crop the video to only Bro. Brumleys talk.  

 The program description says :A day long event that commemorates the 75th anniversary if the 1943 W Virginia v Barnette  U.S. Supreme Court Case that ruled public school students could not be forced to salute the American flag.  




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8 hours ago, SheyZ said:

Sr. Shey, this is the last third of a really great program at the Jackson Center.  Our representatives had a part in most of the program and even the parts we did not present were very favorable and showed us in good light.  The part here is just the ending summation by Br. Brumley. but it is a good summary.


EDIT:  the post at the top of the page has the whole 2 1/2 hour presentation.   https://youtu.be/B2lo18RKV0k





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