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our spiritual heritage talks web site is down ? help this is my life line

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We have no connection to that site.

However, most site issues rarely last more than a day. Try again in the morning.

Note: have you tried www.CentralPrint.com

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)





Soon .....


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Looks like they forgot to renew the centralprint domain.
The site should be fixed in a day or two, but until then you can use their alternate domain name:


And if that one expires too, you can use a third domain:



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I personally have loved the talks posted there.

I've downloaded a number of them.

And I know some of the speakers personally.

Some of the talks are absolute classic.


I guess it comes down to the individual.

I would never encourage someone who was uncomfortable about it, to go there however.

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Is centralpoint okay ? I was of the understanding that we should not listen to talks that were shared online ?  I love listening to them..Iam confused ....uugg


Here is the KM that discusses this subject:




This is not a blanket "don't download talks" rule, but it warns us to avoid misapplying points made for a different locality, and don't blindly accept something as truth that may have been said several decades ago and later adjusted. (This point would also apply to researching decades-old printed publications.)


Given the age of most talks on Centralprint, and the increasing speed of doctrinal adjustments in the past few years, I feel that accuracy would be the biggest concern. But as with many things, this is something we must individually decide for ourselves. Nobody else can make the decision for us, nor should we attempt to impose our decisions on others.

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WOW!!!  So happy to find this!  I've FINALLY found a digital copy of an amazing talk I heard nearly 30 years ago - "Do You Recognize the Power of Wrong Desires" by JR Brown.


An INCREDIBLE talk... fantastic speaker.  He used to be our district overseer in Chicago in the early 80s before he went to Bethel.  I loved his straightforward manner of speaking.

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:ecstatic: :ecstatic:Hello!! my dear bros and sisters, last night when I went to bed , I wanted to listen to the talks , was not able to, so I just might of over reacted a bit, its just it has so much upbuilding spiritual food, thanks to our loving father Jehova , I WILL BE ATTENDING PIONEER SCHOOL IN AUGUST,MY HEALTH WILLING; althought I attend a Spanish speaking cong ;husband no English; he benefits also since I relate all the information ,specially ,the experiences;i have copy a few of them. and listen to them in the car; can anyone help me load them to card so if in the future something drastic should happen I will not loose them!!!they are so valuable ,ITS OUR SPIRITUAL HERITAGE!!!!!! I guarranty a person who is weak spiritually if they listen to these talks ,will be help inmensely, they reaffirm the truth in your heart; :D:headphones: were it counts!!! such exciting times ; 

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